60" MATV-150 Motorized ATV Flail Mower

Motorized Flail Mower, 15HP 420CC Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine, Electric Start!

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MATV-120 | MATV-150

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Check out the ATV Flail Mower Guide to learn more!



Check out the ATV Flail Mower Guide to learn more!

60″ ATV-150 flail mower – 15HP Briggs&Stratton gasoline engine

60″ Flail mower, ATV with 4-stroke Briggs&Stratton gasoline engine for car trailer hookup

Powerful flail mower (Tractor independent)

Victory’s ATV mowers comply with all safety regulations and comply with California Environmental Regulations. 

> Motorized Flail mower with 60″ Mowing width. 

> 15HP Briggs&Stratton Engine with factory warranty.  

> Mows grass and undergrowth up to 15″ high.  

> Connects to all vehicles with standard 2″ Hookup. 

> Mower offsets both to the right (69″) and to the left (80″), from the middle of your vehicle.

> Electric Start, Battery included (self-charging).

> Total operating weight 580 lb. (ATV-150)

Free Shipping, 2 years warranty

Victory’s ATV-flail mowers are powerful machines that can be operated with virtually any vehicle with a standard 2″ trailer hookup.

The mower is powered by a 420 ccm 4-stroke one-cylinder gas engine with 15 hp / 11kw at 3600 RPM. You no longer need a tractor with PTO shaft support, because you can now use a professional flail mower with your own vehicles such as your Pickup truck, SUV, Quad / ATV / UTV, or lawn tractor. For easy operation, there is an emergency breakaway cut-off switch and an ATV mount throttle adjustment control.
Please also check out the new large rear service gate we have added to the 2021 version of our ATV mowers which gives you easy and fast access to most serviceable parts.

Victory’s 3-belt drive system with centrifugal clutch made-in-Germany

The newly developed ATV-flail mower has made crucial design improvements. The introduction of the three-belt-drive system with a made-in-Germany high precision clutch leads to a drive system that has a virtually 100% power transfer rate with virtually 0% belt slippage for years. Belt slippage on belt systems is a major issue leading to belt failure. Our belt tension system avoids this which not only saves money and downtime but also means that our new powerful 15hp engine can be fitted, again without belt slippage. It is no longer needed to open the belt cover to check the belt tension. There is a small test window where you can check the belt tension and condition in seconds. The belt tension is done by lifting the entire engine platform by a well-accessible mechanism, again without having to open the belt cover.

Victory’s ATV-flail mower is provided with an electrical key start (battery is included and recharges during operation).  The flail mower can be used where ever needed in fields, pastures, meadows, and cuts efficiently grass and undergrowth. Our ATV mowers come in a working width of 48″ & 60″.

Flexible wheel setup

The mowing height can be adjusted from 3/4 ” to 2 3/4 “. The drawbar is fully adjustable and has a 3 point offset function to minimize ground tramping. The extremely variable offset function also enables you to drive more closely to fences and bushes. You can easily mow under bushes or solar panels.

The ATV mower can be offset from the middle of your towing vehicle up to 69″ to the right (edge of the mower), and a maximum of 80″ to the left (the ATV-150 model), 55″ & 69″ for the ATV-120 model. This manual adjustment equals the hydraulic side shift of PTO mowers.

The ATV-flail mower is normally used with the wheels mounted to each side, so that even smaller ATVs can easily pull the 490 lb./ 580 lb. flail mower safely through rough terrain.
For special applications like mowing near fences, walls, or buildings the wheels can also be mounted on the rear of the mower using the supplied rear wheel mount bracket.

Underneath the solid 4mm steel housing sits the laser balanced rotor shaft with 28 or 32 forged, galvanized flail hammers, each weighing  320gr. The rotor shaft turns up to 3200 RPM and cuts vegetation efficiently for fast decomposition. The ATV-flail mower is the ideal machine for mowing fields of any kind, but it can also be used for undergrowth and small bushes. The heavy roller in the back of the mower guarantees smooth performance even on rough grounds. Because of the large and wide tires, the ATV-flail mower can also be used on soft surfaces.

Check out the ATV Flail Mower Guide to learn more!


The necessary gear oil is already included in the delivery. For transport logistical reasons, NO operating fluids are inside our flail mowers. Even lubrication points do NOT contain any lubricants! BEFORE Operations, please refer to the relevant information in the operating instructions.


Call Victory Tractor at (562) 235-5725 to place your order today!


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Technical Specifications:                        MATV-120                          MATV-150

Machine Weight                           490 lb.                                     580 LB.

Mowing Width                            48 ”                                          60″

Number of Flails                             28                                             32

Weight of Flails                            320 gr.                                    320 gr.

• LiFePO4 Battery, 4.8-8 16″ DOT Tire Size


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