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BX42S Self Feeding PTO Wood Chipper

Maximize your wood processing with the BX42S PTO Wood Chipper, suitable for 18-50HP tractors. This efficient chipper shreds wood up to 5 inches in diameter with a direct PTO drive and a balanced 110 lb. rotor, equipped with four hardened steel knives.

Features an adjustable discharge funnel, ejecting material up to 20 feet, and boasts a capacity of 200-250 cu.ft./hr. Engineered for ease of use and safety, the BX42S combines powerful performance with simple maintenance, perfect for seamless wood processing tasks.

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BX42S PTO Wood Chipper

The upgraded BX42 model from Victory Tractor Implements is designed to efficiently shred wood up to 5″ in diameter, featuring enhanced suction for improved performance. This powerful yet manageable chipper connects seamlessly to your CAT I 3-Point Hitch and includes a PTO shaft with a shear bolt for safety and reliability.


Optimized for tractors with 25 – 35 HP and a PTO shaft speed of 540 RPM, the BX42S boasts a direct PTO drive system that powers a well-balanced 110 lb. rotor. This rotor is equipped with four 8″ knives crafted from hardened tooling steel, ensuring rapid and consistent wood cutting at about 9 times per second. The design produces centrifugal force for material intake, with counter knife settings allowing for shredded material sizes ranging from ¾ in. to 1 ½ in. The rotor’s speed and winglets are engineered to create effective air suction, reducing the chance of wood jams.

Key Features:
➤ Efficiently shreds wood up to 5 inches in diameter
➤ Includes PTO shaft with shear bolt
➤ Direct PTO drive system with a balanced 110 lb. rotor
➤ Four hardened tooling steel knives for consistent cutting
➤ Adjustable discharge funnel, capable of ejecting material up to 20 ft
➤ Shredding capacity of 200 to 250 cu.ft./hr, depending on material

PTO shaft included          
Free Shipping          
2 Years Warranty

See the Victory Tractor BX42S Wood Chipper in action:

The BX42S not only excels in performance but also in user-friendliness and safety. With features designed for easy maintenance and compliance with safety regulations, this wood chipper is a reliable tool for any landscaping or agricultural task.

Maintenance and Safety Features:

➤ Simple maintenance with easy access to knives by removing a single screw
➤ Lift-up input chute for convenient transport and storage
➤ Complies with all safety regulations and CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directive

ATTENTION: Be advised that machines arrive partially assembled and without essential fluids or grease. Ensure you read the user’s manual thoroughly before operation for safety and optimal use.

Victory Tractor Implements is committed to providing the best value in heavy-duty, tractor-driven wood chippers, backed by unparalleled personalized customer service. The BX42S Wood Chipper represents a blend of power, efficiency, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable wood processing solution.

Technical DataBX42S
Dimensions (HxWxD)77 x 40 x 43 in.
Total weight510 lb. (184kg)
3-point hitchCAT I
PTO shaft RPM540
Length of PTO shaft40 in.
PTO safetyshear bolt
Drive systemdirect drive
PTO Horsepower (HP) required18-50hp / 13-37kw
Power recommended for max. performance25-35hp
Rotor diameter25 in.
Rotor width1/2 in. + winglets
Rotor weight110 lb. (50kg)
Number of knives4 + 1
Hopper opening20 x 20 in.
Chipper housing opening5″ x 10″
Recommended max. diameterapprox. 5 in
Adjustable size of shredded material3/4 – 1 1/2 in.
Feeding systemself-feeding
Height of output funnel62 in.
Output direction230°
Housing material strength6mm
Paintingpowder coating, green-yellow
Transport Crate (LxWxH)34″ x 42″ x 48″

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Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil, or other fluids or grease needed for operation! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the user’s manual. 

Product NameBX42SBX52BX510HWC8HWC10H
Infeed Opening6.25” x 8”5.5″ x 11″6.25” x 8”8” x 8”10” x 17”
Max. Throughput Capacity5 in.5 in.5 in.8 in.10 in.
Variable Infeed Speedn/an/a0-78 ft./min.0-75 ft./min.0-75 ft./min.
Tractor PTO540RPM540RPM540RPM540RPM540RPM
Flywheel Speed540RPM540RPM540RPM1000RPM1000RPM
Rotor (Flywheel) Diameter26 in.23 in.26 in.26 in.36 in.
Rotor (Flywheel) Weight110 lb.143 lb.200 lb.200 lb.385 lb.
Machine (gross) Weight510 lb.452 lb.650 lb.920 lb.1,465 lb.
Number of Knives4 + 14 + 14 + 12 + 14 + 2
Infeed Chute Opening20” x 26”21″ x 21″20” x 26”26” x 35”42” x 36”
Hydraulic Pump & Tankn/an/a3 – 6 GPM3 – 6 GPM3 – 6 GPM
Hydraulic Infeed SystemNoNoYesYesYes
Safety Stop Barn/an/aWith ReverseWith ReverseWith Reverse
Variable Speed Controln/an/aYesYesYes
Discharge Chute Rotation270 Degrees270 Degrees270 Degrees270 Degrees270 Degrees
Flywheel Housing Material6 mm6 mm6 mm6 mm6 mm
PaintPowder CoatPowder CoatPowder CoatPowder CoatPowder Coat
Colors (Body/Chute)Green/YellowGreen/YellowGreen/YellowGreen/YellowGreen/Yellow
Crate Dimensions45”x34”x48”46″x39″x49″45”x36”x48”46”x36”x48”64”x52”x48”
Shipping Weight648 lb.692 lb.766 lb.938 lb.1,580 lb.

24 reviews for BX42S Self Feeding PTO Wood Chipper

  1. Michael Lauck

    The issue with the pto shaft has been resolved and the chipper seems to be a very good high quality machine I would definitely purchase again.

  2. Michael Lauck

    Buyer beware, this chipper comes with a 40” one piece pto shaft which is useless on a jd 1025r. I wasn’t aware of it until I received it. I had watched the video of the bx42s on their website and it clearly shows a guy putting his new chipper together and cutting the two piece shaft to fit so I just assumed that’s what I’d be getting but I didn’t I got a 40” one piece that just doesn’t fit so I had to purchase a whole new shaft which wasn’t cheap just so I could use the machine so just be aware of that. Turns out the price wasn’t to good after all. I contacted Victory about the problem and got nothing but smart remarks

  3. Don Goates

    Excellent piece of equipment. Only problem, will not work with a John Deere quick connect.

  4. mike

    love it works well, for the money!

  5. darryl cutter

    I have used this chipper for about 20 hours it is very well built very happy with it I have put up to 4 inch red oak and ash limbs with no trouble there is a learning curve when you learn it your job goes very well would buy again good price good equipment

  6. Paul

    Chipper delivery, assembly and your customer service answerng my questions has been outstanding. This is my 1st chipper. Cutting PTO drive shaft (12″ to long) for my tractor was straight forward.. Chipper has met my needs. I like the way chipper draws in wood with very little or no coaxing. Would highly recommend this product to others.

  7. Chuck Dunbar

    After some initial setup issues I am very pleased with the chipper so far. The unit would not fit my Kubota BX2360 3 point hitch. The turnbuckles on the 3 point hit the chipper frame before the bottom pins lined up. I ended up buying a quick hitch and large pins (for $150) and that solved the issue. The chipper was well adjusted and worked fine from the start. Instructions on shortening the drive shaft could be better. The unit did not come with any kind of name plate or serial number. I would recommend it for hpmeowners.

  8. Rick Kramer

    Fantastic Chipper for the price. Fast delivery and great service answering any questions or concerns I had. Works better than I thought and I am not disappointed with ordering it. Will make cutting down brush a lot easier and I can also use the wood chips for filling in wet areas of my land. Does a great job chipping.

  9. J.M. 3

    It arrived well protected. However, the paint is peeling in several areas; hope that is a one off and not a sample of the workmanship level. One of the bolts vibrated loose during shipping, and the washers are in the casing where the blades reside; will have to fish them out prior to use. A neglectful inconvenience, hmm. The wing bolts to tighten the shoot in place were bent, will have to be replaced. Will update after it has been operated.

  10. Mike Botzon

    Stellar product. Works as advertised.

  11. Mike Clark

    I purchased my BX42S chipper and received it within a week of ordering it. Very fast delivery. Assembling it was relatively simple. I was a little surprised there were no manuals for assembly. I went online and found out pretty much what I needed. Not that difficult all in all. Only change I had to do was roll the bearings around so someone could get to the grease fittings to apply grease. I have used it a few times now and I am very pleased with how it works. I have chipped up some Birch,Maple branches that were 4″ and smaller without any effort at all. The chipper appears to be well built and quite rugged. Very good chipper for homeowner that has some trees to keep cleared each year.

  12. Tim W

    Assembly was easy and all parts were present – hardest part was getting the chipper out of the metal shipping frame. Fits a JD IMatch Quickhitch if you raise the top link to the highest position. Chips up to 4” as claimed when run on a JD1023e. Only used once but very pleased so far.

  13. James Slack

    I’m using a 1951 8N Ford tractor with the BX42S chipper and they are both doing fine. I’ve got the blade gap a little over 1/16″ but I’m working towards the recommended 1/32″ gap. That’s the only drawback, the ability to easily gage and set the gap. Making a jig to fix that. Otherwise, very pleased.

  14. Adam K.

    At this point I’ve only used it enough to make sure everything works and the shoot knife was properly adjusted. Had a mods to make so I wouldn’t have to adjust my quick hitch between implements. Wasn’t real sure how well the BX42 would work on a JD1025 but so far it handled it. I like the skid style built in stand makes for a really solid design but also cuts down on ground clearance. That’s an issue for sub compact tractors. With the 3 point all the way up and the aid of the quick hitch it just cleared 12” and that’s enough to get through a small wash and up a hill with just a little bottoming out. The tall stand also keeps the drive shaft at a little more of an angle than I would like but would likely be great for a larger tractor. Another thing I liked but was worried about was the 4 knives. I have a lot of dead ash. It’s a pretty hard wood and wasn’t sure if the 4 knives would be too much contact for the small tractor. Worst case I was going to remove 2 knives. Wasn’t a problem with a couple of 4” dry ash branches I ran through it. So far all good, simple and solid piece of equipment.
    The reason for only 4 stars; all the torque specs should’ve been met at the factory. The biggest problem is the only on line manual didn’t even have all the proper sizes listed. Like the ones for the knives and the bearings you know the only ones that matter and pretty much the only ones it has. All yeah both zerk fitting have flat spots on the side and just made a mess with very little grease getting to the bearings so I replaced them.

  15. Brad Skeen (verified owner)

    The BX42S can’t be beat for the price. I haven’t used it extensively yet, but so far it has chewed up everything I’ve thrown at it. I chipped up the tops and branches of four pine trees which resulted in a 5ft tall pile of chips. Inspecting the blades afterwards showed little or no wear. The machine is simple and ruggedly built, so it should last a good while.

  16. Ron Robinson (verified owner)

    Great chipper for the price, took in everything up to 4″. We were doing mostly pine, as 4″ oak would be firewood. Smaller branches fed right through, although so smaller green stuff may or will clog the chute. Very well built.
    I have a sub compact tractor, so the pto shaft does not sit level from the tractor to the chipper, the base on the chipper is pretty high and would suit most tractors, mine is on an angle up when chipper is fully down. It didn’t affect performance, and worked well. 24 hp tractor never bogged down that I could tell. If you are at the chute opening, hearing protection should be used, outside of that area, it’s not very loud.

  17. Tom Cogger- Maple Hill Farm LLC (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with quality of the BX42S PTO wood chipper I just purchased. It appears to be very well built. We have only had a chance to use it a few times on my farm but it seems to do a very good job of turning tree tops into chips. I particularly like the simple construction. Maintenance should be easy.

  18. Jerry Walker (verified owner)

    Excellent experience with the purchase and with the chipper. Once I adjusted the blades and shortened the PTO shaft, the chipper worked as expected. I recommend the product and the company.

  19. Alex Kasak (verified owner)

    The chipper arrived in a metal frame, shrink wrap and padding. Not a scratch anywhere. I adjusted the fixed blade at setup because of its critical nature. The chipper works like a charm, is very well designed and put together and an excellent value.

  20. Matt miller (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with the bx42s pto chipper. It was well packed, shipped and arrived promptly, and is fabricated from heavy duty materials. I do recommend adjusting the fixed cutter to the recommended 1/32nd inch clearance upon arrival. This is easy and only requires two bolts to adjust. In 8 hours of chipping on a 40 year old 19 hp tractor, I have experienced zero jams on anything — green wood, rotten wood, dry wood, twigs and vines (it did not reduce the vines and small twigs much), pretty much up to the 4″ limit. My little tractor would bog down a bit on the 4″ logs, but never stalled. Fit and finish is not perfect, but I did not expect it to be for the price. Performance is excellent. I do recommend this chipper to others.

  21. Steven Johansen (verified owner)

    Great value! Compact and heavy duty.

  22. Ron Bushong (verified owner)

    This is an excellent chipper for the money. It is a very well-built, heavy duty chipper. It arrived properly adjusted. I put it into operation after checking adjustments and properly torquing everything down, and it does a great job! There was a slight mixup on the shipping directions, but I was going to be in the area of the local freight terminal anyways, so they just loaded it into the back of my truck for me instead of trying to make the residential delivery… which saved them the trip and actually worked out better for me too.
    I’m very satisfied with this chipper and dealing with etractorimplements.com.

  23. Scott Henderson (verified owner)

    Overall this is a good machine. But I had to work through several issues to get it into production. Hence why I’m giving this 4, not 5 stars. First, the lower attachments for the 3 point hitch were loose, not properly torqued. Not a big deal, but annoying. Second, the fixed cutter was not properly adjusted to spec. When first placed into service, I had a LOT of jams. Fortunately, I found a comment in another review that led me to the fixed cutter adjustment as the problem. This should have been adjusted at the factory. But once done, the clogging problem was solved. Third, the flywheel cover didn’t fit properly – it was forced closed and took a pry bar and hammer to get open. Which I had to do quite often at the beginning to clear clogs (see previous comment). With some prying and hammering I was able to loosen it up some, but it is still very tight. I can live with it since now that the clog problem is mostly gone I don’t have to open it up very often. Lastly, a minor issue, there was some bending near the discharge rotator. Might have been from shipping, but since the machine comes in a steel cage, and I didn’t see any damage to the paint, I suspect it was bent at the factory. So my net assessment is that there are some quality control issues, but nothing that can’t be worked around. Once adjusted and in production, I have been quite happy with the capacity and performance.

  24. Richard Kretzer (verified owner)

    Iam am very happy with my chipper it turned out to be much better quality and much heavier build than I expected and the service was excellent these are great people to deal with

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