Digging Land: Things You Better Learn Before Getting Into Excavation

Land is the most important asset to not only its owners but also to the whole human kind. Farmers cultivate variety of crops that are not only consumed as food items but are also used up by human civilization for various different purposes. While you get major cereals from land, it also provides you fruits, vegetables and cotton, jute etc.
A lot depends on how you maintain and make up your land. If you own a land sooner or later you would like to take on an excavation project. Farming is about working the land. You may need to construct fence or clear the land or you may want to fix the water erosion issue.

Farm and ranch activities are closely associated with excavation activities. Repairing fences and cleaning ditches can be routine activity for many land owners but these fall into category of excavation activities.

Suggestions From Excavation Experts

Activities such as fence building, terracing, grading, contouring, soil sampling, removal of trees, drain tiling, ditch cleaning and trenching are closely related to farming but they are classified as excavating by the state laws.
If you carry out any digging project in your farm or garden or nearby you should act cautiously. Yellow paint or flag are used by technicians to indicate the presence of gas or hazardous liquid pipelines. You should not remove any of these while working on your land. If your excavation project is within 24 inches mark you should be carrying out the project in presence of representative of utility company.

It is highly recommended not to use any mechanical equipment within 24 inches limit. If you have idea of having a pipeline in your ranch then you should be acting smart and safe and call utility company as a precaution.

Why You Need To Inform Your Municipal Office?

Farmers who are undertaking any digging activity in their property should first contact their town’s municipal office. It will help you stick to your state’s rules and you are in compliance with any zoning regulations. You may not know but regulations for redevelopment can vary from town to town. Hence it is important to get in touch with the local rules.
At the same time landowners are supposed to notify their local police and/or fire departments. False alarms are not very encouraging for the society. Uninformed police and fire departments might have to attend the alarm in emergency response. It is not only hazardous but disturbing for a neighbor.

Show respect for your neighbors and don’t trouble them unnecessarily with any burning activity. It is important for every landowner to get a clearance from the utility companies. You may have owned the land for last 30 to 40 years but still be unaware of the fact that your piece of land is fit for digging or not. Technicians’ inspection and clearance is equally important to the landowners who have recently bought some farm or orchard.

How to make excavating safe for self?

Farming is a full time activity and mixing excavating activities into it can bring you problems of many sorts. Usually farmers get into excavation by themselves. You have the option to appoint professionals for accomplishing the task safely.

If you choose to take up the digging task on your own then you should be thoroughly acquainted with the guidelines related to safe use of heavy excavating machines. At the same time it is important that you prefer buying new excavating equipment as used machinery can ditch you while you are cleaning out the ditch.

Farmers should never be acting in hurry and should take safety as their top most priority.