Mower Parts You Must Know About

Almost everything we use in our daily activities in this modern era drives on the wheel of automation. Each one of us expects our gadgets or appliances to work the way we want and that too for years. Right from our media players to televisions, vehicles to lawn mowers & their parts, everything has turned automatic. Until these start behaving absurd or break down completely, we pay no attention towards their mode of working. The moment a problem shows up, we turn restless and start wondering what could be the reason behind.

Understanding lawn mower parts is crucial to analyze the exact time that is possible to be taken while diagnosing an issue if something goes wrong. Without a doubt, this saves time, efforts and money in matters of maintenance and repair.

Let us now take a look at lawn mower parts to understand the machinery completely.

1. Housing & wheels: Housing, chassis and framework of a mower comprises of steel; however, supporting parts are made from resin-based plastics that have heat and vibration resistant properties. The mower housing resides on the top of certain form of axle-connected wheels, which covers the moving parts and this way, safeguards the engine of lawn mower.

2. Carburetor: Being one of the most important elements of a petrol lawn mower, it belongs to an internal combustion engine that combines air and fuel. It’s important to know that carburetor is a combination of sorts and amount of fuel & air delivered to the combustion chamber for ignition is regulated by the spark bug.

3. Air filter: Internal parts of engines are protected from dirt & pollutants through air filter. Though engine of lawn mower operates even without an air cleaner; however, in such mowers, dust and other contaminants breakdown the internal parts. With an air cleaner, useless things or trash is kept away from the carburetor, which lets air and gasoline flow easily without any hindrance.

4. Spark plug: Mixture of fuel and air ignites in the combustion chamber with a spark. Power to the plug is supplied through an electrical current in order to generate spark when piston of engine is around the top of the stroke. Due to spark, there happens explosion in the fuel-air mixture and piston is forced back downward in the engine, which turns the crankshaft. When crankshaft rotates, the piston is sent back up the engine’s cylinder where ignition repeats again & again as long as the engine runs.

5. Lubrication system: When the engine runs, great amount of friction is generated by the internal components to produce heat that spreads immediately across the engine. Owing to the high temperature, moving components expand that leads to creation of more friction. This cycle goes on until the engine seizes and ruins. It is the lubrication system only that cools and oils things to stay at bay from a calamity.

6. Blades/cutting implements: Old style mowers or reel mowers had multiple and curved blades. Also, they spun on the same horizontal axis as the axle where they were attached. Talking about the modern mowers, they feature rotary blades that are sharp-edged and spin on a vertical axis at a high velocity that cuts the grass faster and better. It is also good at dealing with tall, thick and wet grass. Complicated blade arrangements are also there and they are known as multiple blade or gang mowers that are meant to be pulled via full-blown tractors; however, they are not good to be used on lawns; instead, they are ideal for large commercial jobs.

Besides these parts, there are several other parts too and are associated with:

1. Height adjustments
2. Speed controls
3. Holding brackets
4. Discharge bag attachments

And that’s all on the essential parts of lawn mowers. If you want to know anything more, get in touch with us.