The Ultimate Wood Chipper Guide

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The Definitive Wood Chipper Guide for Maintenance Professionals and Estate Conservators

When purchasing a wood chipper there are a variety of factors to consider. The team at Victory Tractor has written a comprehensive guide to help determine the right equipment for the job.

This post is broken down into four key sections:

Choosing the right wood chipper 
A quick overview and breakdown of wood chipper types

Know your machine 
Property size, use, and chipping capacity

Additional things to consider 
Feed, fuel, maintenance, etc.

Safety Precautions 
Avoiding injury during operation

Choosing the right Wood Chipper

There are four main factors to consider when determining which wood chipper is going to be best suited for the job:

1. Does the wood chipper need to be PTO driven or standalone?

2. If PTO driven, what is the HP (horse power) of the tractor?

3. What size logs, branches, or debris need to be cleared?

4. How large or how quickly must the project be completed?

The guide has been written to include four distinct wood chipper models, in order from smallest to largest in terms of capability and cost.

Wood Chipper: PTO driven or standalone?

How you answer this question will determine where to start.  For example, if you are looking for a wood chipper that attaches to the PTO shaft on your tractor the BX42S Self-Feeding Wood Chipper, BX510H Hydraulic Wood Chipper, and WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper could all be potential options.  Otherwise, the MDWC-1500 Gas Powered Wood Chipper may be a better fit since it is completely tractor independent and can be towed behind a variety of vehicle types.

What is the HP?

Tractor horse power is an important subject as that is what actually powers the wood chipper on PTO driven models.  Depending on the capabilities of the wood chipper, small tractors with horse power as low as 18 HP can be supported by the BX42S Self-Feeding Wood Chipper, whereas the heavy duty models support up to 100 HP.  The power of the tractor will ultimately determine how quickly the debris can be processed and what size branches and logs can be handled without jamming.

What size logs, branches, or debris need to be cleared?

This is an important question to consider since there are a variety of wood chipper sizes supported by each particular model.  For example, the BX42S Self-Feeding Wood Chipper is capable of processing branches up to 4 inches in diameter.  Larger models such as the WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper can handle branches and logs as large as 8 inches, which is also contingent on the HP of the tractor as mentioned previously.

How large or how quickly must the project be completed?

Land maintenance professionals should consider the area of land to be cleared and the timeframe for completion as part of the decision as well.  Hydraulic models such as the WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper are capable of processing large amounts of debris at a faster pace which will result in less overall time spent on an individual job or project.  This may be unnecessary for individuals who require equipment for general property maintenance, in which a model such as the BX42S Self-Feeding Wood Chipper might be a better option.

BX42S Wood Chipper

The BX42S Self-Feeding Wood Chipper is a consistently popular PTO wood chipper typically utilized for small jobs and general estate maintenance.  Capable of handling wood up to 4 inches in diameter, this wood chipper is small but powerful.  Even better, the entry level price point makes it an affordable option for hobbyists and professionals alike.  This model is best suited for a small to mid-size 30-40 hp tractor with a PTO shaft speed of 540 RPM.  For easy maintenance, some models feature a single screw release that provides direct access to the blades.

MDWC-1500 Gas Powered Wood Chipper

When a wood chipper that functions independently of a tractor is needed look no further than the MDWC-1500 Gas Powered Wood Chipper.  This model is completely self-sustaining, featuring a 13.5 HP Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine capable of handling wood up to 4” in diameter.  The MDWC-1500 Gas Powered Wood Chipper comes equipped with an adjustable trailer hitch and adjustable leg support, allowing flexible towing by truck, SUV or ATV.  Legal use on public roads is permitted with a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour (subject to local rules and regulations).  When unhooked, the large 15 inch wheels make for easy maneuvering around the property and other open spaces.

BX510H Wood Chipper

A reliable wood chipper suited for a variety of jobs, the BX510H Hydraulic Wood Chipper features a hydraulic infeed system capable of processing logs and debris up to 5 inches in width.  Similar to the BX42S Self-Feeding Wood Chipper in terms of tractor HP requirement, this chipper supports small to mid-size tractors between 18-50 HP.  Besides the ability to handle larger branches and support a smaller tractor with less HP than larger hydraulic chippers, one of the primary differences is the hydraulic infeed, which requires less manual effort from the user when compared to self-feeding models.  In addition, the hydraulic infeed can consume material more quickly than manually loaded wood chippers.  This is a great option for maintenance professionals who clear many different types of brush and need a machine that works quickly to complete the job.

WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper

If you are a professional looking for a shredding machine capable of handling large branches and logs this heavy duty wood chipper is for you.  The WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper is essentially an all-around larger and more powerful version of the BX510H Hydraulic Wood Chipper, with the ability to shred material up to 8 inches in diameter.  In addition, It features a faster infeed system than smaller models thanks to two rollers instead of one, in addition to a larger infeed opening (7” x 12”) for loading a greater volume of processing material and debris.  In terms of power, The WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper supports tractors up to 100 HP which is why this chipper tends to be the go-to equipment for large scale jobs and professional landscaping projects. 

Know Your Machine: Wood Chippers Can Make Your House Look Like Million Bucks

Are you in the outskirts of the city? Do you have lawn even bigger than your house? Are you the owner of a property which seems to have its own forests and reservoirs? You’re definitely one person who is dealing with more brush cutting than haircuts! Why not? You can’t afford to make your property turn into a full-grown jungle.

Why are wood chippers important?

These machines come in various sizes which can be selected upon the basis of whether you want it for a lawn, garden, yard or field. Depending on the model that you choose, you can get a maximum of the major three functions in one which is:


As the name suggests, chipping is the main task of wood chippers. Usually, you can throw a 2-3 inches diameter logs into the feed basket which is conical in shape to give ease in operation. The feed basket, the hopper may be attached at the top or any side of the machine. Due to shape blades and hammers, the logs fall out of the drum in such small pieces of wood which are either collected in conjoined collecting basket or they fall on the ground.


If you live in a windy area or spring season, your house will be full of broken branches and leaves. Collect and put it all in the wood chipper and you’ll have a product which can easily be disposed or put to use.


If you’ve already got a product which is apt for replenishing your lawn’s health then pour the content on the ground. This mulch will make the roots grow stronger, make the soil more fertile and stop weed production.

How to Choose Wood Chipper for Your Property?

Not every model is meant for you. It depends on your property, economical capabilities and maintenance work required. Hence, keep these factors into consideration and never hesitate to ask questions if unsure.

Size & Type of Your Property

You must evaluate the area of your lawn, garden or field that needs the job to be done. Wood chippers come in different sizes which may be specific or can be used in any ground condition. The amount of your work will also play a role in selecting the type of energy-operating device you need to buy.

It’s advisable to go for a hydraulic or an electric wood chipper that comes in small and compact size and doesn’t make a lot of noise or air pollution. Spare your neighborhood with exasperating sound generating machines and upgrade to the latest model in the market.

Choose Between Electric, Fuel or Hydraulic

The efficiency of a machine is a question on the type of energy it requires. Also, they are different in functionality and comfort. Electric chippers are great for small residential areas which can easily shred wood of diameter up to 3 inches. Gas or oil powered chippers are used for higher range of wood chipping jobs which are required in farms or forest. Hydraulic chippers are the newest member that produces the least pollution, noise or fumes while operation.

Expert’s Guideline: Things To Consider While Buying A Wood Chipper

As people grow more conscious about the “look and feel” of their farm, garden, lawn or field, there’s a steady increase in the sale of wood chippers that has been noted. However, machine implement companies collect a lot of complains that says, “this is not what I expected” or “I need another model”. Firstly, ‘wood chippers’ are meant for ‘WOOD’ and if you think it could process stones, pebble and other combination of the material then shredder is your better choice.

In case, you’ve just started to get bubbles of doubts over your head then take notes from the below factors to consider for making the best choice of chipper:

What’s the size of feed?

Are you a contractor who takes contract-based projects for clearing roadside patches, pastures, forestry clearance, etc? Or you need a lawn specific machine that is apt for a small job? Classifying type of feed will help you to make a better decision in later stages.

What’s the preferred fuel for energy generation?

Machines run on energy and they need to be decided on the type of energy availability in the area. Chippers can run on Gas or Electricity. Gas-driven chippers have an upper hand as they can be operated in remote areas. Then there are Power Take-Off(PTO) chippers which are powered through tractor shaft. These are apt for farms and field tasks.

What’s the type of machine you’ll require?

Gravity and Hydraulic feed chippers are two kinds which vary in their size range. Gravity feed chippers of 75mm to 100mm capacity feed can be attached to a hand-dragged chassis. However, Hydraulic chippers are more efficient machines which that could be as small as 125mm capacity but extendable to more than 250mm for heavy work. The feed capacity must be chosen according to work profile as heavy machine acquires more fuel for every task.

What’s the road towing allowance you or your driver has?

As per the States Laws, road towing limits are implied on all drivers. In case you don’t have a valid license, you’d be pulled over and charged with a heavy fine. Make sure, the towing vehicle and carriage follow up what the laws say. For example, you need a CDL of Group A that states any combination of vehicle that has 11,794 Kilograms or 26,001 pounds.

What’s the major maintenance cost?

While selecting the machine, you should look for removable blades, the iron casting of body, belts, and gears of the machine. These contribute to maintenance costs the most. Due to regular run, blades might become blunt and less effective or the belt would suffer friction which could eventually stop the machine from working any further.

A Parting Thought:

These are the most important factors to consider. If you want a versatile machine with absolute functioning and nicely built body, then check out our Victory Tractor Implements Store. With complete information of every implement, we’re sure to have what you need to get the job done right.

5 Safety Precautions Every Novice And Experienced Wood Chipper User Should Adhere To

Most of you may already know that these lawn care machines are able to turn trunks into tiny bits and pieces. Clearing a large area of wooden debris that may result from plant disease or adverse weather events becomes very convenient and fast with their use. From one end wooden debris is fed into the hopper, chips fly out of the opposite end. As they need a lot of power to function they are fueled up by either diesel or petrol. Manual chopping with an axe requires a lot of manpower and switching to a chipper will help you channelize your precious vigor in some productive manner.

No matter this is your first time or you want to avail the upgraded features and functions of chippers, it can prove to be highly favorable for any landowner who has planted trees in his property. Dead and falling limbs of trees in and around your premises can be best managed by these heavy duty machines. In almost no time they convert uneven, long and heavy tree branches into small wood chips.

They truly are best friends of farm owners when it comes to keeping their ranches clean and clear of logs and branches.

Outcomes of not undertaking safety precautions with your chipper –horrible

You don’t need any training to make use of wood chipper. This can be the worst advice one can ever get about farming. There are many things that can affect the best results you can obtain from the wood chipper. It is absolutely true that putting chipper into use for your DIY project is no rocket science. However, there are some very important dos and don’ts of using the machine.

Those who are new to the farm owning may not know that the rotating chopper knives in wood chippers move as fast as 1,000-2000 RPMs. This is what makes them extremely powerful and at the same time dangerous machines. Any negligence on the user’s part can lead to amputations and even fatal injuries. Therefore, it is highly recommended by experts to avoid small and common mistakes when bringing these useful machines in your vegetable orchard or garden. Preventing injuries helps to achieve the optimum performance from machine.

Don’t disregard any of these wood chipper safety guidelines

All the power vested with these ultra-useful machines makes it user’s major responsibility to avoid any mistakes. When you overlook any of these given guidelines you are actually putting a question mark before your own safety and well-being.

1. Dress appropriately

For every personal or professional event, you attend you dress up differently. Here it is about your life’s safety so don’t be too quick to climb on the machine. First, make sure you are appropriately dressed so that your clothes are not caught and pulled into the sharp cutting knives. Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes and remove any jewelry to secure yourself.

2. Review the literature

Don’t just turn the pages of literature like that of a magazine. Go through the manual thoroughly before starting to operate chipper. Manual will be having every single important detail component so that you know your machine better.

Nevertheless, at any point in time, you should not be putting your hand or foot inside, even if it is jammed.

3. Inspect before every session

Even if you had used it successfully last time it is mandatory to inspect its components before you use it this time. It shall never be used if you can see any signs of damage to any part of the machine. Scrutinizing the machine’s bolts and nuts ensure that it is in proper working condition.

4. Keep a safe distance from bystanders

Guard off the animals and bystanders long before you are set to start the chipper. Cordoning off the area is significant to keep people in vicinity safe. If you see somebody approaching immediately put off the machine down. You can also make use of barricades and cones.

5. Lighten the load

It is crucially important to start slow first and then increase the speed after you are sure about not having broken components. At the same time, it is significant to feed the device with wood load pertaining to its limits. Extra-large chunks of wood fed into device can lead to accidents, damaging the system and making the user prone to injury.

Remember accidents are waiting to happen; wood chippers are dangerous for irresponsible users. Hopefully, you will take a lesson from the above points and make sure that you are always safe while owning and using chippers.

Final thought

Before making a decision call the company you are considering purchasing from and ask questions directly.  Try to speak with someone who is knowledgeable to help ensure you are making the right decision. 

Italian Trulli

Victory Tractor Implements is proud to offer a wide range of products including flail mowers, wood chippers, rotary tillers, and backhoes, all designed to be connected directly to your tractor’s PTO for maximum efficiency and performance. In addition, we also offer winter equipment such as snow plows and snow blowers, designed for use with skid steers.

We source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers.  As always, the team is standing by to answer any questions to assist with your decision.  Victory support can be reached directly at (562) 534-8182 or

Proud supporters of the FFA


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Ryan Talsma
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Just bought the emid-64. No assembly instructions included but got it done. I have used it for about 2 hours now. Very... nice unit, cuts great, heavy duty with grease fittings on all moving points. Smooth operation and comes with flow control so no jerky operation. Great so far... I did find that on the website has a full manual including assembly more
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Harold Weaver
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Happy with my 60” tiller. Lot of tiller for the price. Had an issue with pto shaft but they have great customer... service. Thanks again more
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Joe Bell
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Great people to deal with. I have the 78” flail mower and I love it. It gives a clean cut and runs smoothly.
Michael Treffinger
Michael Treffinger
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I purchased the BX42S wood chipper. Shipping was quick and well crated. I've used it now for over 15hrs and it works... perfectly! I cleared woods for a motorcycle track and now I use this to clean up and help loosen up the soil with the mulch it creates. Well worth it!read more
Joe Buckingham
Joe Buckingham
17:53 26 Mar 22
The BX42S wood chipper was received in early March. The unit was packaged in a heavy cage to help prevent shipping... damage. After assembly I connected unit to my tractor and started using it. It has been able to handle any branches that I put into it up to about 4 1/2 inches. I would recommend this unit to anyone that needs a wood more
Frank Perugini
Frank Perugini
01:35 15 Nov 21
Dealing with Ryan B. of Victory Tractor Implements was a pleasure. Everything Ryan said was truthful and correct. ... Shipment was a breeze Ryan supplied me with the tracking info and I was able to see where and when I would receive my chipper. Thanks again Frankread more
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Brian Adams
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I bought the 56" embankment flail mower and couldn't be more satisfied. Works like a champ. Delivery was quick and... assembly was easy. I would highly recommend this company and more
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Uwe is super helpful. Great product, great price. New flail makes my place look a lot nicer as I can mow vertically... and keep the brush back and neat!read more
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Prompt delivery…Awesome EMSD-56 flail mower, Awesome Support.. Since I never owned a flail mower, I had questions... regarding what turned out to be normal operational sounds, etc. I was reluctant to call, but I must say the person that answered the phone was very knowledgeable of the product and treated me with the the utmost respect and kindness.Mower works great and far exceeds expectations!!Thank You Victory Tractor for an Awesome Experience!!!read more
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Dale Walter
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Great wood chipper at a great price!My 23 Hp Massey Sub Compact handles this beautifully, up to 4".Would highly... recommend to a more
19:58 22 May 21
My BX42S has exceeded my expectations. Hooked up to my Kubota 26hp tractor it chips 5 inch pine without any problem. 5... inch hardwood goes in my wood stove so I have not tried that. Communication with the company is excellent. Thanks Victory!read more
Ryan Getchell
Ryan Getchell
07:46 15 Apr 21
I just recently purchased the MDWC1500 wood chipper from Victory Tractor for cleaning up around the overgrown fields of... our farm, arrived on time, setup was easy, very well built and rugged chipper! It has no problem chipping 3inch diameter brush. What a great investment for cleaning up around the farm! It did come with a damaged drive belt but a phone call to my local auto parts store and they had the belt in stock. For the price I highly recommend this machine to any small farm/homeownerread more
Doug McCracken
Doug McCracken
21:37 06 Feb 21
I have the BCRL 145 on a 30 HP Kubota, I mow several banks around my property, and a walking trail around 72 acre... field. best mower I ever more
13:09 15 Jan 21
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Greg Davis
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It is a pleasure working with the staff at Victory. We purchased an offset flail mower from them several years ago for... mowing the berms of our rail-trail and it is holding up well and does a nice job We needed to replace a lost tooth on the mower and got the replacement parts more
Raymond Paullin
Raymond Paullin
21:09 17 Aug 20
Excellent transaction from start to finish. Uwe was prompt responding to questions, my plow shipped in great shape and... I'm ready for more
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Offshore Explorer Scott Dodgson
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Uwe was very helpful and professional. Great guy to do business with!
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