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All Victory Brand products are shipped by Centex Group Inc. by surface transportation mode. Usually, we cannot tell you in advance what carrier will be delivering your order because of varying destinations. All deliveries will include an advance call for an appointment. When the trucking company arrives at your residence for delivery, it is your responsibility to provide equipment to receive the machinery.  If selected at time of purchase, a lift gate will be used to unload the machine(s) and lower the machine to the ground.  If a liftgate is requested at time of delivery and was not included in the initial purchase, buyer is responsible for added charges (typically $100-$150).  It is the buyer’s responsibility to unload materials at the delivery site. If the delivery driver assists purchaser, purchaser agrees that such employee is acting solely at the instruction of the purchaser and agrees to hold Centex Group Inc and Victory Tractor Implements harmless and indemnifies the seller for any and all damages and liabilities incurred as a result of such use and control of Centex’s contracted carrier. Please note that drivers will not back the trailer down your driveway. If you are concerned about such needs, please contact us in advance regarding such a matter. We may be able to arrange for a “straight” truck delivery for a surcharge. Deliveries will be made during the standard work week (Monday-Friday). Our Free Shipping offer is valid only when the product is shipped within the lower 48 States (continental United States). If the trucking company deems delivery not possible due to extraneous circumstances (such as gravel roads and similar challenges), Centex Group or Victory will not be responsible for any additional charges required to deliver the cargo. If you prefer to pick up the machine at a freight terminal near your residence, please pre-notify us and make certain you have the proper equipment. We will be happy to provide you the location of the freight terminal in your area.

Finally, when you receive your machine, please check for damage before accepting the freight! If you notice severe damage, please do not sign for the freight and contact Centex Group Inc. (Victory Tractor Implements) immediately. If there is damage, but it is not severe, please note it on the receipt before signing for the order. We typically do not expect problems with damage, but accidents do happen. We will send to you any needed replacement parts immediately on notification of damage.  Centex Group Inc. (Victory Tractor Implements) must be notified within 14 days of receipt or is otherwise resolved of any liability.  Please note, that we as well as trucking companies will not deliver without someone present to sign for the machine. We do our best to ship the machines to you in as pristine condition as possible. However, due to the nature of shipping and the nature of the machines, we cannot guarantee that the machine will arrive with no surface imperfections. If the paint coat is scratched or damaged, please note his on the bill of lading at the time that the machine is received. We will work with you to resolve those minor imperfections.


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Please read carefully:

Defective Machines/Parts

Centex’s (and its Victory Brand’s) return policy is based on a case by case basis. Most of the time, any issue can be diagnosed over the telephone and resolved by sending out replacement parts. All of the Victory Tractor Implements come with a minimum 1-year parts warranty. We will ship the customer spare parts before any further action is taken. Because the parts warranty does not cover labor, no compensation will be given for the customer’s time or a third party’s time spent making repairs or changing parts. Centex/Victory may require photos or video to help in diagnosing the issue before any parts are sent.

For any additional warranty details, please see the Warranty page in your user manual.

If parts shipped do not resolve the issue, we may elect to return the machine to Centex’s location for repair. This decision is made solely at Centex’s (Victory’s) discretion. If decided to ship and repair, Centex will repair the machine and then ship back to the customer. Centex may choose to ship the customer a new/replacement machine (item) in lieu of the repaired item. In most cases Centex will pay shipping costs, but this is also judged on a case by case basis.


Centex Group Inc. / Victory Tractor Implements provides for a maximum in personalized customer service and an outstanding value made up of quality in our machines and a very attractive price. We want our customers to be satisfied! Centex (Victory) may choose to accept a machine back due to dissatisfaction with performance. The customer must alert Centex/Victory of this situation within one week of arrival of the machine to the customer’s shipping address. The decision to return a machine is solely at Centex’s discretion. Reasons that include but are not limited to refusal of return: machine too large/small for tractor, “buyers remorse”, defective part on machine (already repaired), machine not chipping material that it was not intended to chip (material that is not wood, soft material, small vines, etc.), and poor performance due to operator’s error. Centex (Victory) may offer a full or partial refund, refund amounts are left to our discretion.


In the event, the customer changes his or her mind on the purchase of equipment from Centex (Victory) by cancelling the order prior to shipment a 10% cancellation fee (for restocking) will be deducted from the refund amount granted to the customer. If the purchaser chooses to cancel the order after the item has been shipped, but prior to it being received by the purchaser, the entire cost of shipping (including re-consignment fee) and the 10% cancellation fee will be deducted from the customer’s refund. If the entire machine is returned and the order is cancelled after the purchaser had received the item, the original shipping cost and the return shipping cost will also be deducted from the customer’s refund, in addition to the 10% cancellation fee.


No return will be accepted without express authorization from Centex Group Inc. (Victory Tractor Implements). In the event of a return, we will send the customer required paperwork to ship the item back by surface freight (trucking). The customer will be responsible for scheduling with the trucking company the time and date of pick up for the machine to be returned. The costs for the return shipping may be paid by either Centex (Victory) or the customer, depending on the circumstances. Acceptance or refusal to pay return shipping costs is at the sole discretion of Centex Group Inc. (Victory tractor Implements).

For any questions regarding the return policy, please contact Centex Group Inc. (Victory) prior to your purchase.