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EMM-64 Heavy Duty Embankment Flail Mower/Mulcher

Heavy Duty Embankment Mower/Mulcher Working Width 64″, Tractor Performance 50-75HP

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EMM-64 | EMM-70 | EMM-78

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Victory 2022 Flail Mower Buying Guide

EMM-64 Heavy Duty Embankment Flail Mower/Mulcher for your Mid-Sized to larger Tractors, 50-75 HP,  for the most efficient cutting result!

We now offer a heavy-duty embankment mower that is a mulcher at the same time.

The EMM is designed to provide professional cutting of all kinds of vegetation on slopes, embankments, and ditches, as well as trees and hedges.    

Victory’s EMM flail mower/mulcher series is equipped with a heavy-duty gearbox making it the ideal choice for tractors up to 125HP.  With an available working width of up to 64″ and a horizontal extension of as much as 11′ Victory’s professional EMM mowers can be used most effectively on plants and branches in orchards, vineyards, horse properties, and open ranges. When matched to the right tractor EFF-mowers are superior in their performance and offer the highest work efficiency possible.


The EMM mower is equipped with massive adjustable rear tines, that can be inserted into the mower housing. The tines will keep branches, undergrowth, and grass inside the mower until they have been shredded to a size small enough to fit in between the gaps of the tines.
The tines can be removed for regular mowing. When mowing very high grass you have the option to open the hinged rear gate of the housing to prevent congestion.

The EMM connects to your tractor with your CAT II 3-point hitch. Your tractor should have a PTO performance of at least 50 HP. The PTO shaft speed needs to be 540RPM.

Our Models feature rugged construction, an extra heavy-duty gearbox, a spiral flail shaft, and a hinged rear gate.

NOTE: Requires rear hydraulic remotes on your tractor (Hose ends that connect to the tractor are fitted with 1/2-14 NPTF quick connect fittings).

The hydraulic swivel arm allows mowing in almost any position. It also saves maneuvering in narrow corners when used as a regular flail mower.  Your tractor needs 2 double-acting hydraulic control circuits in order to fully operate the swivel arm for horizontal movement and the body for vertical movement.

Materials and workmanship are of the highest quality. Therefore, your purchase includes a 2 years warranty and shipping is free to your location (lower 48 States).

Our EMM’s are available in Working Width of  64″, 70″, & 78″

Check out our blog post Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Flail Mower Online to decide if the EMM-78 is right for you.


The spiral rotor shaft with staggered flails achieves a superior cutting result. The electronically balanced shaft reduces vibration, provides for smooth running, and reduces the wear on the bearings.

The hinged rear gate allows for easier cleaning, flail replacement, and general maintenance. The closed gate provides for additional mulching and the open gate allows for easier disposal of the mowed material.

While the tractor’s PTO speed should be 540 RPM, the mower turns at 2,150 RPM.  The mower operates from a -55 degree angle (ditches) to a maximum of +90 degrees (hedges). The maximum extension measured from the center of your tractor to the right edge of the mower is 110″ for the EMM-64.


The gearbox allows the mower to turn independently once the PTO (tractor) stops moving.  The front of the mower has a protection guard to prevent material to be thrown out.  The heavy-duty construction of the mower box provides for added protection.  The mower has replaceable counter blades to minimize clogging.


Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the user manual.

Call Victory Tractor at (562) 534-8182 to place your order today!


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Tractor HP50 – 75 HP60 – 85 HP65 – 95 HP
Working Width64 inches70 inches78 inches
Operating Weight1,380 1b.1,424 1b.1,520 1b.
3-Point HitchCAT IICAT IICAT 11
PTO Shaft Length64 in.64 in.64 in.
PTO speed540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM
Drive System3 Belts4 Belts4 Belts
Belt Size 17-114317-114317-1143
Flail Shaft Speed2,150RPM2,150RPM2,150RPM
Number Of Flails141618
Flails (forged steel)1,500 grams1,500 grams1,500 grams
Working Efficiency350cu.ft./Hr.450cu.ft./Hr.525cu.ft./Hr.
Dim’s. (W x H x D)74x56x30 in.82x56k30 in.90x56x30 in.
Material Top6 mm6mm6 mm
Side Walls6 mm6 mm6 mm
Paint (Green/Yellow)Powder Coat.Powder Coat.Powder Coat.
Shipping Box82x36x40 in.90x36x40 in.98x36x40 in.
Shipping Weight1,466 lb.1,512 lb.1,607 lb.
Maximum Extensions
Behind the Tractor76 in.76 in.76 in.
Middle of Tractor110 in.118 in.126 in.
Vertical Extension75 in.75 in.75 in.
Length of hydraulic70/80/120/13070/80/120/13070/80/120/130
Slope of mowing-55 to 90 deg.-55 to 90 deg.-55 to 90 deg.

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  1. Cheryl scudder

    Ordered mower and got in short order from west coast to east coast. Thank you, the mower is A1 quality!

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Weight1450 lbs
Dimensions86 × 56 × 40 in
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