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BX510H Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Infeed System

BX510H Wood Chipper with Tractor independent Hydraulic Infeed System for your small to mid-sized tractor from 18 – 50HP

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BX42S | MDWC-1500 | BX510H | WC-8H

Questions?  Check out our blog post Self Feeding vs. Hydraulic: Which Wood Chipper is Right for Me?

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BX510H Wood Chipper updated for 2022 with self-contained Hydraulic System.

Victory’s BX510H is a solid and compact PTO driven Wood Chipper with a hydraulic motor, pump, and tank to provide a hydraulic Infeed System for high volume reliable wood chipping!

The 5 1/2” x 10” housing opening allows for commercial-like wood chipping easily up to 5″ in diameter. The chipper handles large branches, including leaves and twigs, as well as heavy-duty logs.

The BX510H utilizes its hydraulic system via the 2 spiked rollers to pull the wood inside. The hydraulic pump drives the upper of the 2 opposing infeed rollers dragging the wood into the chipper. The Safety Bracket operates the hydraulic controls via its “IN-OUT-STOP” function.


• 4 reversible carbon steel knives plus 1 counter knife

• Easy rotor access by just opening the flywheel shell

• Safety stop bar (handle) w/reverse

• Quick hitch compatible (for CAT I only, check your dimensions)

• Fold-up input chute for storage

• Nylon wraps protect hydraulic hoses

• 120 lb. 26″ Diameter rotor (electronically balanced)

• Variable Infeed speed up .78 ft./min. (depending on PTO RPM)

• Heavy-Duty steel shaft bearings

• Colors: Housing in Green, Hydraulics handle & output chute Yellow

For more details please see the Performance Features below and take a look at the Technical description.


The Chipper can be operated between 540 to 1,000RPM thus shredding between 9 to 16 times per second utilizing 4 cutting knives (8 1/4 ” long, hardened tool steel)) against 1 counter knife. Combined with the hydraulic infeed system wood chipping is now efficient and easy.

The large opening of the infeed chute (26″ x 34″) allows for reliable and professional wood chipping without concerns. The output chute can be turned 270 degrees.

The compact BX510H is suitable for your small to mid-sized tractors between 18 to 50 HP, utilizing your CAT I 3-Point Hitch.

The high-quality hydraulic motor (with pump and tank) powers the infeed rollers, avoiding wood jams by switching direction and speed.

Victory’s BX510H machine complies with all safety standards and is CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directives.

Check out our blog post Self Feeding or Hydraulic: Which Wood Chipper is Right for Me to decide if the BX510H is right for you


The mostly assembled machine (minimal assembly required) does not contain any fluids or grease needed for operation! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE PLEASE CONSULT THE OWNER’S MANUAL.

We carry a full complement of spare parts. Take a look at our “Spare Parts” page.

Our satisfied customers say this is the best chipper for sale online and we think you’ll agree!


Call Victory Tractor at (562) 235-5725 to place your order today!


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Infeed Opening5” x 10”5” x 10”
Max. Trough Put Capacity5 in.5+ in.
Variable infeed speed0-65 ft./min.0-78 ft./min.
Flywheel Speed540-1,000RPM540-1,000RPM
Rotor (Flywheel) Diameter26 in.26 in.
Rotor (Flywheel) Weight87 lb..120 lb.
Machine (gross) Weight..
PTO, 3-Point HitchCAT I & IICAT I & II
Number of Knives4 + 14 + 1
Infeed Chute Opening20” x 26”26″ x 34″
Hydraulic Pump & Tankn/a3 – 6 GPM
Hydraulic Infeed Systemn/aYes
Safety Stop Barn/aWith Reverse
Variable Speed Controln/aYes
Nylon Wrap Protected Hosesn/aYes
Discharge Chute Rotation270 Degrees270 Degrees
Flywheel Housing Material6 mm6 mm
PTO Shaft included protected withShear BoltShear Bolt
PaintPowder CoatPowder Coat
Colors (body/Chute)Green/YellowGreen/Yellow
Crate Dimensions45”x34”x48”45”x36”x48”
Shipping Weight590 lb.720 lb.

7 reviews for BX510H Wood Chipper with Hydraulic Infeed System

  1. Ryan Thomas (verified owner)

    Ok so I just ordered one and will have more to follow but for now here is my experience. I contacted Victory with lots of questions, I was about to buy another machine from another company. Even though it was a weekend they answered all my questions quickly. The machine looks exactly like the larger name brand unit I was going to buy, it even had the same specifications. Victory was so helpful during my decision process I decided to go with them vs the big name brand. I also saved a bunch of money.
    The unit shipped quickly and arrived yesterday in a steel framed enclosure. This machine looks great and is a very heavy unit. I will post more info next week as I get time to assemble and run the unit.

  2. Ryan Thomas (verified owner)

    Ok so I’ve put a few hours on the machine. Assembly took about 4 hours. The machine works great, better than expected to be honest. The only draw back I have found is it’s not quick hitch compatible and you need a long top link to attach it properly. Not a huge deal but it is a bit of an inconvenience. Other than that it seems to be the same quality and HD construction of the bigger name chippers at a much lower price point. Very happy with my purchase.

  3. R.C. Freeman (verified owner)

    I found this chipper while searching the internet so I called to ask some questions about this chipper before placing an order. The fellow that I talked to was very helpful and gave me the information I needed. I then decided to go ahead and place an order for the BX510 woodchipper.
    My chipper was shipped out promptly and arrived in about 6 days. I elected to pick up the machine at the UPS freight depot as it is not too far from my place.
    The chipper was shipped in a steel crate made of angle iron. It had shifted slightly in the crate but upon inspection it was undamaged and appeared to be ok.
    I unpacked it at home and assembled the few parts that needed attaching. There were no assembly instructions in the package but putting this thing together was just a matter of looking at the pictures on their website. All the bolts, nuts etc. we’re all ready in the holes where they belonged and nothing was missing. After checking and tightening all the bolts and hose fittings I then cut the pto driveshaft to the correct length for my tractor. Almost 5 gal. of hydraulic oil is required to operate the feed roller.
    The construction of this machine is much better than I was expecting. It is heavy duty and performs better than I expected also. My L2800 Kubota (28hp)has no problem powering this chipper even when chipping branches up to 5″. Just be sure to set the infeed speed to an appropriate rate for the size wood you are working with.
    I am very pleased with the chipper and the service of the company that sold it. The price with shipping included is hard to beat and I would recommend buying one from Victory to anyone looking for a good chipper at a great price

  4. Rick

    I’ve been debating a wood chipper for awhile. I first borrowed a gas powered stand-alone unit from a friend to see if I’d use it enough, turns out I did. I have a small diesel tractor so I decided to get a PTO-run unit (less maintenance/etc). The cost difference here between the non-hydraulic fed unit and the one with tipped me over the edge to get the unit with hydraulic feed. I’m glad I did! I can get so much done quickly!
    My tractor setup: I have a Kubota B2401 (24hp) compact tractor with 17-18hp at the PTO (depends on which manual/website you check). It has no trouble running this unit and I was feeding up to 3.5″ material (mix of hardwood/pine). Anything bigger than that is firewood if you ask me. I burn inside during the winter and have regular campfires outside, so it’ll get used up. My tractor carries the unit fine and I ran it for 3 hours straight the other day and had zero problems.Sizing the PTO shaft was fairly straightforward and easy to do.
    The Good: The unit is very well built I think for the price point. A couple of bolt holes don’t line up perfectly, but all the hardware was present, nothing was damaged, and it feels heavy duty. Especially the flywheel, housing, and main shaft. Shipping was great, delivery (w/lift gate) was excellent, and the unit was packed well. Setup took awhile for me, there was a fair amount of assembly required (very different from provided manual on website, more on that later). I had to attach the in-feed hopper, the hydraulic control onto that hopper, the control bar for hydraulic feed, and the discharge chute. The discharge chute I had to disassemble and attach to the main unit due to design. It took every drop of 5 gallons of recommended oil and I as no where near 1″ from top of tank that I could tell. I spent a lot of time and set up the gap on the anvil blade (fixed blade inside) to the blades on the wheel. I’m glad I did, after 3 hours straight I had zero clogs, and good sized chips. I ran at speed setting 3.5-4 and that worked great. I started slow and gradually increased until I was comfortable with the rate of chipping and size of chips. I’m very happy and impressed with how this unit performed.
    The Bad: The manual. It says 30 minute setup and the pictures show a nearly completely built machine. Very wrong. My machine took approx 2 hours of assembly (in bits and pieces when I had time) and most of it I had to figure out myself, which is fine. I’m not a mechanical engineer but I can usually figure stuff out. The illustrations in the manual are clearly of a different machine and it even references things that my unit does not have. This is really the only negative point in my entire purchase/own experience.

    If I could give 4.5 stars I would. Customer service was excellent when I called in and had questions/etc.

    Bottom line, my dad has a very fancy green hydraulic fed chipper from those nice folks in Canada, but I’m glad I saved the money and ordered this one. Highly recommended.

  5. Greg Morgan

    I went and picked mine up at the shipping terminal last week and put it to work over the weekend. Stout machine that flat out eats trees. I normally don’t post reviews, but the quality and functionality at this price point are incredible. Highly recommend this machine if you want to get a lot of slash chipped up in a hurry.

  6. Silas Dobson

    I’ve been needing to clean up thick overgrown acreage for fire safety up here in NE Washington. I purchased this chipper knowing that the hydraulic feed would speed things up. It took a little longer to set up, but getting everything just right is important. The unit is on my Kubota L2800 p.t.o. 24 hp and it eats the wood with no problems. Clearing very thick overgrown acreage as fast as I can get it to the chipper (make piles close by it). The unit look’s just like some other’s out there but it’s cheaper and green. I’m very pleased with it.

  7. Gary Evans

    It works.

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