Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Flail Mower online

EMSD Standard Duty Small Ditch Flail Mower
Flail MowersFlail mowers are powerful machines typically used for mowing large areas with varying vegetation and soil conditions. They can be standard or offset, with the latter being able to reach difficult areas.
Flail Mower BladesThe blades or flails of a flail mower are crucial for its operation. They should be regularly inspected and replaced when necessary to ensure efficient mowing.
Curb AppealRegular mowing enhances the curb appeal of a property and promotes the health of the lawn. It’s important to choose the right mower for the job and follow safety guidelines during operation.
Additional ConsiderationsWhen choosing a mower, consider factors like the size and type of your lawn, the type of grass, and the terrain. Also, consider the quality and cost of the mower, and the availability of spare parts.
Other Mower TypesThere are other types of mowers available in the market, including rotary, hover, cylinder, ride-on, and robot mowers. Each has its own advantages and is suitable for different types of lawns.
FAQThis section answers common questions about flail mowers, including what they are, how they differ from regular mowers, how often their blades should be changed, and whether it’s safe to buy one online.

The Definitive Flail Mower Guide

Flail Mowers have been around for quite some time and are the mower of choice for many large scale applications. In fact, we recently adapted a blog post based on an essay penned by Elmer Mott way back in 1971.

Typically favored by highway mowing, park maintenance, large property owners and estate conservators, flail mowers are generally known for their ability to effectively mow large, grassy areas of varying vegetation and soil conditions.  

Specialized hydraulic flail mowers are available for offset mowing, specifically embankments, slopes, ditches, and around corners.  These flail mowers are commonly referred to as offset mowers, embankment (bank) mowers, ditch mowers, or verge mowers.

Victory Tractor offers a variety of Embankment Mowers, Heavy Duty Flail Mowers, and Specialized Mowers to suit your needs.

Flail Mowers, Ditch Bank Mowers, and Verge Mowers | FREE SHIPPING!

This comprehensive Flail Mower guide is split into the following sections:

1. Flail Mowers

2. Flail Mower Blades

3. Curb Appeal

4. Additional Considerations

5. Other Mower Types

flail mower

Section 1: Flail Mowers

What Makes Flail Mowers Different than Regular Mowers?

Maintenance professionals tend to prefer flail mowers when dealing with heavy grass and shrubbery that would be overwhelming for a standard lawnmower.  

Although there are smaller, self-powered options available, the majority tend to be PTO driven, attaching to the three-point hitch found towards the rear of most small to mid-size tractors.  

These mowers are especially well suited to situations where contact with tall grass and loose debris is possible.

Standard vs. Offset?

While similar in nature, there is a primary difference between standard flail mowers and offset flail mowers (also known as ditch mowers, bank mowers, ditch bank mowers, and embankment mowers).  

While standard flail mowers are designed to be centered behind the tractor, offset flail mowers can be positioned off-center while being towed behind the tractor. This enables the operator to access hard to reach places.  

Because the mower is offset, the flails are able to extend further in a particular direction, clearing areas that would otherwise be inaccessible by conventional machinery.

See the EMSD Series Embankment Flail Mower in action:

Victory Tractor Implements EMSD Series Embankment Flail Mower for Compact Tractors

What are Flails?

The name “flail mower” comes from the flails attached to the rotating drum (also known as tube, axle, or rotor).  Flails are commonly referred to as knives or blades by industry professionals and implement companies.  When purchasing a mower it’s important to ensure the seller offers a variety of spare parts in the event the flails are damaged and require replacement. 

Victory Tractor carries spare parts for a variety of flail mower models year round. Check out the Spare Parts section for replacement belts, flails, and more.

Which Flail Mower Do I Need?

When determining which mower is going to be best suited for the job there are a number of factors to consider.  Most PTO tractor mounted flail mowers require min 20-60 HP depending on the size of the mower.  Another consideration is the desired width of the mower, which can range between 47” on smaller mowers to 83” wide on the larger mowers.  Weight may also be a factor, considering the heavy-duty mowers weigh as much as 1750 lbs.

For more information on different types of flail mowers available, check out the 2023 Flail Mower Buyer’s Guide to find the mower that exactly meets the specifications of your tractor

Avoiding Injury with the correct Flail Mower Attachment

One of the primary reasons to utilize the proper piece of equipment for the job is operator safety, especially when mowing difficult to reach places, such as embankments, slopes, ditches, drop-offs, and hills.  In these scenarios, it is recommended to use a specialized type of mower, such as an offset mower, to minimize the potential for the attachment or tractor wheels become destabilized, and possibly result in a rollover (or worse).

Flail Mower Safety Checklist

☐ Wear Protective Equipment
☐ Avoid loose fitting clothing
☐ Wear suitable hearing protection
☐ Prepare for emergencies
☐ Keep a first aid kit and fire extinguisher handy
☐ Avoid High Pressure Fluids
☐ Keep Riders off machinery
☐ Maintain tire safety with the correct tools and equipment

Is It Safe to Buy a Flail Mower Online?

When deciding to purchase a mower online (or offline for that matter), make sure the PTO shaft is included and don’t forget to factor in the cost of tax and shipping, otherwise, you may end up with some unexpected costs that were not budgeted for. 

The cost-conscious buyer should also consider the quality of the machinery when making a purchasing decision.  Many of the lower cost mowing attachments manufactured overseas are imported allowing them to be sold at a less expensive price point.  Many people associate overseas manufacturing with lower quality, however, the quality of some imports is so good that they rival their higher-priced counterparts, in many cases providing comparable quality and functionality at half the cost!

Comparable machinery can often be found at varying price points depending on whether they are a direct distributor of the manufacturer or a middle man.  In order to maintain profitability and stay in business the middle man often increases the price by hundreds of dollars, inflating the cost to the buyer while offering no real benefit.  

What Should I Look For When Buying Online?

To assist with the purchase, try to speak with a representative of the company directly to answer questions and address any concerns.  If possible, search the website for a direct telephone number that allows you to speak to a real human being rather than a voice automated system.  Bonus points if they are knowledgeable and can help guide your decision process to ensure you select the attachment best suited for your needs.

At Victory Tractor, we source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers.  As always, the team is standing by to answer any questions to assist with your decision. 

Victory Support can be reached directly at (562) 534-8182 or sales@etractorimplements.com

What Are Some Examples of Use?

Many of the places you visit are regularly maintained by flail mowers in conjunction with other specialized types of mowers (such as reel mowers).  For example, are you an avid golfer or the number one fan at your children’s little league games?  If so, there’s a good chance a flail mower can be located somewhere on the property. The giveaway is in the cut, which has a distinct appearance separate from other types of mowers and can be described as having a ridged or combed appearance (rather than round, for example).

Other typical applications include horticulture and agriculture, such as orchards or vineyards, where the terrain can be demanding and require equipment capable of bouncing off immovable objects rather than grabbing on and throwing them, such as rotary mowers.  In addition, most standard flail mowers can be positioned vertically, enabling the operator to trim the sides of hedges, bushes, and other dense shrubberies.  

If you’re still unsure which attachment is going to be best for your needs, consider the type of terrain and whether it requires centered towing directly behind the tractor or offset towing.  For offset, think fencerow maintenance, highway mowing, pond, and levee embankments, and other hard to reach places.

EMSD-64 Embankment Flail Mower in Action


A high quality mower can be expected to last a lifetime with the exception of the occasional replacing of the belts and blades. Flail Mower Blades tend to receive the bulk of the wear and tear due to the tendency to grind against unseen rocks and other debris material that can cause damage to individual blades. It’s never a bad idea to stock up on a few extra belts and blades so that you have them on-hand when needed.

Here’s how the EMSD series performed in year two against heavy brush and a number of incline banks with some decline banks thrown in for good measure. In addition, we clear a perimeter line and circle a tree to ensure an even cut all the way around. Definitely worth checking out!

Victory Tractor EMSD Series Embankment Flail Mower: One year later

Where Can I Buy a Flail Mower?

Regardless of the use case, this specialized type of equipment can be enjoyed by professionals and hobbyists alike, whether you are a professional landscaper, farmer, or estate owner with many acres of land to maintain. The folks at Victory Tractor are standing by to take your call and help you get equipped with the right mower to meet your needs (at the right price!).  Happy mowing!!

Heavy Duty and Standard Duty Flail Mowers by Victory Tractor

At Victory Tractor, we source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers.  As always, the team is standing by to answer any questions to assist with your decision.  Victory support can be reached directly at (562) 534-8182 or sales@etractorimplements.com

Section 2: Flail Mower Blades

Healthy mower blades are not just a matter of choice but a necessity. However, as the usage increases, blades sharp ends lose their charm and become blunt after a few runs. Blunt knives are not only inefficient but consume more fuel in multiple tractor runs for the desired result.

How do you know when to change the mower blades?

At times, it is difficult to tell whether you need to inspect mower blades at all. You might have bought a new set of knives or a new piece of equipment but there’s still a chance that it’s not working as it should. These are 3 signs that say it’s time to change your mower blades. Want to know? Read on!

Uneven Height Of Cut Grass

You need to cut the grass at an even height so that it retains the lush green color and the texture maintains its richness. The cut made by sharp blades is quite straightforward and doesn’t need more than one mower run.

However, you’ll notice that the grass that’s shortened using a blunt blade will have an uneven tip which deteriorates the whole lawn. So, if you are left with uneven height of grass, sharpen the blades.

Thickness Of The Blades

During the regular use of the blades for lawn cleaning and maintenance, soil, water, and chemical contact leads to erosion of steel and accumulation of debris on the surface. This prompts the user to keep it polished. During the sharpening process, the blade gets its edge back but significant loss of metal occurs on continuous sharpening. Check the thickness of blades and avoid fatal accidents such as sudden breakdown that could further harm the machine.

Inspect The Surface For Bents, Dents, and Chips

Physical distortion can occur if you are not serious in handling the machine. Hitting a hard surface while low grass mowing or attacking thick grass without properly setting up the angle of cut. In case, you have a faulty mower, it’s time for the change.

With these tips, you’ll be able to make a fair decision when you should buy a new set of blades or repair the existing ones. But is it enough? Shouldn’t you know how you can utilize the machine so that there is no need to invest in blades insanely?

Here’s how you can do it!

Grass Type

There are varieties of grasses that need to be trimmed but due to their different plant structures, their height should be monitored. For not chopping off the grass part that contains healthy photosynthesis cells, one has to gain the knowledge of which type of grass they are working on.

For example:

Bahia Grass: 2” – 3”
Bentgrass: 1/4” – 3/4”
Fine Fescue: 1 1/2” – 2 1/2”
Tall Fescue: 2” – 3”
St. Augustine: 2” – 4”

Grass Height

Chopping off the grass all at once is not only bad for the health of the grass but also for the flail mower blade. That’s because the higher the impact, the larger the damages. As a golden rule, it is advised to mow 1/3rd of the grass height at one run. If you’ve wildly growing strands in your lawn then wait for 3-4 days after one run of the mower and then cut the 1/3rd again. These consecutive runs will allow the grass to heal & sustain the trimming and won’t let the ground go dry.


Grasses are not always sucking good nutrients out of the soil. During summer, they protect the soil from running dry. It’s said, taller grass helps to retain moisture and water deep into the ground due to its long roots. Therefore, your flail mower blades should be placed higher during the summers. However, springtime is about new saplings and sunlight must reach the ground for them. Hence, lower mower height is expected.

How Often Should You Mow?

Coming to the final quest, there’s basically no science to prove how often you must wear your farmer pants and run down the field with this machine but there’s a decision you must make – what’s the height you desire. Lower the height of your grass, more you’ll have to imply your time to keep it that much. Taller grasses, the lesser time you’ll need to mow.

Final Note

From the mower blade to the height of your grass, everything is well connected. Take care of one aspect and the rest will fall in place. If you’re in search of long-lasting and great stress-bearing implements, Victory Tractor is your trusted partner.

Flail Mower Spare Parts by Victory Tractor

Call Victory Tractor at (562) 534-8182 to speak with an expert today!

Section 3: Curb Appeal

Mowing is a very important activity that aims at proper and systematic property care. Needless to say, a number of benefits are associated with mowing regularly.

Mowing serves two major purposes:

Curb appeal can be enhanced immediately. A properly cut lawn looks pleasant, keeping the grass short, even and neat. Moreover, it gives a well-manicured and orderly view.

Keeps the lawn healthy and keeps away the pests from the grass. Also, it ensures that pieces of debris are not only picked but cleared as well. This way, nothing accumulates on the grass.

Benefits of Mowing

1. Stronger Grass

Who wants a yard that’s full of weaklings? No one! When you mow, you get a strong lawn. When the grass is appropriately cut, healthy grass shoots flourish and weak ones are left behind. Hence, the more the lawn is cut, the more healthy grass shoots are born, which undeniably lead to a lush view over time.

2. Even Growth

As we all know, yards are uneven and patchy. This happens due to uneven grass. Well, no need to worry because regular mowing solves this problem. Slicing the growth of grass to uniform and short level improves overall growth. How? Because there’s a proper distribution and absorption or resources that come from water and sun.

3. Mulching

When it comes to a healthy lawn, mulching is a crucial part, as more nutrients return after mulching. It can be easily done with shorter blades of grass, which are healthy as compared to longer blades. Want to know why? Well, longer blades are weak and less rich in nutrients. As far mowers are concerned, they come with a basic mulching feature and it is possible to mulch with every mowing; however, the grass shouldn’t be overgrown.

4. Speedy Recovery

Lawns are prone to pests, weather conditions and diseases. To overcome these issues, it is important to keep the area well-maintained. A lawn that is mowed regularly and maintained properly, recovers better and faster than an unhealthy one.

This crucial activity (mowing) is undoubtedly essential for an attractive lawn. However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is, not allowing than ⅓ of the height of grass cut at a time because it can be harmful to the roots.

Useful Tips

Before starting the mower, always follow the operating, maintenance and safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Tips for Flail Mower General Use:

• Before taking to the lawn, learn how to operate the mower

• Clear away all the debris before starting with the task

• Keep everyone away from the mowing area for safety reasons

• Neither remove nor alter discharge chutes or any other safety attachments

• Wear the right clothing and footwear, including eye guard and hearing protection gear as specified by the manufacturer

• Do not refuel a hot engine

• Keep your hands and feet away from moving parts

• Be patient, don’t do anything in a hurry

• If the mower has a key, remove it when not using the equipment

• Mowing on slopes is challenging; Make sure you are using the correct type of flail mower for the job

There are a variety of mower types available on the market to choose from (more on that to follow). Continue reading to learn about mowers (other than flail mowers) that may be worth checking out.

But before we get into that, below are some general things to think about that are important when determining the best type of mower for your needs.

At Victory Tractor, we source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers.  As always, the team is standing by to answer any questions to assist with your decision.  Victory support can be reached directly at (562) 534-8182 or sales@etractorimplements.com

Section 4: Additional Considerations

You are truly rich if you have a beautiful, well-maintained lawn of your own. Your garden brings you more value than the great visuals. You are producing more oxygen and promoting good physical and mental health with a well-maintained yard. This does not only provide your family with a cleaner and comfortable living space but also adds to the value of your property.

Mowing is essential for keeping your yard in good shape. If you don’t know, the curb appeal of your orchard or lawn highly depends on the length of grass on it. To cut down and maintain the grass it is important that you invest in the right kind of mower. Now suitability of mower for your piece of land does not solely depend on the size of your farm.

This section will help you understand the determining factors so that you bring home the best mower. While the lawn owners may find it great, the article connects largely to the lawn care professionals too. For their business may require more than one kind of mower to cater to the needs of different clients.

What’s So Great About a Flail Mower?

Questions you must answer before buying one

There are a number of determining factors that can influence your choice of a mower. The majority of decisions taken by the homeowners and professionals are taken on the basis of the price, brand, and features.

You can save yourself from a wrong decision by answering the below-listed questions:

How big is your lawn?

Gardening can be an interest of many but lesser people answer the question “Is it a huge ranch that you need to mow down or you own a small piece of land?”

A small lawn can be easily managed with the help of a corded electric lawnmower. Having the lawn size that takes more than an hour of time gives you a choice between a push mower and a self-propelled model. Pushing is preferred by those who are keen to exercise at the same time they are mowing. The self-propelled mower is much more comfortable.

What kind of grass is it?

Grass can be long and robust. Amount of power you need to clean it all will have a great impact on your buying decision. Grass that has been left for long and is lush and long obviously needs more power.

How is the terrain?

Only a few buyers know that the most important factor in your head while choosing one mower over rest should be the type of lawn you own. Will you be using it on a smooth and even yard or does your estate include high and low terrains? Must you mow around flowerbeds or in between trees and shrubs?

When you know the topography is the most influential factor in buying mower you seldom face failure in lawn maintenance.

Know the types of mowers

Smaller models of flail mowers are popular amongst the farmers who have smaller pieces of land where movement is a bit restricted. PTO driven implements can, however, help you get rid of robust grass spread over a large estate much more quickly than other methods.

With internet access becoming more and more commonplace it’s easy to research mower models you are interested in. Search keywords on Google (such as flail mower, ditch bank mower, offset mower, etc) and visit online stores to get detailed information about the mowers for sale. Before you make up your mind, take a moment to learn more about the top mower varieties below, including the pros and cons associated with each to make a smart choice.

Call Victory Tractor at (562) 534-8182 to place your order today!

Section 5: Other Types of Mowers

Different Types of Lawn Mowers

When caring for the lawn, a flail mower is not always necessarily the best equipment for the job. The market offers an extensive range of mowers, which is a good thing (albeit with a touch of confusion) when choosing the right one. The size of the garden is one thing that affects the choice of mower. You may not know but small to medium-sized gardens are compatible with manual or electric mowers. What about the larger lawns? They are good with a petrol mower or a flail mower.

The next thing affecting the choice is the type of garden. Cylinder mowers are considered good for large flat areas, as they give the cleanest cut. If you are in dilemma about finding the best mower for your garden, reading further will help. Take out a few minutes and grow your knowledge regarding the three major types of mower:

• Rotary
• Hover
• Cylinder

Now let’s “dig in” a bit more in detail…

Rotary Mowers

These have a horizontally rotating blade to cut the grass. The blade has a wheel for support, which can be adjusted up to a fixed height. The blade(s) spin at high speed so as to cut the grass appropriately.

Two main types available:

• Electric (best for smaller gardens)
• Gas (they have more power and can be operated simply)


Wonderful for 360-degree lawn care

Are easily compatible with longer grass or rough turf

Works superbly on uneven and bumpy grounds

Gives a tidy finish

Adding rear roller along gives striped lawn effect

Hover Mowers

They were invented in the year 1964 and possess a single horizontal blade that rotates at high speed in order to lift the mower. Moreover, the blade is good at cutting the grass.

Two main types available:

• Electric
• Gas


Being floating, they are easy to maneuver and best for difficult lawns that are sloping, uneven or have strange corners

These work excellent with long and wet grass; however, lack means of collecting the clippings

Cylinder Lawn Mowers

The first lawnmower invented was a cylinder mower. It, like many today, was hand driven. Cylinder lawnmowers have a series of blades fixed around a horizontal shaft that rotates at high speed to cut through the grass. As a general rule the more blades around the shaft, the better the cut. Most lawn mowers of this type have 5 or 6 blades.

With a cylinder mower, it is possible to set the blades very low to the ground to achieve a fine cut.

Three main types available:

• Hand propelled
• Electric


They give the cleanest cut and hence, are used by lawn enthusiasts or on bowling greens.

For striped lawn effect, these are available with a rear roller. They are known to give the best cut.

Ride-on Mowers

For a large garden, this one has to be the option. Though it requires a hefty investment that is worth the number of hours saved with this equipment.

Robot Mowers

Mow your lawn even when not there with these ones, as they can be plugged in and programmed to do the required job. Setting them needs a bit of preparation but after that’s done, you can relax and sit back, as the mower knows what to do and how to do.

Choose Your Mower Now!

With all the popular types in front of you along with tips from the pros, we hope you will easily find the best equipment for your lawn, field, or garden.

Beautify Your Lawn With The Best Mower Type. Happy Mowing!

Heavy Duty and Standard Duty Flail Mowers by Victory Tractor


What is a Flail Mower?

A flail mower is a type of powered garden/agricultural equipment, which is used to deal with heavier grass/scrub which a normal lawn mower could not cope with. Some smaller models are self-powered, but many are PTO driven implements, which can attach to the three-point hitches found on the rear of most tractors.

What is the difference between a regular mower and a flail mower?

The main difference between a regular mower and a flail mower is the type of blades used. Regular mowers use sharp, spinning blades, while flail mowers use a series of chains or metal shapes attached to a horizontal axis. This makes flail mowers capable of handling tougher vegetation and varying terrain.

What are flails?

Flails are the cutting components of a flail mower. They are commonly referred to as knives or blades and are attached to a rotating drum. When purchasing a mower it’s important to ensure the seller offers a variety of spare parts in the event the flails are damaged and require replacement.

What is an offset flail mower?

An offset flail mower is a type of flail mower that can be positioned off-center while being towed behind a tractor. This allows the operator to reach areas that would be inaccessible with a standard, centered mower.

How often should I change the blades on my flail mower?

The frequency of blade changes depends on the type of grass you’re cutting and how often you use the mower. However, if you notice that the cut grass has an uneven tip, it might be time to change the blades. Regular inspection of the blades for dents, bends, and chips can also indicate when a change is needed.

Is buying a flail mower online safe?

Yes, buying a flail mower online is safe as long as you purchase from a reputable seller. Make sure the PTO shaft is included and don’t forget to factor in the cost of tax and shipping. It’s also advisable to speak with a representative of the company directly to answer any questions and address any concerns.

How do I maintain my flail mower?

Regular maintenance of your flail mower includes checking and replacing the blades as needed, ensuring the belts are in good condition, and keeping the mower clean. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and safety.

Italian Trulli

Victory Tractor Implements is proud to offer a wide range of products including flail mowers, wood chippers, rotary tillers, and backhoes, all designed to be connected directly to your tractor’s PTO for maximum efficiency and performance. In addition, we also offer winter equipment such as snow plows and snow blowers, designed for use with skid steers.

We source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers.  As always, the team is standing by to answer any questions to assist with your decision.  Victory support can be reached directly at (562) 534-8182 or sales@etractorimplements.com

Proud supporters of the FFA


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Justin Baker
1 year ago

I have a New Holland workmaster 70 70hp engine and 61hp pto i am looking for a flail mower for mowing parks preferably a 90″ wide unit. what do you reccomend?

1 year ago

Hello. Looking into purchasing a ditch bank mower . The tractor I want to use is 2018/ 1025r which would you recommend.also it already has the Power Beyond hook up. I know I’ll need 2 rear hydraulics remote setup how would I run the flail mower and what else would I need to get. Thanks Phill

1 year ago

My Branson 4215R has 36 hp at the PTO. Would be sufficient for the EMSD-64?
It would be used for mowing around a pond, ditches, tree lines and fence lines.

Zuhar Rahmat
2 years ago

I have kubota tractor model l1501 dt with 15 hp. I want to buy flail mover which to cut high grass at my land 5 hectar area.

3 years ago

Could a Kubota L2350 (with FEL) handle the EMSD-120? Want to use the flail mower on road banks which would lower the boom at an offset.

Austin M Bunker
4 years ago

I have a Kubota L5030 i would like to purchase the 83 inch embankment flail mower do I need two separate remotes for this implement

4 years ago

I am considering a ditch bank mower for my MF 1734 Hydrostatic tractor (35hp) and am wondering what additional hydraulics I will need. TIA

Dave Miller
4 years ago

I have a JD 5065E (67 HP)
What is the largest HD mower this tractor can handle comfortably
I will be mowing around a one acre pond and pond dam I need as much reach as possible to mow the dam
I will also be grooming trails with the mower in the verticals position

Tom Arnold
4 years ago

I have a Massey Ferguson 1759 compact tractor. Would the EMHD-160 be a good choice for that tractor? Also can the controls for the front loader be used for hydraulics on the mower?

tim neubecker
4 years ago

would the emsd be a good attachment for my JD3046 tractor any input on a mower and what size brush will it mow

Mike Crawford
4 years ago

My laboratory 2650 tractor does not have hydraulic lines in the back of the tractor. I purchased a model 140 ditch bank flail mower from your company and it’s on the way. Can I just take my tractor to the dealer and have the lines added?

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Wirenut 901
Wirenut 901
21:16 24 Jun 23
Very happy with my new Victory flail mower. I had a couple of minor fitment issues but nothing an angle grinder and a... drill couldn't fix. This mower is a beast weighing in over 1,000 lbs. Very heavy duty. I couldn't be happier especially when it was half the price of the name brands. The guys at Victory picked up the phone every time I called and were eager to answer my questions. Thanks Victory !read more
Johnny Rhew
Johnny Rhew
22:20 21 Jan 23
Adjusted the blade clearance after a few jams. No problems now. Heavy built and chips 4 inch no problem. Would probably... handle the 5 inch. Very satisfied.read more
Richard Helms
Richard Helms
20:49 17 Nov 22
The EMID-70 embankment mower arrived in a metal cage on a wood pallet. The mower and accessories arrived in good... condition.The assembly was easy and straightforward. After assembly, all bolts and connections were verified tight and the gearbox was filled with 80W90 oil and all fittings greased. Hooking up to the tractor was made easy using the two parking stands that come with the unit. Once attached to the three point hitch the hydraulic hoses were connected using the hoses and fittings supplied. Once the hydraulic system was filled and the air bleed out it was time to work. The mower was ran for about 10 hours in all positions from 90 degrees up to 30 degrees down with no problems. After mowing the field the mower was used to trim the limbs that were encroching on the field.Suggestions for the shipping cage are add a middle bar between the upper and lower part of the cage and use locking bolts on the assembly as a few were loose or missing. The mower and accessories had shifted and fallen out and came on a wood pallet added bt the freight company.read more
James Allred
James Allred
10:52 19 Sep 22
Product came in very quickly. For the price I expected much less quality. Instead the quality seems really good and... it does a great job in grass or brush. Very happy with it.read more
d k
d k
11:28 17 Sep 22
I bought an EMSD-56 Embankment Flail Mower Standard Duty. I pre-ordered it in February. This had to be one of the most... difficult years ever as China still had a zero covid policy. As soon as the mower was set to ship the port of Shanghai closed for over 2 months so delivery could not be made as agreed. I was offered a refund or an additional discount at that time. I opted for the additional discount. It took a while but finally the mower made it's way to me and it works fine. What I can say is that the team at this business is totally fair and extremely trustworthy. I would use them again for another implement.read more
Tom Mayes
Tom Mayes
17:40 10 Sep 22
Purchase of Flail mower was simple, arrived in good condition and assembly was straight forward. The only issue was it... was set up for Cat 2 rather than Cat 1 but that was handled quickly with a new set of pins which were mailed to me and arrived within 3 days. Mower has been used only once to mow about 2 acres and worked wellread more
Ryan Talsma
Ryan Talsma
11:25 31 Jul 22
Just bought the emid-64. No assembly instructions included but got it done. I have used it for about 2 hours now. Very... nice unit, cuts great, heavy duty with grease fittings on all moving points. Smooth operation and comes with flow control so no jerky operation. Great so far... I did find that on the website has a full manual including assembly instructions..read more
Harold Weaver
Harold Weaver
15:44 29 Jul 22
Happy with my 60” tiller. Lot of tiller for the price. Had an issue with pto shaft but they have great customer... service. Thanks again Uwe.read more
Joe Bell
Joe Bell
23:20 17 May 22
Great people to deal with. I have the 78” flail mower and I love it. It gives a clean cut and runs smoothly.
Michael Treffinger
Michael Treffinger
22:51 23 Apr 22
I purchased the BX42S wood chipper. Shipping was quick and well crated. I've used it now for over 15hrs and it works... perfectly! I cleared woods for a motorcycle track and now I use this to clean up and help loosen up the soil with the mulch it creates. Well worth it!read more
Joe Buckingham
Joe Buckingham
17:53 26 Mar 22
The BX42S wood chipper was received in early March. The unit was packaged in a heavy cage to help prevent shipping... damage. After assembly I connected unit to my tractor and started using it. It has been able to handle any branches that I put into it up to about 4 1/2 inches. I would recommend this unit to anyone that needs a wood chipper.read more
Frank Perugini
Frank Perugini
01:35 15 Nov 21
Dealing with Ryan B. of Victory Tractor Implements was a pleasure. Everything Ryan said was truthful and correct. ... Shipment was a breeze Ryan supplied me with the tracking info and I was able to see where and when I would receive my chipper. Thanks again Frankread more
Brian Adams
Brian Adams
17:51 30 Oct 21
I bought the 56" embankment flail mower and couldn't be more satisfied. Works like a champ. Delivery was quick and... assembly was easy. I would highly recommend this company and mower.read more
Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith
17:15 10 Oct 21
Uwe is super helpful. Great product, great price. New flail makes my place look a lot nicer as I can mow vertically... and keep the brush back and neat!read more
Ken Love
Ken Love
20:44 09 Oct 21
Prompt delivery…Awesome EMSD-56 flail mower, Awesome Support.. Since I never owned a flail mower, I had questions... regarding what turned out to be normal operational sounds, etc. I was reluctant to call, but I must say the person that answered the phone was very knowledgeable of the product and treated me with the the utmost respect and kindness.Mower works great and far exceeds expectations!!Thank You Victory Tractor for an Awesome Experience!!!read more
Dale Walter
Dale Walter
16:15 13 Jun 21
Great wood chipper at a great price!My 23 Hp Massey Sub Compact handles this beautifully, up to 4".Would highly... recommend to a friend.read more
19:58 22 May 21
My BX42S has exceeded my expectations. Hooked up to my Kubota 26hp tractor it chips 5 inch pine without any problem. 5... inch hardwood goes in my wood stove so I have not tried that. Communication with the company is excellent. Thanks Victory!read more
Ryan Getchell
Ryan Getchell
07:46 15 Apr 21
I just recently purchased the MDWC1500 wood chipper from Victory Tractor for cleaning up around the overgrown fields of... our farm, arrived on time, setup was easy, very well built and rugged chipper! It has no problem chipping 3inch diameter brush. What a great investment for cleaning up around the farm! It did come with a damaged drive belt but a phone call to my local auto parts store and they had the belt in stock. For the price I highly recommend this machine to any small farm/homeownerread more
Doug McCracken
Doug McCracken
21:37 06 Feb 21
I have the BCRL 145 on a 30 HP Kubota, I mow several banks around my property, and a walking trail around 72 acre... field. best mower I ever used.read more
13:09 15 Jan 21
Great prices , didn't get my flail mower from them but they knew exactly what parts I needed , very helpful, will be... back when I need more parts!!read more
Greg Davis
Greg Davis
22:56 06 Sep 20
It is a pleasure working with the staff at Victory. We purchased an offset flail mower from them several years ago for... mowing the berms of our rail-trail and it is holding up well and does a nice job We needed to replace a lost tooth on the mower and got the replacement parts quickly.read more
Raymond Paullin
Raymond Paullin
21:09 17 Aug 20
Excellent transaction from start to finish. Uwe was prompt responding to questions, my plow shipped in great shape and... I'm ready for winter.read more
Offshore Explorer Scott Dodgson
Offshore Explorer Scott Dodgson
21:11 07 Apr 20
Uwe was very helpful and professional. Great guy to do business with!
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