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Victory’s Self-contained Wood Chipper !

GTS-1500S ,  No Tractor needed ! Powerful 15HP (420cc) Gasoline Engine

 Here is a Wood Chipper with a powerful 15HP engine for fast and professional wood processing up to 4” in diameter

Our Victory GTS-1500S is a powerful wood shredder for professional applications when you don’t have a tractor available, or high voltage current. This machine makes you completely independent of where you want to use it.

The adjustable trailer hitch and the adjustable support leg allow for easy movement of the Chipper with your SUV or ATV. It is legal to use on public roads with max. speed of 15miles/hr. as long as you comply with local regulations.

The vehicle is perfectly balanced, enabling you to move it around by hand. The large 15” wheels and the ideal positioned handle allow you to comfortably move the shredder around on your property.

The chipping mechanism is designed with a roller of 12” in width and 2 large knives. These knives pull the wood powerfully into the shredder and cut the material reliably against the counter knife. Depending on the type of material you process, how hard, wet or not, it handles up to 4” in diameter.

The machine handles efficiently, again depending on material, up to 2,000 lb./hr. !

 The service friendly design of our GTS-1500S wood chipper provides for easy maintenance. The knives are easily accessible. Both the input and discharge funnels can be folded. 

Technical Specifications:        GTS-1500S

 Dimensions                                   50” x 36” x 60”

Weight                                             454 lb. (205 kg)

Trailer connection                     Standard Ball Coupling

Tire diameter                               15”

Number of Knives                       2 + 1

Knife rotor speed                        2,400RPM, max

Inside end of feeder funnel     12” x 6”

Feeder Funnel size                      18.5” x 13.4”

Height of Feeder Funnel           43.3”

Max. wood diameter                   4”

Height of Discharge Funnel     60”

Housing Material thickness     4mm (.16”)

Painting                                            Powder coated, green/yell.

 Engine                                               4 stroke, 420cc, 15HP  (regular gasoline)

Engine Oil (not included)         1 quart (10W30 / 10W40)

Gas Tank cap.                                 1.65 US Gal. max

Fuel consumption                         .85 US Gal./Hr. (max.load)

Max. RPM                                          3,600RPM

Knife rotor drive                           Belt drive


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