MOWERS! MOWERS! MOWERS! A Guide To Find The Best One

When caring for the lawn, mower is definitely the most important equipment. Market has got an extensive range of mowers, which is a good thing with a touch of confusion about choosing the right one. Size of the garden is one thing that affects the choice of mower. You may not know but small to medium sized gardens are compatible with manual or electric mowers. What about the larger lawns? They are good with a petrol mower.

Next thing affecting the choice is type of garden. Cylinder mowers are considered good for large flat areas, as they give the cleanest cut. If you are in dilemma about finding the best mower for your garden, reading further will help. Take out few minutes and grow your knowledge regarding the three major types of mower:


Let’s know about each in detail…

Rotary Mowers

These have a horizontal rotating blade to cut the grass. The blade has wheel for support, which can be adjusted up to a fixed height. The blade(s) spin at high speed so as to cut the grass appropriately.


Wonderful for 360-degree lawn care
Are easily compatible with longer grass or rough turf
Works superb on uneven and bumpy grounds
Gives tidy finish. Adding rear roller along gives striped lawn affect

The two main types available:

Electric (best for smaller gardens)
Petrol (they have more power and can be operated simply)

Hover Mowers

They were invented in the year 1964 and possess a single horizontal blade that rotates at high speed in order to lift the mower. Moreover, the blade is good at cutting the grass.


Being floating, they are easy to manoeuvre and best for difficult lawns that are sloping, uneven or have strange corners

These work excellent with long and wet grass; however, lack means of collecting the clippings

The two main types available:


Cylinder Lawn Mowers

The first lawn mower invented was a cylinder mower. It, like many today, was hand driven. Cylinder lawn mowers have a series of blades fixed around a horizontal shaft that rotates at high speed to cut through the grass. As a general rule the more blades around the shaft, the better the cut. Most lawn mowers of this type have 5 or 6 blades.
With a cylinder lawn mower it is possible to set the blades very low to the ground to achieve a fine cut.


They give the cleanest cut and hence, are used by lawn enthusiasts or on bowling greens
For striped lawn effect, these are available with a rear roller
They are known to give the best cut

The three main types available:

Hand propelled

Ride on Mowers

For a large garden, this one has to be the option. Though it requires hefty investment but that is totally worth the number of hours saved with this equipment.

Robot Mowers

Mow your lawn even when not there with these ones, as they can be plugged in and programmed to do the required job. Setting them needs a bit of preparation but after that’s done, you can relax and sit back, as the mower knows what to do and how to do.

Choose Your Mower Now!

With all the popular types in front of you along with the pros, we hope you will easily find the best equipment for your garden. Also, you can take help and suggestions from people who are already using these mowers and conclude the best pick.

Happy Mowing! Beautify Your Lawn With The Best Mower Type.

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