Everything You Need to Know About Tractor Snow Blowers

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As most who are familiar with seasonal weather patterns can attest, life is challenging without a way of handling and removing snow from blocking Parking lots, Farm Yards, Feedlots, Driveways, Walking Paths, and Sidewalks in residential and commercial areas.. But thanks to the advent of technology, innovators have designed snow blowers that can be mounted and powered by your tractor’s front loader skid steer. As a result, moving a massive amount of snow becomes easy and fast, especially on driveways.

Tractor Mounted Snow Blowers are available in a variety of different sizes, designs, features and are designed based on the amount of snow to blow and other requirements. But if you are dealing with a small amount of snow, would it be a worthwhile investment to buy a snowblower?

If snow has taken most of your driveway and other areas, investing in a quality skid steer mounted snow blower will be wise. You get assured of a snow-free and damage-free driveway surface during winter at a lifetime cost far less than hiring a professional.

This article provides insight into everything you need to know about a variety of the many different types of snow blowers available. Let’s start with its meaning.

The Victory Tractor 2020 Snow Blower line offers a variety of Front Mounted Tractor Snow Blowers to meet your needs:

Heavy Duty: Working Width 72″
Heavy Duty: Working Width 84″
Hydraulic Output: Working Width 72″
Hydraulic Output: Working Width 84″

Defining a Tractor Mounted Snow Blower

It is an attachment designed to fit in front of a skid steer loader and use its power to blow or move snow. You have to attach it to an ideal skid steer to work. Not all skid steers are viable, and not all snow blowers work out best. You need to research the best skid steer to fit a specific snowblower for optimal results.

When attached to the right skid steer, the snowblower moves a lot of snow almost effortlessly. The engine powers it, and when combined with its large housing, moving vast amounts of snow in a short time is a piece of cake.

Powering your snowblower requires 18 – 27 GPM in oil pressure from the tractor (normal for most tractors) which powers the snowblower’s hydraulic motor and is driven by oil pressure provided by the tractor/skid steer. Some manufacturers design snow blowers to fit their skid steer brand only. It is, therefore, essential to consider before buying a snowblower. Other blowers are universal and can accommodate any skidsteer. If there is no snowblower explicitly designed for your tractor, choose the universal one.

Skid steer mounted snow blowers come with many features. You need to consider these features before buying one for an excellent user experience. The following are features you will find in snow blowers.

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Features Found on Skid Steer Mounted Snow Blowers

  1. Serrated Auger

Some snow blowers come with serrated augers to help break the snow and pull it into the fan. Other serrated augers come with shear bolts that can get changed fast in case of a jam.

  • Strong Design

A durable and efficient machine is worth every penny and time. Makers of snow blowers have gone a notch higher in creating some of the strongest blowers available today. They come combined with perfect power, size, and weight. The materials used are strong and sturdy, like steel. Their forming adds rigidity and strength.

You will find snow blowers with parts properly welded and cut using a CNC laser for perfect fitting. They come with sturdy structural designs that boost their longevity and output.

  • Light Option

You wouldn’t want to remove snow at night with a blower that can hardly illuminate the area. The light feature in a snowblower is essential as you can use it any time. Some come with high-tech lights like LED bulbs that withstand and glow through the bad weather.

  • Cutting Width

Snowblowers come with different cutting width based on the size and amount of snow to get moved. Sizes may range from 48 – inches upwards. If you have a skid steer you want to power the snowblower with, measure the distance between its rear tires. This will help when deciding which size snow blower will be best suited for your skid steer in addition to power requirements.

  • Cutting Height

Like the cutting width, the snow blowers’ height varies. The height matches the fan, width, and auger; if big, the height is high and vice versa. Cutting heights can range from 25 – inches and above.

  • Robust Cutting Edge

You require a snowblower with a strong and sharp cutting edge to break the snow. Some snow blowers will excite you with their quality made cutting edges. You will find cutting edges made with hardened steel easy snow chopping. Others come with bolt-on to make it easier to remove or replace the cutting edge if the need arises.

Some cutting edges get designed so that their blades ride flat on the surface to act as a skid shoe. As a result, they last long. Others come designed to remove snow on stone driveways and pavements.

  • Speed

Some snow blowers consist of one forward speed, while others have multiple. Changing speed is good because you get to control the snowblower as you wish. You can go fast and finish removing the snow quickly or slowdown in case of an obstacle or a challenging task.

CT Blower – Compact Tractor (CT) Snowblower demo

Types of Tractor Front Loader Mounted Skid Steer Powered Snow Blowers

Snowblowers come in various types. When you understand them, making the right decision while buying becomes easy. They are as follows;

  1. Single-Stage Snow Blowers

The machine gets designed to use a high-speed auger only to pick and remove snow through the chute.

  1. Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Unlike the single-stage snow blowers, these machines come with a fanlike impeller installed behind their augers. As a result, their augers can throw out snow better through the chute.

  1. Three-Stage Snow Blowers

In addition to the fanlike impeller, the three-stage snow blowers come with an accelerator for faster snow removal.

Skid steer powered snow Blowers come in various sizes, designs, and prices. Some come designed to remove or blow a specific amount of snow. You, therefore, have to consider some factors before purchasing one. Otherwise, you may end up with a useless snow blower in your garage or backyard. It is also a loss to invest in a machine that won’t help you. Have the following in mind before picking a snowblower.

What to Consider Before Buying a Front Mounted Skid Steer Powered Snow Blower

The Victory Tractor 2020 Snow Plow line offers a variety of Tractor Front Mounted Snow Blowers to meet your needs:

Heavy Duty: Working Width 72″
Heavy Duty: Working Width 84″
Hydraulic Output: Working Width 72″
Hydraulic Output:Working Width 84″

Compact Tractor Snowblower – Product Information

  1. Skid Steer Make and Model

The kind and size of the skid steer you’re using will dictate the snowblower to use. It should have enough power to run your snowblower. The width of your tractor skid steer should be close that of the snowblower. Areas with much snow require snow blowers with widths over 84 – inches. Their augers also need to be standard or dual for a better intake of snow.

  • Type

Do you want to move large amounts of snow? It will help you determine whether to pick a snowblower ideal to attach to a heavy-duty skid steer or not. If dealing with small quantities of snow, a light-duty skid steer would be fine.

  • Price

Snowblowers come with different price tags. The materials, technology, and size used in their making set their costs. Some come with added features responsible for increasing their prices. Certain brands are also expensive as they already made a name for themselves. It doesn’t mean snow blowers with a lower price is lousy quality. They may miss out on some features that may not be of your benefit.

Before going for an expensive snowblower, check if the features will be useful to you. If not, why waste your money? Go for what will sort out your needs. These days there are many high quality snow blowers available for a fraction of the price of their name brand counterparts.

  • Availability

It would help if you considered buying a snowblower easily accessible from your area or country. Sometimes the shipping companies may fail you by delaying the machine. The snowblower may also get damaged during transportation. In case of a replacement, you should purchase backup parts during the time of the original purchase. Otherwise, your work will halt, waiting for the accessory to arrive.

  • Durability

You wouldn’t want a snowblower that will serve you for a short time then break down. Consider the materials and technology used in its making. Snowblowers made with robust materials last longer.

  • Quality

Top-notch snow blowers work efficiently and attach correctly to the skid steer powering them. They also come with a warranty, guaranteeing your value for your money. The snowblower also operates with ease and does an incredible job for a long time.


As illustrated above, front mounted skid steer powered snow blowers are essential in areas that snow during winter. For better results, you need to choose the right snow blower for the skid steer type you own. Snowblowers made for specific skid steers work perfectly with the brand but at a higher premium. Always check prices on a variety of snow blower models prior to making a purchase.

If you cannot get a snowblower for your skid steer type, consider going for the universal blower. You will find different designs, sizes, technology, and materials in various snow blowers with purposes ranging from heavy to light-duty tasks.

Remember to consider the factors discussed above before buying a snowblower. Whatever you go for make sure it thoroughly meets your needs and budget.

At Victory Tractor, we source all of our equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to our customers.  As always, the team is standing by to answer any questions to assist with your decision. 

Victory Support can be reached directly at 562-235-5725 or sales@etractorimplements.com

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