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BHX-6 Tractor Backhoe

Elevate your excavation with the BHX-6 PTO Backhoe, ideal for 15-35 HP tractors. Its 6-foot digging depth and 12-inch bucket tackle a variety of soil conditions, bolstered by a mechanical thumb for versatile handling.

Designed for quick assembly and durability, the BHX-6 features a self-contained hydraulic system and robust construction, ensuring reliability and ease of maintenance. Perfect for precise digging and landscaping projects, transforming your tractor into a multi-functional powerhouse.

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BHX-6 PTO Backhoe: Precision Digging Redefined

Discover the BHX-6 PTO Backhoe from Victory Tractor Implements, specially crafted for compact tractors within the 15-35 HP range. This backhoe integrates robust power with exceptional precision for efficient digging, trenching, and landscaping. Engineered for enduring performance and durability, the BHX-6 emerges as your indispensable partner for challenging excavation jobs, now featuring an inclusive mechanical thumb for increased versatility.

Performance Highlights:

Optimally suited for CAT I 3-point hitches, the BHX-6 aligns with a variety of compact tractors. It features a digging depth of 6 feet and is equipped with a 12-inch standard bucket, adaptable for different soil conditions. This model is further enhanced by a 2-year warranty and benefits from complimentary shipping within the lower 48 States, making it a synonym for reliability, convenience, and unmatched performance.

Key Features:
Self-Contained Hydraulic System: Boasts a fully self-contained hydraulic system, negating the necessity for external hydraulic power sources from your tractor.
Deep Digging Capability: Provides a substantial digging depth of 6 feet, facilitating the effortless completion of deep excavation projects.
Standard and Optional Bucket Sizes: Includes a 12-inch standard bucket, with additional sizes available for varying project requirements and material handling needs.
Quick and Easy Assembly: Specially designed for simple assembly, enabling you to quickly get the BHX-6 operational.
Durable Construction: Built for longevity, the BHX-6 reduces the need for maintenance and maximizes dependability over time.
Inclusive Mechanical Thumb: Enhances versatility and material handling, making tasks like picking, placing, and moving objects significantly easier.

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2 Years Warranty

Designed with the demands of modern farming and landscaping in mind, the BHX-6 marries robust build quality with functional adaptability. Its heavy-duty gearbox promises enduring durability, while the unique self-contained hydraulic system and the inclusion of a mechanical thumb set this model apart, offering unmatched efficiency and utility.

Safety Features:

Comprehensive Safety Decals: Prominently displayed instructions and warnings ensure the safe operation of the backhoe.
Protective Guards: Keep the operator safe and preserve equipment integrity under various conditions.
Stable and Secure Operation: Safety and stability are engineered into every aspect of the BHX-6’s design, ensuring reliability across diverse terrains.

ATTENTION: Delivered partially assembled without operational fluids or grease. The package includes comprehensive setup and operational instructions to ensure safe and effective usage right from the beginning.

The BHX-6 PTO Backhoe represents not just an attachment but a transformative tool that broadens your tractor’s capability with precision, power, and performance. Upgrade to the BHX-6 and explore new dimensions in your excavation and material handling tasks.

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Backhoe Specs

Max. Digging Depth7′8′9′
Digging Depth (2 Foot Flat Bottom)6’6″7’6″8’6″
Swing Arc180°180°180°
Loading Height (Bucket at 60°)5′5’10”6’1″
Reach from Center Line of Pivot8’6″9’6″10’6″
Transport Height (Max)4’11”5’9″6’5″
Bucket Rotation180°180°180°
Loading Reach (Bucket at 60°)3’2″3’7″4′
Transport Overhang3’5″3’6″4′
Stabilizer Spread (Down Position)6’6″7’5″7’5″
Bucket Cylinder Digging Force2450 lbs2840 lbs3000 lbs
Dipper Stick Cylinder Digging Force1950 lbs2005 lbs2500 lbs
Total Digging Force4400 lbs4845 lbs5500 lbs
Weight with Bucket995 lbs1030 lbs1150 lbs
Shipping Weight1023 lbs1178 lbs1300 lbs
Minimum Horsepower152535

Cylinder Specs

Cylinder DiameterBoom Cylinder3-1/8″3-1/8″3-1/2″
Dipper Cylinder2-7/8″2-7/8″3-1/4″
Bucket Cylinder2-3/8″2-3/8″2-3/4″
Swing Cylinder2-3/8″2-3/8″2-3/8″
Stabilizer Cylinder2-3/8″2-2/8″2-2/8″
Rod DiameterBoom Cylinder1-3/8″1-3/8″1-3/4″
Dipper Cylinder1-3/8″1-3/8″1-3/4″
Bucket Cylinder1-3/8″1-3/8″1-1/2″
Swing Cylinder1″1″1″
Stabilizer Cylinder1-1/8″1-1/8″1-3/8″
StrokeBoom Cylinder16″18-1/2″17-3/4″
Dipper Cylinder14-1/2″18-1/8″22-3/4″
Bucket Cylinder12-5/8″15-3/8″15″
Swing Cylinder9″9″9″
Stabilizer Cylinder11-1/4″11-1/4″11-1/4″
Work PressureAll Cylinders2320psi2320psi2320psi

4 reviews for BHX-6 Tractor Backhoe

  1. Mark Makie

    This backhoe is constructed quite well. The price was great and the shipping company used was excellent. Controls operate smoothly. My only complaints are that it did not come with any pins to lock the boom or swing into place when needed and that the assembly manual indicated that the boom control had a float position, which it does not. Also, there is no hydraulic filter which most backhoes similar to this one have. Overall, a very nice machine.

  2. Jon Jay Stratton

    BH-6 on a 2440 JD Tractor. Very Pleased with this piece of Equipment. Works Great.

  3. Steven Pittmann

    BH-6 on a 3005 JD compact tractor. Very well made. Heavy duty. Strong pump and cylinders

  4. Milton

    5 star rating for this 3 point hitch backhoe.

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