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BHX-8 Tractor Backhoe

Transform your digging experience with the BHX-8 PTO Backhoe, a powerhouse for 35 to 75 HP tractors. Boasting an 8-foot digging depth and a 18-inch standard bucket, it’s built for all soil types and projects, enhanced with a mechanical thumb for unparalleled versatility.

Crafted for ease and durability, the BHX-8 offers a quick assembly and a robust, maintenance-minimizing design. Ideal for comprehensive excavation work, its superior depth and efficient hydraulic system make it a must-have tool for advanced landscaping and trenching.

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BHX-8 PTO Backhoe: The Ultimate Excavation Tool

Presenting the BHX-8 PTO Backhoe from Victory Tractor Implements, precisely engineered for tractors in the 35 to 75 HP range. This top-tier model redefines the standards for excavation work, offering unmatched power, depth, and versatility for all your digging, trenching, and landscaping needs. Featuring durable construction, an inclusive mechanical thumb, and advanced hydraulic capabilities, the BHX-8 is your solution for heavy-duty excavation tasks.

Performance Highlights:

Designed for compatibility with CAT II 3-point hitches, the BHX-8 matches a wide range of tractors. It boasts an extensive 8-foot digging depth and comes with an 18-inch standard bucket, suitable for various soil types and excavation requirements. This powerhouse is backed by a 2-year warranty and includes free shipping within the lower 48 States, embodying the epitome of performance, reliability, and convenience.

Key Features:
Independent Hydraulic System: Features a standalone hydraulic system for high efficiency and operational convenience.
Maximum Digging Depth: Offers a significant 8-foot digging depth, empowering you to tackle large-scale excavation projects effortlessly.
Diverse Bucket Selection: Includes an 18-inch standard bucket, with more sizes available for tailored digging and trenching projects.
Streamlined Assembly Process: Crafted for quick assembly, allowing you to become operational swiftly and efficiently.
Exceptional Durability: Constructed with longevity in mind, the BHX-8 minimizes maintenance while maximizing uptime.
Mechanical Thumb Integration: Adds flexibility for managing difficult materials, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

PTO pump included          
Free Shipping          
2 Years Warranty

The BHX-8 PTO Backhoe combines robust construction with unparalleled functionality, ensuring it stands ready to meet the demands of ambitious farmers and landscapers. Its heavy-duty gearbox, self-contained hydraulic system, and mechanical thumb feature set this model apart, offering superior efficiency and versatility.

Safety Features:

Comprehensive Safety Instructions: Detailed operation and safety instructions are clearly visible for operator awareness.
Integrated Protective Measures: Equipped with guards to ensure operator safety and maintain equipment integrity under all conditions.
Stability and Security: Engineered focusing on safety and stability, providing confidence in diverse operating environments.

ATTENTION: The unit is delivered partially assembled without operational fluids or grease. Complete setup and operational guidelines are included, ensuring a safe and effective start to your excavation projects.

Upgrade to the BHX-8 PTO Backhoe from Victory Tractor Implements and transform your excavation capabilities. With its advanced features and powerful performance, the BHX-8 is an indispensable tool for achieving precision, power, and efficiency in your most challenging projects.

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Backhoe Specs

Max. Digging Depth7′8′9′
Digging Depth (2 Foot Flat Bottom)6’6″7’6″8’6″
Swing Arc180°180°180°
Loading Height (Bucket at 60°)5′5’10”6’1″
Reach from Center Line of Pivot8’6″9’6″10’6″
Transport Height (Max)4’11”5’9″6’5″
Bucket Rotation180°180°180°
Loading Reach (Bucket at 60°)3’2″3’7″4′
Transport Overhang3’5″3’6″4′
Stabilizer Spread (Down Position)6’6″7’5″7’5″
Bucket Cylinder Digging Force2450 lbs2840 lbs3000 lbs
Dipper Stick Cylinder Digging Force1950 lbs2005 lbs2500 lbs
Total Digging Force4400 lbs4845 lbs5500 lbs
Weight with Bucket995 lbs1030 lbs1150 lbs
Shipping Weight1023 lbs1178 lbs1300 lbs
Minimum Horsepower152535

Cylinder Specs

Cylinder DiameterBoom Cylinder3-1/8″3-1/8″3-1/2″
Dipper Cylinder2-7/8″2-7/8″3-1/4″
Bucket Cylinder2-3/8″2-3/8″2-3/4″
Swing Cylinder2-3/8″2-3/8″2-3/8″
Stabilizer Cylinder2-3/8″2-2/8″2-2/8″
Rod DiameterBoom Cylinder1-3/8″1-3/8″1-3/4″
Dipper Cylinder1-3/8″1-3/8″1-3/4″
Bucket Cylinder1-3/8″1-3/8″1-1/2″
Swing Cylinder1″1″1″
Stabilizer Cylinder1-1/8″1-1/8″1-3/8″
StrokeBoom Cylinder16″18-1/2″17-3/4″
Dipper Cylinder14-1/2″18-1/8″22-3/4″
Bucket Cylinder12-5/8″15-3/8″15″
Swing Cylinder9″9″9″
Stabilizer Cylinder11-1/4″11-1/4″11-1/4″
Work PressureAll Cylinders2320psi2320psi2320psi

4 reviews for BHX-8 Tractor Backhoe

  1. David Aman

    this is perfect
    the service was great, the backhoe is great

  2. James Stone

    I am pleased with the backhoe. Service was great and it was delivered as stated. I do think it would be helpful to have more instructions as how to assemble the unit and mount it onto a 3-point hitch. I eventually figured things out and have done several projects successfully. I am over all very happy..

  3. C. Brown

    Great equipment, worked as expected, shipping fast, price good, customer service good.

  4. david aman

    i can’t wait to use it
    good price and they treated me well

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Dimensions200 × 90 × 110 in
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