Keep Your Farm Machineries Maintained & Active For Years

Heavy machinery, such as farming equipment, need careful and constant maintenance to perform the way they are meant to. There’s no denying that when these machineries or tools are not given the required care, they behave inefficiently and even stop working permanently. As far as repair is concerned, it is quite costly and impossible for some. For all the concerned people out here, this post covers tips on maintaining large machineries.

1. Be wise with operators

Large machineries come with multiple operators; hence, it’s important to ensure that the equipment operates correctly. As soon as the purchase is done, such machines need to be inspected.
To perform the specific task, going through the manual is crucial. This not only helps to understand the right usage of machine but also tells about the areas or terrains, it is meant to be used.

2. Add & test the lubricants at intervals

Be it any moving point, lubricants are used to reduce the friction. Keeping with good lubrication is necessary to extend the life of not just the equipment but also its parts. In the maintenance check department, lubrication is among the most importance factor.

Leaks around the oil seals and excess oil or grease build-up on pistons are important to check. However, when lubricating, it is good to use the right lubricant only, as every component has its own kind of grease and oil.
Lubricant check helps to diagnose the issues that happen with most of the machineries. Not everyone knows but the makeup of contaminants signifies the part that’s breaking down.

3. Look for the wear signs

High temperature, vibration, age, shock and friction are the reasons behind breaking down of the parts in heavy machinery.

— High temperature: It happens due to extended use, worn parts, friction, poor lubrication, etc.

— Vibration: It happens due to out of alignment gears and belts.

— Age: It causes major impact on the major parts. With time, belts warp, bolts loose & stretch beyond shape, seals dry & crack and much more.

— Shock: It is possible from accidents or inappropriate operator techniques.

Whenever any wear & tear is noticed on any moving parts in the heavy equipment, necessary replacement of the concerned component should be done.

4. Keep the machinery clean & maintained

To keep the working parts clean & free of contamination, there are many seals and filters. Seals are meant to be inspected to keep them in good condition. Similarly, filters should also be checked and changed on time. Then there are breathers that have to be cleaned to avoid creation of vacuum in the cab, which fetches contaminants inside the cab.
If possible, large machines should be kept in a shed or other clean place. Exposure to wind & weather is a big no to stay safe from rust and rot. Even if the machine is not in use, it should be run periodically.

5. Maintenance & repair schedule is a must

For preventative measures; tires, electrical systems, fluids and tracks need to be checked. Also, it is good to know which part needs inspection at what time owing to the fact that each component is different in its own way.

Keeping in tune with these 5 helpful tips is an easy way to use the machinery for years without coming across any glitches. Without any doubt, when the machines work right, profits are assured for long time in a smooth way. So, if you have farm equipment, apply these suggestions onto them and notice how amazing changes happen.

To know more or in case of any query, feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to assist.

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