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EMSD-64 Embankment Flail Mower Standard Duty

Upgrade your landscaping with the EMSD-64 Flail Mower, designed for 35-60HP (PTO) tractors. Its 64″ mowing width and innovative spiral flail shaft deliver unmatched cutting precision on slopes and embankments.

Experience versatile cutting with angles from -40 to +90 degrees and a reach of 100 inches, ensuring thorough coverage and smooth operation for all your landscaping tasks.

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Victory 2023 Flail Mower Buying Guide

EMSD-64 Standard Duty Embankment Flail Mower for Compact Tractors

Designed for compact tractors, the EMSD-64 embankment mower is engineered for professional cutting of grass, undergrowth, trees, and hedges on slopes, embankments, and ditches. Compatible with tractors from 35HP to 60HP (PTO) and equipped with a CAT I 3-point hitch, this mower features rugged construction, an extra heavy-duty gearbox, and a spiral flail shaft for superior performance.

Performance Highlights:

The EMSD-64 boasts a spiral rotor shaft with staggered flails for exceptional cutting results. Its electronically balanced shaft minimizes vibration, ensuring smooth operation and reduced wear on bearings. This model operates efficiently from a -40 degree angle for ditches to +90 degrees for hedges, with a maximum extension of 100 inches from the center of your tractor, providing comprehensive coverage for your landscaping needs.

Key Features:
➤ CAT I 3-point hitch compatibility for compact tractors
➤ Spiral rotor shaft with staggered flails for a superior cutting performance
➤ Operating angles ranging from -40 to +90 degrees for versatile cutting tasks
➤ Maximum reach of 100 inches from the tractor’s center for extensive coverage
➤ Electronically balanced shaft for reduced vibration and smoother operation
➤ Two adjustable cutting height settings: ¾” | 1 ¾”
➤ Suitable for cutting ¾” – 1 ¼” saplings

PTO shaft included          
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2 Years Warranty

See the EMSD Series Embankment Flail Mower in action:

Safety Features:

➤ Independent gearbox operation allows the mower to turn once the PTO stops
➤ Front protection guard to prevent debris ejection
➤ Heavy-duty construction and replaceable counter blades for minimized clogging

ATTENTION: Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil, or other operational fluids or grease. Please carefully read the user manual before operation to ensure safe and effective use.

This embankment mower is delivered with a CAT-I 3-point hitch, extra heavy-duty gearbox, and PTO shaft protector partially assembled. The straightforward assembly process ensures you’re ready to tackle your landscaping needs efficiently.

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Tractor Diagram

Tractor HP recommended (PTO)20 – 35 HP25 – 50 HP30 – 55 HP35 – 60 HP
Cutting Width40 in.48 in.56 in.64 in.
Cutting Height0.66 – 2 in.0.75 – 1.75 in.0.75 – 1.75 in.0.75 – 1.75 in.
Cutting Diameter0.5 – 1 in.0.75 – 1.25 in.0.75 – 1.25 in.0.75 – 1.25 in.
Total Weight480 lb.745 lb.780 lb.815 lb.
Lower Hitch Spacing34.6 in.30.2 in.30.2 in.30.2 in.
PTO Shaft Length (Telescoping)51 – 69 in.59 – 80 in.59 – 80 in.59 – 80 in.
PTO Speed540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM
Drive System2 Belts3 Belts3 Belts3 Belts
Flail Shaft Diameter3″4 1/4″4 1/4″4 1/4″
Flail Shaft Speed2,150 RPM2,150 RPM2,150 RPM2,150 RPM
Nbr. Of Flails14182022
Flails (forged steel)320 grams400 grams400 grams400 grams
Material Top4 mm4 mm4 mm4 mm
Side Walls6 mm6 mm6 mm6 mm
Paint (Yellow & Green)Powder CoatingPowder CoatingPowder CoatingPowder Coating
Max. Side ExtensionCenter 60”Center 85”Center 93”Center 101”
Vertical Rotation-40 to +90-40 to +90-40 to +90-40 to +90

6 reviews for EMSD-64 Embankment Flail Mower Standard Duty

  1. Kermitt

    Great mower every thing works great easy to put together I highly recommend this mower

  2. James

    Easy assembly
    Works great cutting around pond where I couldn’t get too close with tractor

  3. Brian Cole

    I just recently found time to get it together and used it for the first time today. I’m impressed, wasn’t very sure what to expect but I have been very surprised with how it works. Assembly was fairly straightforward by myself but if you can find a helper it would be easier. Shipping was fast and the customer service has been above and beyond anything I expected. I would definitely recommend this mower to anyone.

  4. Brian Cole

    Finally got to put this mower together and use it and I have to say so far it’s awesome. Shipping was fast, customer service has been above and beyond anything I expected. I assembled the machine myself in just a little over an hour, probably should have gotten someone to help me to make things just a little easier but it can be done by yourself. I’m very satisfied with the performance of the mower and with the company as well. I will definitely be looking to the good folks here in the future for other purchases.

  5. Brad Skeen

    Finally got a chance to try the mower out, and was very satisfied with it’s performance. Best deal on a flail mower as far as I can tell. There are a couple of small issues that need attention, but overall it is pretty well made.

  6. Morris Kingery

    Well built. It really cuts. Would like to have adjustment instructions. Very good.

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Weight300 lbs
Dimensions86 × 56 × 40 in
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