SS-SB-84H Snow Blower Front Mounted to your Skid Steer

Transform snow removal with the SS-SB-84H Snow Blower, featuring an 84″ width. Its 25-32 GPM hydraulic flow powers through snow, offering unmatched efficiency and control.

Equipped with remote chute operation and a 4-blade fan, this unit combines ease with effectiveness, ensuring fast, clean paths across all surfaces. The perfect blend of strength and precision for comprehensive clearing.


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SS-SB-84H Skid Steer Snow Blower

The SS-SB-84H Snow Blower, brought to you by Victory Tractor Implements, is designed to efficiently clear snow from parking lots, farmyards, feedlots, driveways, walking paths, and sidewalks. This front-mounted unit integrates seamlessly with your skid steer or tractor, delivering an impressive 84″ working width combined with the convenience of remote control operation for the output chute, ensuring a blend of power, size, and operational efficiency.


Featuring a 4-blade open center fan design, the SS-SB-84H is engineered for high productivity, effectively scooping and discharging snow. It’s optimized for skid steers and tractors with quick attach, capable of handling even ice chunks thanks to its durable, high-quality steel construction. The unit operates with a hydraulic flow rate of 25-32 GPM, fitting virtually any skid steer with adequate oil pressure. The SS-SB-84H covers a broad area, ensuring efficient snow removal with its 27” cutting width and a 17.5” diameter auger, all designed to work through heavy, wet, or frozen snow.

Key Features:
➤ Remote control operation for the output chute, enhancing operational convenience and safety
➤ 84″ working width to cover large areas quickly
➤ Hydraulic motor-driven auger, impeller, and chute for powerful and efficient snow displacement
➤ Adjustable skid shoes for optimal performance over hard surfaces, gravel, and rocks
➤ Electronically balanced 72 lb. fan for smooth operation
➤ Replaceable steel cutting edge and bolt-on skid shoes for easy maintenance and longevity

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2 Years Warranty

Remote Control for Output Chute:  The snowblower is equipped with a self-contained control panel (remote control) that routes into your cab. It rotates the output chute and is powered by connecting the positive/negative wires of the control panel to a power source on your skid steer (typically the battery). The panel has 4 Din pins inside, one attached to each solenoid, the solenoids are 12V.

The SS-SB-84H Snow Blower is meticulously designed for efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Its remote-controlled operation, adjustable features, and robust construction offer a reliable solution for comprehensive snow removal needs.

Safety Features:

➤ Remote operation for enhanced operator safety
➤ Heavy-duty construction and front protection guard to prevent debris ejection
➤ Independent hydraulic operation for secure performance

Victory Tractor Implements prioritizes safety alongside performance, incorporating features such as a front protection guard and independent hydraulic operation to ensure the SS-SB-84H operates safely under various conditions.

ATTENTION: Please note that the machines are delivered partially assembled. Detailed setup instructions are provided, and it is crucial to follow the user manual carefully before operation to ensure safety and effectiveness.

With its advanced design, safety features, and operational efficiency, the SS-SB-84H Snow Blower from Victory Tractor Implements stands out as an essential tool for snow removal in both residential and commercial settings.

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Product DesignationSS-SB-84H
Working Width84”
Working Height27”
Auger Diameter17 ½ “
Fan Diameter23”
Fan Depth7”
Chute Outlet Diameter9”
Hydraulic Flow25 – 32 GPM
Structural Weight1,325 lb.
MountFront Mount
Tractor ConnectionSkid Steer
Tractor Power50 – 100 HP.


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