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Victory FMHD-78 Heavy Duty Flail Mower

FMHD-78, Tractor Power: 45 to 70HP, Working Width: 78”

PTO Shaft IncludedFree Shipping | 2-yr Warranty

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FMHD-64 | FMHD-70 | FMHD-78 | FMHD-86

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Victory 2023 Flail Mower Buyer’s Guide

FMHD-78 Heavy Duty Flail Mower

Our new heavy-duty flail mower is designed to provide professional cutting of grass, heavy undergrowth, and tree prunings as well. This Mower is equipped with heavy 1,200 gr. flails.

The FMHD connects to your tractor by a CAT II 3-point hitch. Your tractor should have a PTO performance of 45 to 70HP. The PTO shaft speed needs to be 540RPM.

Materials and workmanship are of the highest quality. Therefore, your purchase includes a 2 years warranty and shipping is free to your location and delivered from a liftgate truck (lower 48 States).


Our models feature rugged construction, an extra heavy-duty gearbox, a spiral flail shaft, and a hinged rear gate.  The spiral rotor shaft with staggered flails achieves a superior cutting result. The electronically balanced shaft reduces vibration, provides for smooth running, and reduces the wear on the bearings.

The hinged rear gate allows for easier cleaning, flail replacement, and general maintenance. The closed gate provides for additional mulching and the open gate allows for easier disposal of the mowed material.

While the tractor’s PTO speed should be 540 RPM, the mower turns at 2,150 RPM. The CAT II 3point hitch fits most quick hitches. The mower can be offset from the center depending on the mounting of the 3 point hitch.


The gearbox allows the mower to turn independently once the PTO (tractor) stops moving.  The front of the mower has a protection guard to prevent material to be thrown out.  The heavy-duty construction of the box protects and provides for safety.

PTO shaft is included as well as free shipping, 2 years warranty and a maximum of personalized customer service. We carry a full complement of spare parts in our warehouse.


Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the user manual.

Call Victory Tractor at (562) 534-8182 to place your order today!


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Working Width64. in70 in.78 in.86 in.
Total Weight835 lb.975 lb.1,120 lb.1,265 lb.
Tractor Power35 – 60 HP40 – 65 HP45 – 75 HP50 – 90 HP
PTO Speed (cw)540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM
PTO Shaft length40″40”40”40”
Drive System4 Belts4 Belts4 Belts4 Belts
Flail Shaft Speed2,150 RPM2,150 RPM2,150 RPM2,150 RPM
Number of Flails14161820
Flails (forged/galv.)1,200 grams1,200 grams1,200 grams1,200 grams
Working Effic’ per Hr.1.0-2.2 ac.1.2-2.5 ac.1.3 – 3.0 ac.1.5 – 3.5 ac.
Dimensions (WxHxD)68x37x4274x37x42 in82x37x42 in90x37x42 in
Material Top Housing4 mm4 mm4 mm4 mm
Side Walls6 mm6 mm6 mm6 mm
Paint (yellow/green)Powder CoatPowder CoatPowder CoatPowder Coat
Shipp’ Box (LxHxW)72x38x26 in.78x38x26 in86x38x26 in94x38x26 in

2 reviews for Victory FMHD-78 Heavy Duty Flail Mower

  1. Jim Geyer

    Very good product had a problem it was corrected immediately I am very pleased with the machine will definitely use victory again

  2. Keith R

    I’m very pleased with it so far. It runs very smooth and quite for such a big mower. It also slides left far enough to cover my 72” tractor width. This is good for getting through narrow areas. Be aware the description mentions cat I/II. However it only came with cat II pins.

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