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WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper with Self Contained Motor

Upgrade your wood chipping experience with the WC-8H Hydraulic In-Feed Wood Chipper, perfect for tractors 25-50HP. This PTO-driven unit features an independent hydraulic system for smooth, jam-free operation.

Boasting reversible carbon steel knives and an electronically balanced 24” flywheel, it ensures efficient chipping of branches and logs up to 8″ in diameter. Its design prioritizes safety with a safety stop bar and protective hose wraps, making it a durable and reliable choice for all your chipping needs.

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WC-8H Hydraulic In-Feed Wood Chipper

The WC-8H from Victory Tractor Implements is a PTO-driven hydraulic wood chipper designed for heavy workloads. It features a self-contained infeed system that operates independently of the tractor, making it a versatile and reliable choice for professional wood chipping.


The WC-8H is perfect for small to mid-sized tractors with 25 to 50 HP, fitting CAT I 3-Point Hitches. It boasts a high-quality hydraulic motor, complete with a pump and tank, to power the feed-in rollers. This innovative system prevents wood jams by adjusting the direction and speed of the feed, ensuring smooth operation. Each chipper complies with safety standards and is CE tested in line with the 2006/42/EC machine directives.

Key Features:
➤ 2 reversible carbon steel knives plus 1 counter knife for efficient chipping
➤ Easy access to the rotor by opening the flywheel shell
➤ Safety stop bar with reverse functionality
➤ Quick hitch compatibility with CAT I dimensions
➤ Nylon wraps for hydraulic hose protection
➤ Durable heavy-duty steel shaft bearings
➤ Electronically balanced 24” flywheel (200 lb.)

PTO shaft included          
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2 Years Warranty

See the Victory Tractor WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper in action:

The design of the WC-8H prioritizes both functionality and safety. Its robust construction, combined with a self-contained hydraulic system, allows for efficient and safe wood chipping. The chipper’s large 8” x 8” housing opening accommodates large branches and logs, while the electronically balanced 24” flywheel ensures smooth operation. With easy access to the rotor and a comprehensive safety system, including a stop bar and protective guards, the WC-8H is built for durability and user safety.

Safety Features:

➤ Independent hydraulic motor operation for enhanced control
➤ Front safety stop bar to quickly halt infeed
➤ Protective nylon wraps on hydraulic hoses
➤ Heavy-duty construction for increased durability and safety

ATTENTION: This mostly assembled machine requires minimal assembly and does not come with operational fluids or grease. Please refer to the owner’s manual before use for safe and effective operation.

Our commitment to quality and safety makes the WC-8H Hydraulic In-Feed Wood Chipper an indispensable tool for professional wood chipping tasks. With its heavy-duty design and innovative features, it stands out as a superior choice for those in need of a reliable and efficient wood chipper.

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Victory Tractor Implements
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Infeed Opening8” x 8”
Max. Trough Put Capacity8 in.
Variable infeed speed0-75 ft./min.
Flywheel Speed540-1,000RPM
Rotor (Flywheel) Diameter24 in.
Rotor (Flywheel) Weight200 lb.
Machine (gross) Weight920 lb.
PTO driven, 3 Point HitchCAT I & II
Number of Knives2 + 1
Infeed Chute Opening26” x 35”
Hydraulic Pump & Tank3 – 6 GPM
Hydraulic Infeed SystemYes
Safety Stop BarWith Reverse
Variable Speed ControlYes
Nylon Wrap Protected HosesYes
Discharge Chute Rotation270 Degrees
Flywheel Housing Material6 mm
PTO Shaft included protected withShear Pin
PaintPowder Coated
Colors (body/Chute)Green/Yellow
Crate Dimensions46” x 36” x 48”
Shipping Weight980 lb.

8 reviews for WC-8H Hydraulic Wood Chipper with Self Contained Motor

  1. Bryan

    Just got mine assembled and put it to the test with some 8″ logs. Powered by my Mahindra 2638, 38-ish horsepower. Need to slow down the feed rate as the 8″ logs almost stalled the tractor but the 200lb flywheel managed to finish the log before that could happen. The manual could be more clear on some points, like bleeding air from the hydraulics. It just says “bleed the air” but, how? I was expecting to be told to open a bleed valve or something, but it turns out it did not need that. After a few seconds, the feed rollers purged the last air and started working at full power- initially, the forward feed was barely working. Had to cut off about 3.5″ from the PTO, so I’ll offer up a secondary review of my Ryobi 18V hand-held bandsaw. It cut through the shaft like it was butter and I literally could not hear the cutting over the tool running unloaded (which is to say, I am very glad I used the bandsaw instead of an angle grinder!). I was a little concerned that the Mahindra electronic PTO clutch might break the shear bolt because my experience with my bush hog is that it’s like popping a clutch – binary on/off, no easing in the clutch. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually brought the speed up gently, loading the engine up a bit as the flywheel spun up but not stalling the engine or shearing the bolt. I guess the bushhog driveline is a lot less massive than the chipper’s 200lb flywheel and its just the swinging flail blades that make the BOOM when I use that. I’m chipping up California “chaparral” shrubs so there are few pieces big enough to make a suitable fire log with lots and lots of small branches to dispose of. An implement that could pelletize the chips I am making into fire logs would be useful.

  2. Alex

    So far it’s a great wood chipper
    No issues / feels very powerful equipment

    Just got it couple of weeks ago

    I use it on a Kubota L3800

  3. Curt N.

    Seems to be solid construction, and I’m confident it will give me years of good service, however the assembly instructions were pretty bad. There was no real explanation of which size bolts, washers, etc. went where. The website says you have to grease all bearings before use, but the owners manual says they are pre-greased prior to shipment; not sure which is accurate. In the end It eventually went together, but I had to redo several parts. As others mentioned, the top connector on three point was set too far back for my connector so I had to buy a longer rod to attach to my Massey Fergusson 1735e. I also had to cut down the PTO shaft, but I think that’s pretty standard on new equipment. I’ll post another review on the chipper’s operations once I get it going.


    Assembled, performing as hoped. Running 36HP at the PTO, plenty of power chipping. Harbor Freight quick hitch tight, but works. Upper link on Kubota L4600 3 inches too short, fully extended. Purchased a longer lift link. While I assembled it alone to test my ability, a second pair of hands assisting holding components is advised.

  5. john roache

    And the winner is….In the works, assembling. A spry7 78 year old, assembling all by myself. Stage 3 Parkinson’s, balance, shaking, incapacitated walking. Working from a scooter. Ready to install the hydraulics. So far 5 stars, disabled friendly.

  6. orey iness (verified owner)

    Chipper is great used it for about 7 hours. I have a kubota l3200 and it powers it well just take time with 4inch up wood. The only thing holding me back from 5 stars is the the chute control placement limbs catch it and keep stopping the feed. The three point was a little bit of a pain had to cut down drive shaft to fit .still its worth the money!

  7. Gary Oakes (verified owner)

    Very good value for money-one small complaint-the stated “cat 1 quick hitch compatible” is very iffy-the lower pin spacing barely fits as in pin shoulders touch the quick hitch lower hooks.

    one improvement would be a folding input chute to reduce storage footprint.

  8. Jay (verified owner)

    I bought this chipper to use behind a 28 HP compact tractor (MF 1428). This chipper was the biggest that I could reasonably expect that tractor to move/operate. It works very well – I have not even come close to stalling it and makes chips that are just right for a heavy mulch. Most of my chipping has been ash, I had several ash trees killed by ash borers. Sizes are mostly under 4 inches – anything bigger I cut up for firewood, but the larger hopper means less trimming Ys and side branches. The hydraulic feed works great and saves a ton of time/effort – well worth it in my opinion. My only minor compliant is that the 3 point hitch geometry is a little weird, the top link connections sits very far back (on competing machines it is adjustable); I bought a new top link that was 4 inches longer than the one I usually use. The machine also sits very very close to the tractor. There is an adjustment, but on my tractor it wasn’t enough and I bought a different PTO shaft in order to cut it short enough (28″).
    Overall, it has been a great addition to my tractor – and with the attractive price there is no reason not to get the hydraulic feed – you will be glad you did.

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