Know Your Machine: Wood Chippers Can Make Your House Look Million Dollars

Are you in the outskirts of the city? Do you have lawn even bigger than your house? Are you the owner of property which seems to have its own forests and reservoirs? You’re definitely one person who is dealing with more brush cutting than haircuts! Why not? You can’t afford to make your property turn into a full grown jungle.

The most inevitably machines in your garage should be Wood Chippers.

Why are wood chippers important?

These machines come in various sizes which can be selected upon basis of whether you want it for a lawn, garden or a field. Depending on the model that you choose, you can get maximum of the major three functions in one which is:


As the name suggests, chipping is the main task of wood chippers. Usually, you can throw a 2-3 inches diameter logs into the feed basket which is conical in shape to give an ease in operation. The feed basket, hopper may be attached at the top or any side of the machine. Due to shape blades and hammers, the logs fall out of the drum in much small pieces of wood which are either collected in conjoined collecting basket or they fall on the ground.


If you live in a windy area or when you’ve spring season, your house will be full of broken branches and leaves. Collect and put it all in the wood chipper and you’ll have a product which can easily be disposed or put to use.


If you’ve already got a product which is apt for replenishing your lawn’s health then pour the content on the ground. This mulch will make the roots grow stronger, make soil more fertile and stop weed production.

How to Choose Wood Chipper for Your Property?

Not every model is meant for you. It depends on your property, economical capabilities and maintenance work required. Hence, keep these factors into consideration before paying your bills for a machine.

Size & Type of Your Property

You must evaluate the area of your lawn, garden or field that needs the job to be done. Wood chippers come in different sizes which may be specific or can be used in any ground condition. The amount of your work will also play a role in selecting the type of energy-operating device you need to buy.

It’s advisable to go for a hydraulic or an electric wood chipper that comes in small and compact size and doesn’t make a lot of noise or air pollution. Spare your neighborhood with exasperating sound generating machines and upgrade to the latest model in market.

Choose Between Electric, Fuel or Hydraulic

Efficiency of a machine is a question on the type of energy it requires. Also, they are different in functionality and comfort. Electric chippers are great for small residential areas which can easily shred wood of diameter up to 3 inches. Gas or oil powered chippers are used for higher range of wood chipping jobs which are required in farms or forest. Hydraulic chippers are the newest member that produces least pollution, noise or fumes while operation.

The Best Victory Tractor’s Wood Chippers Available for Purchase Are:

2018’s newest addition is – BX-52(M)

If you are looking for easy to handle device that could take care of miscellaneous load then that’s what you need to purchase today. A machine with 4+1 knives to give you precise wood mulch. It can take up to 6 inches of wood thickness. It comes with adjustable angel hopper and PTO shaft RPM of 560U/min.

Reliable & powerful – BX-62RS

This hydraulic machine is a powerhouse of all the wood chippers in the store and its performance for heavy load tasks is exceptionally great. It can convert 6” thick wood logs into 1 to 4 inch wood pieces. It has 4 8” inch long knives to give out fair cuts. A machine with 1080Lb of weight can be your partner with cutting & shredding time of the year.


Tractor run chipper is specifically designed for agricultural purpose with has a hydraulic system of its own. It can take heavy loads and collect the mulch in a separate collecting tank for your convenience. 8”x12” input hopper is provided for self-feeding the huge trunks in ease. This can get attached to your tractor and produce 60-80 HP.

Make your wood handling a swift task with these wood chipping machines which won’t dig a hole in your pocket but provide unmatched solution to your daily life problems.

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