• Hydraulic log splitter
  • Hydraulic log splitter



Powerful Log Splitter with 15HP Gas Engine splits up to 42″ with up to 32 tons.

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New Product Line from Victory Tractor Implements:

LS-42T Log Splitter with Gasoline Engine, Horizontal & Vertical Operation

-) Handles up to 42” in splitting length,

-) With split force of up to 32 tons,

-) Trailer mounted for easy operation in any terrain,

-) Connects to your SUV or ATV by standard trailer hitch,

-) Powerful 4-stroke, 420cc, 15HP Gas engine,

-) Automatic lifting of split knife to upper position.

The LS-42T is well balanced, allows to be easily changed from vertical to horizontal position, and provides for comfortable working height and back-friendly position.

The split knife can be changed easily into into split cross, making four logs in one splitting stroke.

Victory’s log splitter is operated with 2-hand safety operation to make certain your hands are always outside the danger area. Releasing only one control lever will stop the split knife at once. However, the split knife will reset itself automatically.

Our Log Splitters comply and meet with all valid safety regulations.

The owner’s manual for both the log splitter & Gasoline engine, as well as it’s maintenance schedule is included.

Technical Specifications: LS-42T

Dimensions- (HxWxD)

Vertical Operation: 120” x 46” x 100”,

Horizontal operation: 54” x 46” x 54”,

Tire Size 8” x 4.8”

Total Weight 685 lb. (310 kg)

Gasoline Engine: 4-stroke, 420cc, 15HP (reg. unl. gas.)

Engine oil (not included): 1 Quart (10W30/10W40)

Max. Gas Tank capacity: 1.65 US Gallons

Fuel consumption (full load): .85 Gal./hour

Starter: Pull Starter

Hydraulic Pressure 240 bar (max. 260 bar)

Hydraulic cylinder diam. 5 ½”

Hydraulic Oil volume 10 Gal. (HLP 32/46)

(Tank 6.6 Gal./ Cylinder 3.4 Gal.)

Max. pressure/Safety valve: 3500psi/3000psi

Max. Split Force (app.) 12 tons

Working mode Vertical + Horizontal

Working Height (horizontal) 30”

Length of Split knife 8 ½”

Split Knife adjustable standard + cross knife

Downward Knife Speed 5”/second

Upward Knife Speed 6”/second

Splitting Speed 10 seconds (app.)

Set Speed (automatic return) 8 seconds (app.)

Log Length (max.) 42”

Split Length (max.) 42”

Log width (max.) 20”

Painting Powder coating (green)

Shipping Crate (LxWxH) 89” x 23” x 22”


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Weight310.00 kg
Dimensions120 × 46 × 100 cm