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EFGCH-155 HD with S/S


Recom’d Tractor Performance: 40-55 HP,  Mowing Width: 61″

Side Shift: up tp 15″, Nbr. of Flails: 24, Nbr. of Belts: 3


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EFGCH-155 HD Flail Mower with Side Shift from Victory Tractor Implements

Our new EFGC Flail mowers with hydraulic Side Shift – 15”

This heavy duty flail mower is now perfected with a hydraulic side shift of up to 15”. It assists you even more to maintain your grassy fields, orchards, vineyards and horse properties by reaching under trees and bushes, as well as close to fences.

The machine connects to your mid sized tractor with 40-55 HP with the PTO shaft (included) to your CAT I 3-point hitch.The PTO shaft speed needs to be 540RPM.

Our EFGCH series mowers are equipped with a heavy duty gear box which connects to the PTO shaft.  The EFGCH mower uses forged hammer flails, each weighing 820gr., ensuring a perfect mowing result, even when confronting undergrowth and bushes.

Key features:

  • Hydraulic Offset (side shift) of up to 15”
  • Hydraulic Offset Control – gets around trees & fences,
  • Connects to remote hydraulics on your tractor,
  • 800gram hammer flails standard (Y type blades optional),
  • Adjustable finishing cutting height (1” to 4”),
  • Electronically balanced flail shaft,
  • Power coat Paint Finish,


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