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60″ MATV-150 Motorized ATV Flail Mower

Transform your landscape with the ATV-150 Flail Mower, boasting a 13.5HP Briggs & Stratton engine and a 60-inch mowing width. Ideal for tackling grass and underbrush up to 15 inches high, this mower offers unmatched versatility and power, eliminating the need for a tractor.

Equipped with a universal 2″ vehicle hookup and manual offset capabilities, it provides precise control and adaptability. The inclusion of an electric start and a self-charging battery ensures ease of use, making it an essential tool for efficient, large-scale land management.

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60″ ATV-150 Flail Mower – 13.5HP Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine

This powerful ATV-150 Flail Mower, equipped with a 13.5HP Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine, is designed for effortless attachment to various motorized vehicles. Offering a substantial 60-inch mowing width, it’s perfect for efficiently managing grass and undergrowth up to 15 inches high. Its versatility and power make it an independent, tractor-free solution for your landscaping needs, compliant with all safety and California Environmental Regulations.


Powered by a robust 420cc 4-stroke single-cylinder gas engine, delivering 13.5HP at 3600 RPM, the ATV-150 eliminates the need for tractor PTO shaft support, allowing use with your Pickup, SUV, Quad/ATV/UTV, or lawn tractor. It features an emergency breakaway cut-off switch and an ATV mount throttle adjustment for ease of use, alongside a large rear service gate for quick maintenance access. Victory’s innovative 2-belt drive system incorporates a high-precision German-made centrifugal clutch, ensuring nearly 100% power transfer with minimal belt slippage.

Key Features:

➤ Motorized Flail mower with a 60″ Mowing width for extensive coverage
➤ 13.5HP Briggs & Stratton Engine, ensuring reliability with a factory warranty
➤ Capable of mowing grass and undergrowth up to 15″ high
➤ Universal 2″ vehicle hookup, offering compatibility with a wide range of vehicles
➤ Manual offset capability up to 69″ right and 80″ left for precision mowing
➤ Includes electric start and self-charging battery for convenience
➤ Total operating weight of 580 lbs, supporting stability and durability

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2 Years Warranty

The flexible wheel setup of the ATV-150 allows for mowing height adjustment from 0.75 to 2.75 inches. Its fully adjustable drawbar and 3-point offset minimize ground tramping, while the highly variable offset function enables closer mowing near fences and under obstacles like bushes or solar panels. The mower’s manual adjustment mirrors the hydraulic side shift of traditional PTO mowers, offering unparalleled flexibility in operation.

Safety Features:

➤ Engineered with safety in mind, featuring an emergency breakaway cut-off switch and independent gearbox operation
➤ Equipped with a front protection guard to shield against debris
➤ Heavy-duty construction for enhanced durability and protection

The ATV-150 Flail Mower is designed with a comprehensive approach to safety, incorporating features that ensure secure operation under various conditions. The emergency breakaway cut-off switch and the independent gearbox operation safeguard the mower’s functionality, ensuring it can operate safely even when the vehicle’s power is disengaged. A front protection guard minimizes the risk of debris being thrown towards the operator, and the mower’s robust construction enhances both durability and operator safety. These features, combined with meticulous adherence to environmental and safety regulations, make the ATV-150 a dependable choice for efficient and secure landscaping tasks.


NO operating fluids are pre-filled in our flail mowers. Lubrication points also arrive without lubricants. BEFORE operation, it is essential to consult the operating instructions for safe and effective use.

Adhering to all safety regulations, including California Environmental Regulations, Victory’s ATV mowers promise a reliable, environmentally friendly mowing solution for various landscapes.

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FeatureATV-120 Flail MowerATV-150 Flail Mower
Engine13.5HP Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine13.5HP Briggs & Stratton Gasoline Engine
Mowing Width48 inches60 inches
Machine Weight490 lbs580 lbs
Number of Flails2832
Weight of Flails320 gr320 gr
Engine Power and RPM13.5HP at 3600 RPM13.5HP at 3600 RPM
Drive System2-belt drive with German-made centrifugal clutch2-belt drive with German-made centrifugal clutch
Max Grass HeightUp to 15 inchesUp to 15 inches
Offset CapabilityRight: 55″, Left: 69″Right: 69″, Left: 80″
Mowing Height Adjustment0.75 to 2.75 inches0.75 to 2.75 inches
Safety FeaturesEmergency breakaway cut-off switch, front protection guard, heavy-duty constructionEmergency breakaway cut-off switch, front protection guard, heavy-duty construction
Warranty and ShippingFree Shipping, 2 Years WarrantyFree Shipping, 2 Years Warranty
Regulatory ComplianceCalifornia Environmental RegulationsCalifornia Environmental Regulations

1 review for 60″ MATV-150 Motorized ATV Flail Mower

  1. Nathan Kupihea (Hawaii)

    I bought the 60″ MATV-150 Motorized ATV Flail Mower, and I love it. It is doing for me exactly what I bought it for. I’m cleaning 53 acers of solar panels that I have to mow under and around. I’m able to offset the flail mower to reach areas I can’t reach with my zero turn mower which is what I’m using to tow the flail mower.
    Customer service has been awesome. Ryan from VictoryTractor Implements has been very helpful and resourceful. He actually reached out to me to see how things were going with the mower. Satisfied customer!

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