BXH-7×12 Wood Chipper with independent Hydraulic Controls

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BXH-7×12 Wood Chipper with Tractor independent Hydraulic Feeding System, 25 – 55 HP

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Our New & Improved BXH-7×12 Wood Chipper from Victory Tractor Implements 

Victory’s BXH-7×12 has a tractor independent hydraulic feeding system and is suitable for your mid-sized tractors between 25 to 55 HP, utilizing your CAT I or CAT II 3 Point Hitch

This machine with tractor independent hydraulic system is designed for professional wood processing and chips wood up to 7“ in diameter.  

The Victory BXH-7×12 uses its hydraulic motors to pull the wood into the Chipper by two rollers. The hydraulic system clears wood jams by switching into “reverse” gear. The adjustable speed helps to properly apply the Chipper’s performance to wood type and size.

-) The BXH-5×10 is driven by a 4 belt system with a gear ratio of 2:1, which makes the blade rotor turn at twice the 540RPM of the PTO shaft speed. This produces smaller wood chips. (plus 1 belt for the hydraulics)

-) The large opening of the input chute (30” x 42”) allows for larger branches with leaves to be fed into the chipper without causing jams. You control speed and volume with the safety handle.

Victory’s BXH-5×10 chipper complies with all safety regulations and are CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directives.

 The partially assembled machine does not contain any fluids or grease needed for operation! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please consult the owner’s manual.

Rotor blades 4pcs 4pcs
Rotor size 25″ 28″
rotor weight 125lbs 185lbs
chipper capacity 5 inch 7 inch
hydraulic flow 3-6gpm 3-6gpm
chipper housing opening 5″X10″ 7″x12″
discharge hood rotation 270 degree 270degree
pto rpm 540rpm 540rpm
tractor power 18-50hp 40-100hp
weight 845lbs 1300lbs


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