5 Safety Precautions Every Novice And Experienced Wood Chipper User Should Adhere To

Are you planning to buy tree chipper this season? Predominant dependence on agricultural equipment in US including chipper owes to their time and effort saving paybacks.

Most of you may already know that these lawn care machines are able to turn trunks into tiny bits and pieces. Clearing a large area of wooden debris that may result from plant disease or adverse weather events becomes very convenient and fast with their use. From one end wooden debris is fed into hopper, chips fly out of the opposite end. As they need a lot of power to function they are fueled up by either diesel or petrol. Manual chopping with axe requires a lot of manpower and switching to chipper will help you channelize your precious vigor in some productive manner.

No matter this is your first time or you want to avail the upgraded features and functions of chippers, it can prove to be highly favorable for any landowner who has planted trees in his property. Dead and falling limbs of trees in and around your premises can be best managed by these heavy duty machines. In almost no time they convert uneven, long and heavy tree branches into small wood chips.

They truly are best friends of farm owners when it comes to keeping their ranches clean and clear of logs and branches.

Outcomes of not undertaking safety precautions with your chipper –horrible

You don’t need any training to make use of wood chipper. This can be the worst advice one can ever get about farming. There are many things that can affect the best results you can obtain from wood chipper. It is absolutely true that putting chipper into use for your DIY project is no rocket science. However there are some very important dos and don’ts of using the machine.

Those who are new to the farm owning may not know that rotating chopper knives of wood chippers move as fast as 1,000-2000 RPMs. This is what makes them extremely powerful and at the same time dangerous machines. Any negligence on user’s part can lead to amputations and even fatal injuries. Therefore, it is highly recommended by experts to avoid small and common mistakes when bringing these useful machines in your vegetable orchard or garden. Preventing injuries helps to achieve the optimum performance from machine.

Don’t disregard any of these wood chipper safety guidelines

All the power vested with these ultra-useful machines makes it user’s major responsibility to avoid any mistakes. When you overlook any of these given guidelines you are actually putting a question mark before your own safety and well-being.

Dress appropriately.

For every personal or professional event you attend you dress up differently. Here it is about your life’s safety so don’t be too quick to climb on machine. First make sure you are appropriately dressed so that your clothes are not caught and pulled into the sharp cutting knives. Don’t wear loose fitted clothes and remove any jewelry to secure yourself.

Go through literature.

Don’t just turn the pages of literature like that of a magazine. Go through the manual thoroughly before starting to operate chipper. Manual will be having every single important detail component wise so that you know your machine better.

Nevertheless at any point of time you should not be putting your hand or foot inside, even if it is jammed.

Inspect before every session.

Even if you had used it successfully last time it is mandatory to inspect its components before you use it this time. It shall never be used if you can see any signs of damage to any part of machine. Scrutinizing the machine’s bolts and nuts ensure that it is in proper working condition.

Don’t allow others to be in vicinity.

Guard off the animals and bystanders long before you are set to start the chipper. Cordoning off the area is significant to keep people in vicinity safe. If you see somebody approaching immediately put off the machine down. You can also make use of barricades and cones.

Lessen the load.

It is crucially important to start slow first and then increase the speed after you are sure about not having broken components. At the same time it is significant to feed the device with wood load pertaining to its limits. Extra-large chunks of wood fed into device can lead to accidents thereby, damaging the system and making the user prone to injury.

Remember accidents are waiting to happen; wood chippers are dangerous for irresponsible users. Hopefully you will take lesson from the above given points and make sure that you are always safe while owning and using chippers.

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