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HRT-70 Rotary Tiller

Revolutionize soil preparation with the HRT-70 Rotary Tiller, perfect for 30-45HP tractors. Gear-driven for efficiency with a 70″ wide reach and up to 7″ depth adjustment, it seamlessly blends power and precision.

Designed with a robust construction and 54 exchangeable L-shaped blades, this tiller ensures thorough soil mixing. Maintenance-free oil bath transmission and adjustable skid shoes offer reliability and adaptability across all terrains.

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HRT-70 Heavy-Duty Rotary Tiller from Victory Tractor Implements

Designed for the dedicated gardener or farmer with smaller to mid-sized tractors ranging from 30-45HP, the HRT-70 heavy-duty rotary tiller is your go-to tool for preparing the perfect soil mix. Equipped with a PTO shaft featuring a slip clutch, this gear-driven tiller ensures maximum performance and efficiency for all your planting preparations.


This tiller is engineered to connect seamlessly with standard CAT I/II 3-point hitches, featuring adjustable lower hitch brackets. The gear-driven operation effectively transfers your tractor’s 540RPM to a rotor speed of 215RPM. Designed to move in the same direction as your tractor, it reduces the horsepower needed for operation. The HRT-70 boasts a 70″ working width and offers up to 7″ of adjustable working depth, depending on soil conditions, enhanced by skid shoes with 3-way adjustment for versatility across various landscapes.

Key Features:
➤ Maintenance-free oil bath gear transmission for uninterrupted operation
➤ Laser-balanced tiller blade shaft ensures smooth tilling in tough soil conditions
➤ Sturdy 4mm steel housing protects the blade shaft with 9 flanges, hosting 54 L-shaped blades for thorough soil mixing
➤ Each 940-gram blade is individually exchangeable and re-sharpenable, extending the tiller’s lifespan and efficiency
➤ Impressive 70-inch working width for efficient soil preparation over large areas

PTO shaft included (with slip clutch)          
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The design of the HRT-70 emphasizes robust construction and efficient soil mixing. Its oil bath gear transmission and laser-balanced blade shaft work together to provide a smooth and effective tilling experience. The adjustable working depth and skid shoes offer adaptability, while the exchangeable blades ensure long-term usability. This tiller is built to handle the demands of serious gardening and farming tasks.

Safety Features:

➤ Freewheel transmission prevents the transfer of motion to the tractor when the PTO is off
➤ PTO shaft with a friction clutch included for optimal machinery and operator protection
➤ Height-adjustable rear flap ensures a smooth finish and protects against debris
➤ Clear assembly instructions in the owner’s manual to ensure safe setup and use

Safety is a cornerstone in the design of the HRT-70, incorporating a freewheel transmission and a protective friction clutch on the PTO shaft. These features, along with the adjustable rear flap, safeguard the operator and tractor, emphasizing the tiller’s reliability and safety compliance.

ATTENTION: Machines are delivered partially assembled and do not contain any fuel, oil, or other operational fluids. It is essential to consult the owner’s manual carefully before operation to ensure safety and effectiveness.

With its comprehensive approach to performance, durability, and safety, the HRT-70 heavy-duty rotary tiller from Victory Tractor Implements stands out as a vital tool for those requiring a reliable and efficient tiller for extensive soil preparation and land management tasks.

HRT-70 Rotary Tiller Product Specifications

Technical DataHRT-70
Dimensions (L x W x H)80”x42”x36”
Structure Weight1,015 lb.
Working Width70”
Number of Flanges9
Number of blades/flange6
PTO shaft length31″
Tractor Power30-50 HP
3-Point HitchCAT I/II
Tractor RPM540
Rotor Shaft Speed214 RPM
Rotor Diameter16 ½ in.
Gearbox OilSEA 40

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Number of blades/flange666
PTO shaft length31″31″31″
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Tractor RPM540540540
Rotor Shaft Speed214 RPM214 RPM214 RPM
Rotor Diameter16 ½ in.16 ½ in.16 ½ in.
Gearbox OilSEA 40SEA 40SEA 40


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  1. Courty

    Great Looking Rototiller. Very well built and rugged! Shipping was fast. Use once so far worked great.

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