EMHD-140 Heavy Duty Ditch Flail Mower

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Tractor Power Recommended: 40HP – 85HP, CAT II 3-Point Hitch, Weight of Mower 1,320 lb., Weight of flails 1,200 gr. each  3 Belts. 

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Victory’s new True Heavy Duty Embankment Flail Mowers (Ditch),

Color: GREEN, Yellow Hitch Arm and Belt Cover

EMHD-140, 55″ Mowing Width, 40-85 HP, 1,200 gram Flails, 
Our EMHD-Series of Heavy Duty Ditch Flail Mowers are ideal for ditches, embankments, hedges and other types of park maintenance.

The EMHD-140 with its hydraulic swivel arm has been designed to fit your tractor with an engine size of 40 to 85 HP and connects to your CAT II 3-point hitch.

Performance features:
Our EMHD Ditch Flail Mower series is equipped with an extremely powerful transmission maximizing the performance of the mower when matched to the proper tractor size.
The hydraulic swivel arm allows for flexibility and a mowing range angle from -55 degrees to +90 degrees. The maximum distance from the center line of your tractor to the right side of the mower is 102” (model 140).
When matched to the right tractor size our EMHD mowers are able to handle almost any vegetation while still offering high working efficiency.
The hydraulic swivel arm allows mowing in almost any position. It also saves maneuvering in narrow corners when used as a regular flail mower.  Your tractor needs 2 double acting hydraulic control circuits in order to fully operate the swivel arm.

Safety features:
The EMHD-140 mower uses 12 large forged steel galvanized high- performance flails (hammers). Each flail weighs 1,200 grams (2.65 pounds U.S.), ensuring a perfect mowing result on grass & undergrowth, as well as bushes & hedges.

The mowing height is adjusted at the heavy self-cleaning rear roller to prevent the mower from cutting into the ground on bumpy surfaces.

The professional free-wheel transmission lets the knife shaft turn once the PTO is switched off so that its movement will not be transferred to the tractor. The mower’s front is equipped with safety flaps to prevent debris and stones being thrown out of the machine.

Maintenance features:

All EMHD-mowers have easily accessible grease nipples for service and height adjustable skids and support legs for storage. The 63” long PTO shaft is included with all of our EMLD mowers. The short and easy service plan in the user manual helps with your maintenance. 

Victory’s belt system guarantees an almost 100% power transfer rate without belt problems. The heavy-duty gearbox runs in an oil bath. The transmission oil comes with the machine. However, please check the level before operating the machine initially.  

Victory’s EMHD embankment/verge flail mowers comply with all safety regulations and are CE tested following the 2006/42/EC machine directive.
Partially assembled machines do not contain any fuel, oil or other fluids or grease needed for operation! BEFORE USING THE MACHINE please carefully read the user manual.

                    Machine EMHD-140 EMHD-160 EMHD-180 EMHD-200 EMHD-220
                    Tractor HP rec. 40 – 85 HP 50 – 85 HP 55 – 85 HP 60 -100 HP 70 – 100 HP
                    Working Width 55 inches 63 inches 70 inches 78 inches 86 inches
                    Total Weight 1,320 lb. 1,385 lb. 1,450 lb. 1,520 lb. 1,630 lb.
                    3-Point Hitch CAT II CAT II CAT II CAT II CAT II
                    PTO Shaft Length 65 in. 65 in. 65 in. 65 in. 65 in.
                    PTO Speed 540 RPM 540 RPM 540 RPM 540 RPM 540 RPM
                    Drive System 3 Belts 3 Belts 3 Belts 4 Belts 4 Belts
                    Flail Shaft Speed 2,150 RPM 2,150 RPM 2,150 RPM 2,150 RPM 2,150 RPM
                    Nbr. Of Flails 12 14 16 18 20
                    Flails (forged steel) 1,200 grams 1,200 grams 1,200 grams 1,200 grams 1,200 grams
                    Working Efficiency 250 cu.ft./Hr. 350 cu.ft./Hr. 450 cu.ft./Hr. 520 cu.ft./Hr. 590 cu.ft./Hr.
                    Dim’s.(WxHxD) 66x56x30 in. 74x56x30 in. 82x56x30 in. 90x56x30 in. 98x56x30 in.
                    Material Top 4 mm 4 mm 4 mm 4 mm 4 mm
                    Side Walls 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm 6 mm
                    Paint (Green) Powder Coat. Powder Coat. Powder Coat. Powder Coat. Powder Coat.
                    Shipping Box 74x36x40 in. 82x36x40 in. 90x36x40 in. 98x36x40 in. 106x36x40 in.
                   Maximum Extens.
                    Behind the Tractor 76 in. 76 in. 76 in. 76 in. 76 in.
                    Mid’ of Tractor 102 in. 110 in. 118 in. 126 in. 134 in.
                    Vertical Extension 75 in. 75 in. 75 in. 75 in. 75 in.
                   Length of hydraulic 70/80/120/130 70/80/120/130 70/80/120/130 70/80/120/130 70/80/120/130
                   Slope of mowing -55 to 90 deg. -55 to 90 deg. -55 to 90 deg. -55 to 90 deg. -55 to 90 deg.



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