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FMHDX-102 Extra Wide Heavy Duty Flail Mower

Unlock unparalleled mowing with the FMHDX-102, tailored for 80-120HP (PTO) tractors. With a 102-inch mowing width and 18 inches of hydraulic side shift, this mower excels in cutting and mulching grass, bushes, and saplings up to 2 ½”, ideal for very large properties.

Featuring a 75HP heavy-duty gearbox and double-skinned body for utmost durability, plus electronically balanced flails for optimal performance. Easy maintenance and enhanced safety make it a professional’s choice for extensive landscaping.

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102″ FMHDX-102 Extra Wide Heavy-Duty Flail Mower

This extra wide, heavy-duty flail mower is engineered for the ultimate mowing of very large properties. Designed to be paired with large tractors ranging from 80-120 HP (PTO) and equipped with a CAT II 3-point hitch, it features a substantial mowing width of 102 inches and boasts up to 18 inches of hydraulic side shift. Capable of efficiently mowing and mulching grass, bushes, and branches/saplings up to 2.5 inches in diameter, the FMHDX-102 is your professional solution for extensive landscaping tasks.

Performance Features:

Equipped with a professional heavy-duty gearbox rated at 75HP and a double-skinned large mower body for unmatched stability, the FMHDX-102 stands out for its performance. Its electronically balanced flail shaft, boasting an extra-large diameter of 7 5/8 inches, along with heavy-duty forged steel flails weighing 1,200 grams, can tackle materials up to 2 ½ inches in diameter. The mower also features replaceable counter knives for improved mulching and quicker decomposition, ensuring efficient and effective mowing.

Key Features:
➤ Professional heavy-duty gearbox rated at 75HP for unparalleled performance
➤ Double-skinned large mower body (4mm & 6mm twice) for enhanced durability and stability
➤ Electronically balanced flail shaft with a 7 5/8″ diameter for superior cutting performance
➤ Heavy-duty forged steel flails (1,200 grams) capable of cutting up to 2.5″ diameter materials
➤ Replaceable counter knives for effective mulching and rapid decomposition
➤ Hydraulic rear gate for easy cleaning and flail replacement
➤ Externally accessible belt tension for straightforward maintenance
➤ Three adjustable cutting height settings: 1 ½” | 2 ⅜” | 3 ¼”
➤ Suitable for cutting 2 ¼” – 2 ¾” saplings

PTO shaft included          
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2 Years Warranty

The design of the FMHDX series emphasizes durability and versatility. It features a heavy-duty gearbox and a hydraulically operated rear gate that streamline maintenance and enhance performance. Its robust construction and comprehensive safety features, including a front guard to prevent debris ejection and a heavy rear roller for smooth operation in rough terrain, make it a dependable tool for comprehensive land management tasks.

Safety Features:

➤ Double-skinned mower body ensures added safety and stability
➤ Professional gearbox facilitates independent knife shaft rotation, reducing vibration
➤ Front guard prevents debris ejection, enhancing operator safety
➤ Heavy rear roller (7 1/2″ Diameter) for consistent performance across uneven terrain
➤ Belt tension is externally adjustable for easy maintenance

ATTENTION: Machines are delivered partially assembled and do not contain any fuel, oil, or other operational fluids. It is crucial to carefully read the user manual before operating the machine to ensure safe and effective usage.

With its comprehensive approach to performance, safety, and maintenance, the 102″ FMHDX-102 Extra Wide Heavy-Duty Flail Mower is an indispensable asset for anyone in need of a high-quality, reliable mower for managing exceptionally large properties.

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Working Width94 inches102 inches114 inches
Hydraulic Side Shift18 inches18 inches18 inches
Tractor Power (PTO)80-120 HP80-120 HP110-150 HP
Gearbox rated at75 HP75 HP75 HP
PTO shaft length47”47”47”
PTO TypeSafety Shear PinSafety Shear PinSafety Shear Pin
PTO Shaft Speed540RPM540RPM540RPM
Drive System5 Belts5 Belts5 Belts
Flail Shaft Speed2,250 RPM2,250 RPM2,250 RPM
Flail Shaft Diam.7 5/8 inches7 5/8 inches7 5/8 inches
Flails forged/galv.1,200 grams1,200 grams1,200 grams
Number of Flails202224
Housing Material4 + 4 mm4 + 4 mm4 + 4 mm
Side Walls6 + 4 mm6 + 4 mm6 + 4 mm
Paint (green/yel.)Powder CoatedPowder CoatedPowder Coated
Total Weight1,962 lb.2,050 lb.2,175 lb.
Dimensions103x41x59 in.112x41x59 in.123x41x59 in.

1 review for FMHDX-102 Extra Wide Heavy Duty Flail Mower

  1. Chris Forsha

    With all the bad experiences I’ve had with buying equipment over the years, I was not looking forward to this purchase. Afterwards though it was a breathe of fresh air, the transaction went smoothly and shipping was a breeze. The transport company had a lift gate to help get it off even though it wasn’t selectable for this piece of large equipment. It indeed looks heavy duty and spun up nice and quiet behind a 73 hp utility. It’s a little below their recommended rating but we’ll see how it goes. I obviously bought it over winter to be ready for summer so I haven’t mowed the knee high pasture yet, so I can’t really comment on performance but I have high hopes and the purchase process was great!

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Weight930 lbs
Dimensions112 × 41 × 59 in
Lift Gate Needed

No, No Liftgate