Garden Grooming: 5 Mowing Tips And Tricks Useful For Every DIYer

“The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Remember this old and famous saying? We would say it is not so for those who know how to maintain their lawn well. Having the optimum length of grass in your yard beautifies your property and at the same time it helps you control the growth of insects, worms etc.

When it comes to ascending the aesthetic appeal of your property, you can simply put in efforts in lawn maintenance and enjoy the difference it makes. Ill-maintained lawns, gardens and orchards not only give your property a shabby look but also invites lot many unwanted problems right at your doorstep, ultimately inhibiting mere survival of your green property. Do you love spending time in green just like many other lawn owners? If yes, then why not utilize this time better?

Oh, you didn’t get it. Dear landowners, increase the curb appeal and value of your piece of land by yourself taking up the task of mowing. It does not take more than 30 minutes, depending on the size of your ranch. Mowing average home lawn is hardly a task of half an hour which means 11 hours in a whole year. While rotary, mowers can serve 10,000 square feet lawn of turf grass, you need flail mower to deal with heavier grass. When attached to tractors these implements prove highly beneficial to large land owners.

Vital Basics of having healthy and beautiful Lawn

Do you know there is a difference between using any machine and utilizing it? It is almost same as underutilization and optimal utilization of a resource.

The foremost important thing about mowing is to use the implement you have bought to its full capacity. Understand the potential of your machine and then bring it into use with everything suggested by the manufacturers. In the user manual, those points are not narrating some story that you can read or skip as per your interest. It is indeed important to make friends with the mower for keeping your lawn in its best shape. What is more about mowing efficiently that you are keen to discover? Read it out for yourself.

• Sharpening blades-

Yes please do polish your instrument before putting it into work. The edgier its blades are the better will be the cut. Razor-edged blades are not on the list just to increase the length of list but they prove instrumental in reducing the multiple passes and hence decrease the time taken in the process. Clean cuts of grass also prevent the inhibition of pests and diseases in the grass blades. You can have a couple of blades in reserve for perfect mowing schedule.

• Avoid scalping lawn-

In the above point, lawn owners are recommended to sharpen the mower blade and surprisingly they are stopped from using it. No you don’t have to put them back in your garage but make sure you don’t overdo it. By cutting it too short you can make the grass vulnerable for many diseases and weed infestations. Moreover, various mowing experts and studies reveal the truth that continuously scalped lawns are highly prone to serious damages from droughts and high temperature.

• Clear off the debris-

This is something you need to do before you start the machine. Rocks and debris colliding with the machine will definitely affect the blade’s sharpness. Make sure you get rid of anything on the ground that may cause potential injury and frustration.

• Time your mowing schedule-

When do you enjoy walking in the grass? Most of you will say when it is shady. Same thing goes with mowing, plan and perform mowing in low temperatures. In other words, shave grass either in mornings or in evenings. It is good to avoid heat exhaustion and moreover, this is what is required by the roots. However, you should avoid mowing when it is still watery.

• Keep the track of mowing patterns-

Avoid mowing in a particular direction as it will risk the soil compacting which is not good for the health of the grass. Further, it can create ruts too, thus it is advised to change the pattern of mowing every time.

As dawns see you working on your lawn once in a week you will get to enjoy the dusks with your loved ones for the whole week. We take your leave while leaving it to your choice whether you want to share these tiny mowing secrets with your neighbors or not.

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