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70″ EMID-70 Embankment Flail Mower

45-70HP, 70″ Working Width, Replaceable counter blades, Hinged Reargate 

PTO Shaft IncludedFree Shipping | 2-yr Warranty

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EMID-70 Embankment Flail Mower with Spiral Rotor Shaft, 45-70HP

Intermediate sized verge mower for Mid-Sized Tractors with 45HP to 70HP, CAT I 3-Point Hitch.

Victory Tractor Implements EMID Flail Mowers comply with all safety regulations and are CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directive.

➤ EMID70 for Mid-Sized Tractors with CAT I 3 Point Hitch,
➤ Hydraulic extension arm has up 106″ reach,
➤ Vertical rotation from -55 degrees up to +90 degrees,
➤ cuts heights up to 3′ and up to 1 1/4″ thickness,
➤ Spiral Rotor Shaft, Hinged Rear Gate, replaceable counter blades.

PTO shaft included      Free Shipping     2 Years Warranty

Our VTI-EMID verge mower series was designed to ideally match your Mid-Sized Tractors between 45 to 70 HP. These verge mowers offer great flexibility with their range in horizontal movement as well as vertical rotation. They are perfect to maintain your fields, orchards, vineyards, or horse properties as well as hedges and trees. With a horizontal extension of up to 90″ and a rotation from -55 degrees up to plus 90 degrees, our EMID mowers will make that perfect match for your tractor so your job gets done easily.

We use 22 forged steel flail hammers on the EMID-70 – each weighing 800 grams which ensures a perfect cutting result.  The hinged Reargate allows maximum access for maintenance and cleaning.

The standard free-wheel gearbox lets the rotor shaft turn, once the PTO is switched off so that its movement will not be transferred to the tractor. The mower´s front is equipped with safety flaps to prevent debris and stones from being thrown out of the machine.

All EMID mowers have easily accessible stainless steel grease nipples for service and height-adjustable skids. The PTO shaft is part of the accessory for all our mowers. The short and easy service plan in the user manual helps you with maintenance and service.

The completely assembled machine is delivered in a steel crate. Just the Cat-I 3-point hitch, the hydraulic arms, and the PTO shaft protector have to be assembled, taking you less than 60min. We offer an assembly guide with photos to assist you.


Like all our mowers, the EMID series has an electronically balanced spiral rotor shaft which is driven by 3 belts, with 17mm width each. The free-wheel gearbox runs in an oil bath. The gearbox has to be filled with oil before you first use the machine (SAE 85/90).

Underneath the 6mm steel housing sits the laser balanced spiral rotor shaft with 18 hammer-shaped flails, each with a weight of 800gr. The forged steel flails can be individually exchanged. The bearings of the rotor shaft are sitting in CNC milled bearing seats which significantly increases their durability. Powered by the PTO shaft via the gearbox, the rotor shaft turns with 2200 rpm and cuts the material down to a minimum, so vegetation decomposes easily. The heavy rear roller guarantees smooth performance even over rough surfaces.


Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the user manual.


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      Tractor HP recommended35 – 60 HP40 – 65 HP45 – 70 HP
                    Working Width55 inches63 inches71 inches
                    Total Weight769 lb.847 lb.935 lb.
                    3-Point HitchCAT ICAT ICAT I
                    PTO Shaft Length64 in.64 in.64 in.
                    PTO Speed540 RPM540 RPM540 RPM
                    Drive System3 Belts4 Belts4 Belts
                    Flail Shaft Speed2,150 RPM2,150 RPM2,150 RPM
                    Nbr. Of Flails182022
                    Flails (forged steel)800 grams800 grams800 grams
                    Dim’s.(WxHxD)60x57x30 in.68x57x30 in.75x57x30 in.
                    Material Top6 mm6 mm6 mm
                    Side Walls6 mm6 mm6 mm
                    Paint (Yellow & Green )Powder Coat.Powder Coat.Powder Coat.
                    Shipping Box64x38x36 in.72x38x36 in.79x38x36 in.
                    Maximum Extensions
                    Behind the Tractor64 in.64 in.64 in.
                    Mid’ of Tractor90 in.98 in.106 in.
                    Vertical Extension52 in.52 in.52 in.
                   Length of hydraulic70/80/120/13070/80/120/13070/80/120/130
                   Slope of mowing-55 to 90 deg.-55 to 90 deg.-55 to 90 deg.

6 reviews for 70″ EMID-70 Embankment Flail Mower

  1. Scott

    Really good mower for the money. Assembly took some time but once it was setup I want to cut everything with this. It isn’t as clean as the finish mower, almost like a bush hog cut, but it didn’t have any problems with anything I put it on. You can feel the weight and it doesn’t fully center up, but the offset reach is so great. Love it!

  2. Shawn

    This EMID70 flail is awesome! I just finished assemblimg, greasing and filling with gear oil. Tried it out for approximately 1/2-3/4 hr vertical trimming along my property fence line. Then i mowed with it and the cut is far superior to my old rotary cutter. I’m gonna like having a nice smooth pasture.I had a delivery issue with shipping company and Ryan was right on it getting the delivery to me. Seems to be a quality product with decent quality control. Welds all good and it works. Great value.

  3. Richard Helms

    The EMID-70 embankment mower arrived in a metal cage on a wood pallet. The mower and accessories arrived in good condition.
    The assembly was easy and straightforward. After assembly, all bolts and connections were verified tight and the gearbox was filled with 80W90 oil and all fittings greased. Hooking up to the tractor was made easy using the two parking stands that come with the unit. Once attached to the three point hitch the hydraulic hoses were connected using the hoses and fittings supplied. Once the hydraulic system was filled and the air bleed out it was time to work. The mower was ran for about 10 hours in all positions from 90 degrees up to 30 degrees down with no problems. After mowing the field the mower was used to trim the limbs that were encroching on the field.
    Suggestions for the shipping cage are add a middle bar between the upper and lower part of the cage and use locking bolts on the assembly as a few were loose or missing. The mower and accessories had shifted and fallen out and came on a wood pallet added bt the freight company.

  4. Dave Bartels

    Had issues putting 1 part on, it was welded incorrectly, was able to fix. missing pto shaft, Customer service was excellent and got it shipped out to me right away. mows great, operates exactly as expected.

  5. Josh

    It is an absolute beast. Runs and operates exactly as expected. Heavy duty. Couple missing bolts when it got here. Customer service was excellent and got them shipped out to me right away. Would definitely buy from victory again

  6. kenneth f smith

    Was easy to put together and it mows fantastic. my tractor does not work as hard with this mower as it does with brush hog. I have got 4 people tell they was going buy one in the spring. Could not believe how good it cuts.

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Weight1450 kg
Dimensions86 × 56 × 40 cm
Lift Gate Needed

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