Flail Mowers for Sale Online

Victory Flail Mower Series

  • EMSD Standard Duty Flail Mower


    Standary Duty Embankment Flail Mower

    • 15-50 HP
    • 48-64″ Width
    • Hydraulic Extension

  • EMHD Heavy Duty Flail Mower


    Heavy Duty Embankment Flail Mower

    • 50-90 HP
    • 64-86″ Width
    • Hydraulic Extension
    • 1,200 gram flails

  • FMHD Heavy Duty Flail Mower


    Heavy Duty Flail Mower

    • 40-90 HP
    • 70-86″ Width
    • Hinged rear gate
    • 1,200 gram flails
    • Feature

  • FMHDH Heavy Duty Flail Mower with Hydraulic Side Shift


    Heavy Duty Flail Mower with Hydraulic Shift

    • 30-70 HP
    • 70-86″ Width
    • Hydraulic Extension
    • 1,200 gram flails

  • Flail Mower Mulcher


    Flail Mower Mulcher

    • 25-70 HP
    • 62-78″ Width
    • Hydraulic Extension
    • Mower/Mulcher
    • 1,500 gram grated flails
    • Mulcher

  • MATV Motorized Flail Mower


    Motorized Flail Mower

    • 15 HP
    • 48-60″ Width
    • Gasoline Powered
    • Offset Capabilities
    • Electric Start
    • Mulcher


Capabilities include offset, embankment, and mulching features while supporting a diverse range of tractors ranging from 15 – 90 HP.  Mower widths range from 48″ to 86″ with extensions reaching as far as 134″.  In addition, embankment series mowers feature a hydraulic swivel arm facilitating operation from a -55 degree angle (ditches) to a maximum of +90 degrees (hedges).

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Why Victory?

Victory Tractor Implements offers unparalleled quality and value featuring a wide variety of the best ditch bank mowers, flail mowers, offset mowers and verge mowers available for sale online. These mowers are ideal for private estates, parks, agricultural fields, and other large properties. Victory mowers are suitable for cutting and trimming fields, embankments, ditches, hedges, and many other uneven terrains with your PTO tractor. With our flail mowers, you can achieve the best results, even under extreme mowing conditions. Mowers range in size from large to small and are specifically designed for subcompact tractors, compact tractors and mid-sized tractors.

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See the EMSD Series Embankment Flail Mower in action:


Why Buy Flail Mowers online?

Victory Tractor Implements sources the highest quality agricultural farming equipment direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman and delivering the savings straight to you. Our reduced overhead means we are able to provide high quality machinery at a fraction of the cost! With a fully stocked spare parts warehouse featuring items such as replacement belts and blades your equipment stays running just as good as new. But don’t take our word for it. See what our happy customers are saying on Google.

Free Shipping

Whether delivering to a residence, business, or to a farm within the continental US shipping is always free. Need help getting it off the truck? No problem! Just select the liftgate option at checkout. Our drivers are prepared to meet you on your scheduled delivery date and time and will make all possible attempts to adhere to any special delivery requests. Our freight carriers come equipped to deliver what you need when you need it and where you need it without hassle.

And yes…PTO Shaft is included!

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We would love to hear from you! You can reach us directly at (562) 235-5725 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.  At Victory Tractor, we source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers.

At Victory Tractor, we source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers. As always, the team is standing by to answer any questions to assist with your decision. Victory Support can be reached directly at 562-235-5725 or sales@etractorimplements.com

Victory 2021 Flail Mower Buying Guide