FMM Series Flail Mower Mulcher with Hydraulic Side Shift

Introducing the FMM Series Heavy Duty Flail Mower Mulcher, a versatile and efficient attachment for your tractor. These mowers are perfect for heavy-duty tasks like cutting thick grass, mulching small trees, and trimming overgrowth. With adjustable cutting height and heavy-duty 1500g hammer flails, these mowers are ready to tackle any job.

Key Features:

• Suitable for tractors with a PTO performance ranging from 25 to 50HP
• Working width varies from 64” to 70” with 20″ hydraulic side shift (offset)
• Equipped with a CAT I 3-point hitch
• High-quality 1500g hammer flails for superior cutting

Product Description:

The FMM Series Heavy Duty Flail Mower Mulchers are designed for professional cutting of various vegetation types. They connect to your tractor by a CAT I 3-point hitch and require a PTO performance of 25 to 50HP. The PTO shaft speed needs to be 540 RPM, and the maximum offset is 20″.

These mowers feature rugged construction, an extra heavy-duty gearbox, a spiral flail shaft, and a hinged rear gate. The spiral rotor shaft with staggered flails achieves a superior cutting result. The electronically balanced shaft reduces vibration, provides for smooth running, and reduces the wear on the bearings.

Shipping & Warranty

Materials and workmanship are of the highest quality. Therefore, your purchase includes a 2 years warranty and shipping is free to your location and delivered from a liftgate truck (lower 48 States).

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