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Victory Tractor Implements MFZ-180 HD Flail-Mulch Mower


Victory Tractor Implements – Heavy Duty Flail/Mulch Mower Series with Side Shift

MFZ-180 HD Flail-Mulch Mower   with 20″  Side Shift

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Victory Tractor Implements – Heavy Duty Flail/Mulch Mower Series with Side Shift

MFZ-180 HD Flail-Mulch Mower   with 20″  Side Shift

These flail mowers are ideal for your orchards, vineyards, or otherwise vegetation on your property. 

   Ø Mulches branches and saplings up to 2 inches into smaller chips with its 1,500-gram grated flails.

   Ø Offered in 64” and 70” working width plus a 20” hydraulic side shift.

   Ø 30 to 50 HP recommended Tractor Power with CAT I /  CAT II  3-point hitch.

Performance features:

   Ø 20” Hydraulic Side-Shift System.

   Ø Professional Heavy-Duty transmission installed.

   Ø Counter knives installed for superior performance, as well as heavy duty back tines to mulch branches.

   Ø Powered by the PTO shaft (included in purchase) the knives shaft turns at 2,300 RPM cutting all vegetation for fast decomposition.


Safety features:


Ø The electronically balanced knives shaft supports the extra heavy (1,500 gr.) flails for a perfect mowing result.

Ø The professional transmission lets the knives shaft turn, once the PTO shaft is turned off without transferring its movement to the tractor (avoiding vibration).

ØThe mower’s front is equipped with flaps preventing debris and stones being thrown out of the machine.                      The heavy roller in the back provides for smooth performance even in rough terrain.




The MFZ mowers have easily accessible grease nipples for easy service and height adjustable skids and support legs for storage.

Please make sure the Transmission is always filled with sufficient oil level.

The short and easy service plan in the user manual helps with maintenance and service.

Technical Specifications:    MFZ-165      MFZ-180

Technical Spec’s.MFZ-165MFZ-180
Working Width65 in.70 in.
Adj. mowing height1 – 3 in.1 – 3 in.
Hydraulic Side Shift20 in.20 in.
Length of hydr, hoses72”/96”72”/96”
Tractor Power recom.30 – 45 HP35 – 50 HP
PTO shaft length40”40”
3-Point HitchCAT I/IICAT I/II
PTO Shaft Speed540RPM540RPM
Drive System3 Belys4 Belts
Flail Shaft Speed2,300 RPM2,300 RPM
Working Effic’ per Hr.1.5-3.0 ac.2.0-4.0 ac.
Flails forged/galv.1500 gr.1500 gr.
Number of Flails1416
Material Top Housing4 mm4 mm
Side Walls6 mm6 mm
Paint (green)Powd’CoatingPowd’Coating
Total Weight838 lb.915 lb.
Dimensions (WxHxD)74x42x42 in80x42x42 in


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