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HRT-80 Rotary Tiller

Maximize soil prep with the HRT-80 Rotary Tiller, designed for 35-50HP tractors. Its 80″ working width and up to 7″ depth adjustment make it a powerhouse for efficient soil turning and mixing.

Featuring a gear-driven operation with a maintenance-free oil bath transmission and 60 re-sharpenable blades, this tiller guarantees thorough coverage and durability. Adjustable skid shoes enhance versatility across terrains, ensuring optimal soil conditions for planting.

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HRT-80 Heavy-Duty Rotary Tiller from Victory Tractor Implements

The HRT-80 heavy-duty rotary tiller is engineered for smaller to mid-sized tractors, specifically tailored for those with 35-50HP. This gear-driven tiller, accompanied by a PTO shaft with a slip clutch, is your ultimate solution for preparing any soil mix for planting. It embodies rugged durability and is designed to deliver maximum performance for intensive land management tasks.


With a standard CAT II 3-point hitch and adjustable lower hitch brackets, the HRT-80 ensures a secure connection to your tractor. Its efficient gear-driven system transforms the tractor’s 540RPM to a tiller rotor speed of 215RPM. Operating in the same direction as the tractor, it reduces horsepower requirements, enhancing efficiency. The tiller offers an expansive 80″ working width and up to 7″ of adjustable working depth, tailored to meet the needs of various soil conditions. Skid shoes with 3-way adjustment are also included, providing versatility and ease of use across different terrains.

Key Features:
➤ Maintenance-free oil bath gear transmission for continuous and reliable operation
➤ Laser-balanced tiller blade shaft for seamless soil penetration and mix, even in heavy and compacted soils
➤ Robust 4mm steel housing encasing the blade shaft with 10 flanges, each equipped with 6 L-shaped blades (3 left & 3 right)
➤ A total of 60 blades, each weighing 940 grams, are individually exchangeable and re-sharpenable, offering longevity and optimal performance
➤ An impressive working width of 80 inches ensures extensive soil coverage and preparation efficiency

PTO shaft included (with slip clutch)          
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2 Years Warranty

The design of the HRT-80 focuses on delivering a potent combination of robust construction and operational efficiency. Its oil bath gear transmission and precision-balanced blade shaft ensure smooth and effective tillage. The adjustable working depth and skid shoes offer flexibility, accommodating a wide range of soil types and preparation needs. With its durable blades and extensive working width, the HRT-80 is a formidable tool for achieving optimal soil conditions for planting.

Safety Features:

➤ Freewheel transmission to prevent unintended tractor movement when the PTO is disengaged
➤ PTO shaft with a friction clutch included, ensuring comprehensive protection and safety
➤ Height-adjustable rear flap for a polished finish and protection from projectiles
➤ Assembly guidelines detailed in the owner’s manual for safe and correct setup

Safety is a key aspect of the HRT-80’s design, incorporating features such as a freewheel transmission and a friction clutch on the PTO shaft to ensure safe operation. The adjustable rear flap not only aids in achieving a fine soil finish but also protects against flying debris, reinforcing the tiller’s safety profile.

ATTENTION: Machines are delivered partially assembled and do not contain any fuel, oil, or other operational fluids. Properly reading the owner’s manual before operation is crucial to ensure safe and effective use.

The HRT-80 heavy-duty rotary tiller from Victory Tractor Implements is an essential piece of equipment for anyone in need of a reliable, safe, and efficient tiller for extensive soil preparation and agricultural projects.

HRT-80 Rotary Tiller Product Specifications

Technical DataHRT-80
Dimensions (L x W x H)90”42”x36”
Structure Weight1,095 lb.
Working Width80”
Number of Flanges10
Number of blades/flange6
PTO shaft length31″
Tractor Power35-60 HP
3-Point HitchCAT II
Tractor RPM540
Rotor Shaft Speed214 RPM
Rotor Diameter16 ½ in.
Gearbox OilSEA 40

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Product DesignationHRT-60HRT-70HRT-80
Dimensions (L x W x H)70”x42”x36”80”x42”x36”90”42”x36”
Structure Weight915 lb.1,015 lb.1,095 lb.
Working Width60”70”80”
Number of Flanges8910
Number of blades/flange666
PTO shaft length31″31″31″
Tractor Power25-40 HP30-50 HP35-60 HP
Tractor RPM540540540
Rotor Shaft Speed214 RPM214 RPM214 RPM
Rotor Diameter16 ½ in.16 ½ in.16 ½ in.
Gearbox OilSEA 40SEA 40SEA 40


2 reviews for HRT-80 Rotary Tiller

  1. Anthony Miller

    I’ve use my new tiller a couple of times now. it seems to be very well made. I’m running it with a John Deere 3020. So far so good!

  2. Robert from Arkansas

    I am using a 60 hp (52 hp @PTO) tractor with the HRT-80 rotary tiller. When tilling at maximum depth, it loads the tractor similarly to my 3 bottom breaking plow. I generally run 2nd gear on my Ford 8 speed tractor. The tiller seems well made and heavy duty. As with most all new tillers, you will need to cut down the PTO shaft length and important to limit the lift height and side sway of the implement to prevent PTO damage. There are YouTube videos explaining how to cut a tiller PTO correctly. I would recommend checking all bolts for tightness and fluid levels before operating. Also note this is a CAT 2 only implement. So far, I am well pleased with the tiller.

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Weight350 lbs
Dimensions220 × 68 × 82 in
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