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MDWC-1500 and BX52 Wood Chippers

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MDWC1500 Motorized (Gas Powered) Woodchipper

Tractor independent, 13.5HP 420CC Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine, Electric Start!

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MDWC-1500 | MDWC-2500 | BX42S | BX52 | BX510H | WC8H | WC10H

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MDWC1500 Motorized (Gas Powered) Disc Woodchipper

Victory’s newest Gas Powered Woodchipper replacing the old drum chippers, shreds up to 4 1/2″ in diameter!

Electric Start (Battery Included), Emergency Stop Lever for Safety!

Powerful 13.5 HP B&S Gasoline Engine, 4-Stroke, Air-Cooled

360 degrees rotatable Discharge Chute, 2″ Ball Trailer Hitch & Arm.

Victory’s MDWC-1500 is a self-feeding gasoline engine powered wood chipper that uses a large disc rotor to shred wood. Compared to most other motorized chippers which use a drum style processor, this machine is more efficient and more productive. The machine can handle material up to 4 1/2″ in diameter.

The MDWC1500 is equipped with a professional-grade Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine with 13.5 HP and 21.00 ft./lbs. of torque. The MDWC comes standard with an electric starter. The material is fed by the Infeed chute into the 22″ diameter rotor. This powerful system is pulling the branches in at up to 50′ per/min.

The chipper is perfectly balanced and can easily be moved to your worksite either by hand or by connecting it to an ATV or utility vehicle for transport.


• 4 1/2” chipping capacity

• Rotor-Disc: 22″ x 3/4″

• Infeed Chute opening: 18″ x 20″

• Infeed Height: 59″, Discharge Height: 72″

• Infeed Opening (to rotor): 6: x 8 ”

• Centrifugal Clutch to Direct Belt

• 13.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine (with oil sensor)

• Machine (net) Weight: 535 lb.

• Dimensions: L 100: x W 40″ x H 72″

• LiFePO4 Battery, 4.8-8 16″ DOT Tire Size


The Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine has 420CC and 13.5 HP  (21 ft./lb. torque). The drive system uses a centrifugal clutch and a direct belt. The engine’s 3,600 RPM powers the rotor-disc at 2,000 RPM.

The chipping mechanism is designed with a Rotor-Disc of 22” in diameter and 3/4″ in thickness and 2 large knives. These knives pull the wood powerfully into the shredder and cut the material reliably against the counter knife. Depending on the type of material you process, how hard, wet, or not, it handles up to 4 1/2” in diameter easily.

The disc-driven cutting system is significantly more powerful and reliable when compared to the drum system of most other motorized wood chippers. Also, it doesn’t clog up as often and it provides for easy access to the knives (just open up the rotor housing). The service-friendly design of our MDWC provides for easy maintenance, please follow the manual (enclosed with the machine).

Owner Review & Demonstration: Victory MDWC1500 4.5-inch 13.5 HP Gas Powered Wood Chipper/Shredder

MDWC-1500 Gas Powered Wood Chipper Product Specifications

Technical DataMDWC-1500
Infeed Opening5” x 5”
Max. Throughput Capacity5 in.
Variable Infeed Speedn/a
Flywheel Speed2400 RPM
Rotor (Flywheel) Diameter22 in.
Rotor (Flywheel) Weight120 lb.
Machine (gross) Weight595 lb.
Number of Knives2 + 1
Infeed Chute Opening20” x 26”
Hydraulic Pump & Tankn/a
Hydraulic Infeed Systemn/a
Safety Stop BarIncluded
Variable Speed Controln/a
Discharge Chute Rotation270 Degrees
Flywheel Housing Material6 mm
PaintPowder Coat
Colors (Body/Chute)Green/Yellow
Crate Dimensions50”x42”x31”
Shipping Weight695 lb.

To learn more about wood chippers check out:

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The Ultimate Wood Chipper Guide


Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the English user manual.

Call Victory Tractor at (562) 534-8182 to place your order today!

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Product NameMDWC-1500MDWC-2500
Infeed Opening5” x 5”7” x 7”
Max. Throughput Capacity5 in.7 in.
Variable Infeed Speedn/a0-78 ft./min.
Flywheel Speed2400RPM2400RPM
Rotor (Flywheel) Diameter22 in.28 in.
Rotor (Flywheel) Weight120 lb.200 lb.
Machine (gross) Weight595 lb.1,433 lb.
Number of Knives2 + 12 + 1
Infeed Chute Opening20” x 26”26″ x 34″
Hydraulic Pump & Tankn/a3 – 6 GPM
Hydraulic Infeed SystemNoYes
Safety Stop BarIncludedWith Reverse
Variable Speed Controln/aYes
Discharge Chute Rotation270 Degrees270 Degrees
Flywheel Housing Material6 mm6 mm
PaintPowder CoatPowder Coat
Colors (Body/Chute)Green/YellowGreen/Yellow
Crate Dimensions50”x42”x31”87”x47”x52”
Shipping Weight695 lb.1,743 lb.

7 reviews for MDWC1500 Motorized (Gas Powered) Woodchipper

  1. David M Linam

    The chipper is good quality and works as described. I made one call to Victory Implement and Ryan was very helpful. Chipper arrived in a timely manner and there were no problems with shipping, etc… I would recommend Victory Implement to anyone.

  2. Jonathan

    More than pleased! I’ve owned several large homeowner sized chippers which did ok but never really felt up to the task of maintaining three wooded acres in the Pacific Northwest. I would be exhausted after chipping even a small pile of limbs. I would wear myself out struggling to get the right angle on a long limb and dealing with the inevitable clogs and jams was just tedious. Unfortunately, there just seems to be a gap between the homeowner size (3”) and a commercial sized (6”+) chippers leaving property owners with little options in the 4” to 5” category. This chipper is perfect for the property owner or landscaper that needs more than the $1000 big box special but is not willing to spend or store a $20,000 6” Vermeer behemoth. It self feeds beautifully and the large fan blades on the disc exhausts soft materials, such as leaves and needles, effortlessly. The design that allows easy access to the hopper is just brilliant and it is well the balanced for easy towing and maneuvering. Not too big and not too small. As a plus it has an electric start that saves your back before you even start and all for $2,000 bucks. It arrived in about a week after ordering on a large box truck. Well packed in wooden crate and in bubble wrap, though some of the parts did rub in transport and were missing paint…but it’s a tool and not a show car. I found if you put the tongue on first you can tip the chipper on its back to assemble the wheels. Having an extra set of hands is super helpful. Took me just under three hours to get it all together. Trust me, if you dread rolling out your 8hp craftsman after a winter storm your back and shoulders will thank you, it’s the best 2 grand I have spent.

  3. Jack Speyer

    This chipper does everything it is advertised to do. My ranch hands put it together with no problems and we put a pile through that was 12 feet high and 100 feet round, the chipper ground it all up. We put up to 3 inch pieces through. We had to go a little slower with the larger pieces, but it still did the job. You have to cut any Y pieces as the feed chute is not overly large, but they go through fine. We used 3 foot sticks as pushers for the small stuff that would go in easily. The chips are bigger and rougher that I am used to, so we can’t use for the horse stalls, but they are still small enough to spread around. I would but it again.

  4. Garrett G.

    After a lot of research and comparison I decided to buy this chipper. I liked how it was designed and the use of a weighted disc rather than drum.

    The unit arrived on the estimated delivery date, crate was in good shape. On opening the crate I did notice some loss of paint on some of the surfaces due from parts rubbing against each other from poor packaging. I contacted Ryan at Victory and he quickly followed up with some touch up paint. The chipper went together fairly well but I think I would re-order some of the steps to make it a one person job. No missing parts, bolts or nuts. You will need to set the bed knife gap and grease the two main bearings before use.

    What I am very pleased with is how well the chipper works. We heat with wood and I burn everything 2” and larger. Most of my chipping so far has been generally branches 2” and smaller. The chipper just eats this stuff up. I have fed some larger 3” – 4” material through as a test. It chips this too but just takes longer.

    Agin, very happy so far with my purchase. Victory was very good to work with and recommend you contact Ryan if you are thinking about purchasing.

  5. Will

    Working with tech support prior to the order was helpful and encouraging. Shipping was prompt, Assembly was straightforward. Easy to use, engine is matched well for the power demand, exhaust chute is very efficient and overall speed and performance is good. I would recommend this chipper, it’s a good value.

  6. Ryan Getchell (verified owner)

    This chipper is awsome! We bought this for cleaning up brush around our 30 acre farm property and it works GREAT , it will take 3 inch diameter brush no problem. This is a very rugged , well built chipper , simple design, easy to work on…highly reccomend this for any homeowner/ hobby farm

  7. L Shore

    As a retired quality control engineer would like to commend you for a very nice product.
    The design is simple, functional, durable and is priced below other similar products. I have chipped two piles of dry maple and green oak limbs and the machine spit out very nice mulch with no real problems. Small pieces may have to be pushed with a forked stick but this is to be expected without a mechanical feed option. Only warning is this machine weighs about 570 lbs so be prepared when you receive it and assemble it. I inserted the tongue first to give better leverage and used a car jack to lift the unit for wheel mounting. Once again I am very pleased with the unit.

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