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EMHD-94 Heavy Duty Embankment Flail Mower

Master any terrain with the EMHD-94, perfect for 80-120HP (PTO) tractors. A 94″ mowing width and cutting-edge Crash Protection system ensure top-tier performance and safety.

Boasts 32 high-performance flail hammers for unparalleled efficiency, with a reach of 148 inches. Ideal for tackling extensive land with precision and ease.

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Victory 2023 Flail Mower Buyer’s Guide

EMHD-94 Heavy-Duty Embankment Flail Mower with Crash Protection

Introducing the EMHD-94, the pinnacle of embankment and verge mowing safety for 2024, featuring the innovative “Crash Protection” system. This system is designed to protect both your tractor and the mower, ensuring compliance with CE safety regulations. Suitable for tractors with 80-120HP (PTO) and a CAT II 3-point hitch, the EMHD-94 offers unparalleled mowing efficiency with its spiral flail shaft, designed for professional-grade performance.


The EMHD-94 is equipped with a powerful gearbox tailored for heavy-duty use, making it ideal for mid-sized to larger tractors. Its professional capabilities are enhanced with a working width of 94″ and hydraulic linkage arms that provide maximum extension and flexibility. This model requires 2 double-acting hydraulic control circuits for full operation, allowing for vertical movement from -40 degrees up to 90 degrees, ensuring extensive reach and adaptability for efficient vegetation management.

Key Features:
➤ New “Crash Protection” feature for enhanced safety
➤ Supports tractor power from 80-120HP (PTO), with a CAT II 3-point hitch
➤ Spiral Flail Shaft for improved mowing efficiency
➤ 32 forged galvanized steel high-performance flail hammers, each weighing 800 grams
➤ Heavy self-cleaning rear roller and counter knives for effective mowing
➤ Free-wheel transmission (gearbox) rated at 75HP, driven by a 5 belts system
➤ Maximum extension to 148″ from the middle of the tractor to the right side of the mower
➤ Three adjustable cutting height settings: ½” | 1 ½” | 2 ½”
➤ Suitable for cutting 1 ½” – 2″ saplings

PTO shaft included          
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2 Years Warranty

The design incorporates a maintenance-free crash protection system, a robust gearbox, and an electronically balanced flail shaft for minimal vibration and maximum power transfer. The mower also features safety flaps at the front to prevent debris ejection, stainless steel grease nipples for easy maintenance, and height-adjustable skids and support legs for convenient storage.

Safety Features:

➤ Mechanical crash protection system for improved safety
➤ Safety flaps to protect against debris ejection
➤ Stainless steel grease nipples for simplified maintenance
➤ Electronically balanced flail shaft to minimize vibration and enhance durability

The EMHD-94’s mechanical crash protection system, designed to be maintenance-free, ensures the mower swings backward upon encountering solid obstacles, protecting both the mower and tractor. This, along with its heavy-duty construction and safety features, provides a safer mowing experience.

ATTENTION: Machines are delivered partially assembled and do not contain any fuel, oil, or other operational fluids. Please carefully read the user manual before operation to ensure safe and effective use.

This advanced approach to performance, safety, and adaptability establishes the EMHD-94 as a crucial tool for professional land management, guaranteeing efficiency, safety, and reliability in extensive mowing tasks.

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Tractor Diagram

Tractor HP recommended (PTO)65 – 100 HP70 – 110 HP75 – 110 HP80 – 120 HP
Cutting Width70 in.78 in.86 in.94 in.
Cutting Height0.5 – 2.5 in.0.5 – 2.5 in.0.5 – 2.5 in.0.5 – 2.5 in.
Cutting Diameter1.5 – 2 in.1.5 – 2 in.1.5 – 2 in.1.5 – 2 in.
Total Weight1,896 lb.1,980 lb.2,064 lb.2,148 lb.
Lower Hitch Spacing42.5 in.42.5 in.42.5 in.42.5 in.
PTO Shaft (Telescoping)79 – 108 in.79 – 108 in.79 – 108 in.79 – 108 in.
PTO Speed540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM
Drive System5 Belts5 Belts5 Belts5 Belts
Flail Shaft Diameter6 5/8 “6 5/8 “6 5/8 “6 5/8 “
Flail Shaft Speed2,150 RPM2,150 RPM2,150 RPM2,150 RPM
Number of Flails26283032
Flails (Forged Steel)800 grams800 grams800 grams800 grams
Material Top6 mm6 mm6 mm6 mm
Side Walls8 mm8 mm8 mm8 mm
Paint (Green / Yellow)Powder CoatingPowder CoatingPowder CoatingPowder Coating
Max Side ExtensionCenter 124”Center 132”Center 140”Center 148”
Vertical Rotation-40 to +90-40 to +90-40 to +90-40 to +90

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Dimensions86 × 56 × 40 cm
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