Expert’s Guideline: Things To Consider While Buying A Wood Chipper

As people grow more conscious about the “look and feel” of their farm, garden, lawn or field, there’s a steady increase in sale of wood chippers that has been noted. However, the machine implement companies collect a lot of complains that says, “this is not what I expected” or “I need another model”. Firstly, ‘wood chippers’ are meant for ‘WOOD’ and if you think it could process stones, pebble and other combination of material then shredder is your better choice.

In case, you’ve just started to get bubbles of doubts over your head then take notes from the below factors to consider for making the best choice of chipper:

What’s the size of feed?

Are you a contractor who takes contract-based projects for clearing roadside patches, pastures, forestry clearance, etc? Or you need a lawn specific machine that is apt for a small job? Classifying type of feed will help you to make better decision in later stages.

What’s the preferred fuel for energy generation?

Machines run on energy and they need to be decided on the type of energy availability in the area. Chippers can run on Gas or Electricity. Gas-driven chippers have an upper hand as they can be operated in remote areas. Then there are Power Take-Off(PTO) chippers which are powered through tractor shaft. These are apt for farms and field tasks.

What’s the type of machine you’ll require?

Gravity and Hydraulic feed chippers are two kinds which vary in their size range. Gravity feed chippers of 75mm to 100mm capacity feed can be attached to a hand-dragged chassis. However, Hydraulic chippers are more efficient machines which that could be as small as 125mm capacity but extendable to more than 250mm for heavy work. The feed capacity must be chosen according to work profile as heavy machine acquires more fuel for every task.

What’s the road towing allowance you or your driver has?

As per the States Laws, road towing limits are implied on all drivers. In case you don’t have a valid license, you’d be pulled over and charged with a heavy fine. Make sure, the towing vehicle and carriage follow up what the laws say. For example, you need a CDL of Group A that states any combination of vehicle that has 11,794 Kilograms or 26,001 pounds.

What’s the major maintenance cost?

While selecting the machine, you should look for removable blades, iron casting of body, belts and gears of the machine. These contribute to maintenance costs the most. Due to regular run, blades might become blunt and less effective or the belt would suffer friction which could eventually stop the machine from working any further.

The Final Thought:

These are the most important factors to consider. If you want a versatile machine with absolute functioning and nicely built body, then check out our store. With complete information of every implement, we’re sure to satisfy you in an instance.

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