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Powerful but easy to handle wood chipper for up to 6″ logs.

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Victory’s BX-62RS new powerful and reliable Wood Chipper is designed to make your work fast, easy and safe!  The Hydraulic Feeding System handles a heavy duty work load!

By utilizing your tractor’s hydraulics the chipper’s system pulls the wood into the machine by the spiked roller making your work fast and easy. The rollers are are guided with ball bearings for best possible performance.

Our BX-62RS has an extended input chute in order to process more extensive branch volume with leaves and a larger verity of wood types.

The BX-62R performs best at a Tractor Engine Power of 60 to 90 HP. The PTO shaft is included with the chipper and connects to your tractor with a CAT I  3.Point Hitch. Your tractor should have a PTO shaft speed of 540 – 1,000RPM.

The 62R model has 4 specially hardened knives (8″ long) mounted on the 90 KG (200 LB) rotor, shredding wood up to 6” in diameter into wood chips from 1” to 4 inches in size. The knives are reversible and easily replaced.

For greater Safety the Control Bar is now mounted at the bottom of the input chute. The bar operates the hydraulic system for “Speed” and “Direction” (IN-OUT-STOP). This way jams can be easily resolved by switching into “Reverse”..

Machine BX-42S BX-62RS BX-92RS WC-8H GST-1500S
Tract. Eng.Pow.Range 18-50HP 30-100HP 50-120HP 30-90HP
Tract. Eng.Pow. Ideal 30-40HP 60-70HP 70-90HP 55-70HP
Total Weight 430 lb. 1,080 lb. 1,435 lb. 1,025 lb. 455 lb.
Drive System direct direct direct 5 Belts drive 2 Belts drive
3 point hitch CAT I CAT I/II CAT II CAT I/II Self prop.
PTO shaft length 40” 40” 40” 32”
PTO shaft feature Shear bolt Shear bolt Shear bolt Shear bolt Clutch
Chipper shaft speed 540RPM 540RPM 540RPM 1,000RPM 2,400RPM
Rotor Weight 78 lb. 200 lb. 275 lb. 200 lb.
Rotor Diameter 25 “ 30 “ 36 “ 24 “
Rotor Thickness 3/4” 7/8 “ 1 “ 1 “
Number of Knives 4 + 1 4 + 1 4 + 1 2 + 1 2 + 1
Chute Opening 20 x 20 (in.) 26 x 26 (in.) 26 x 26 (in.) 24 x 28 (in.) 18 x 14 (in.)
Housing Opening 4 x 10 (in.) 6 x 12 (in.) 8 x 15 (in.) 8 x 12 (in.) 12 x 6 (in.)
Max. diam. chipped 4 “ 6 “ 8 “ 6 “ 4 “

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    I don’t normally participate in reviews, but I felt compelled to write this one. I purchased a BX62RS wood chipper from Uwe at Victory Tractor Implements. I am very impressed with this German engineered, overseas manufactured machine. The fit and finish (powder coating was close to excellent) was very good, using high quality bearings and hydraulic components. This is a heavy, well designed unit which is exemplified by its heavy gauge frame and chute sections. I was especially impressed with Victory’s customer service, and Uwe in particular, when the shipping company had damaged a few parts in transit. Uwe, immediately responded to my request to ship me the replacement parts. It could not have been a better buying experience. I purchase a lot of merchandise online and an online buyer can very quickly gauge the effectiveness of a company’s customer service when there is an issue. Unfortunately, that’s when most companies “run for cover”. Not so with Victory Tractor Implements. I own two tractors that I operate on my hobby farm, and over the years I have scoured the internet trying to find the best quality tractor implements for the money. I can, without reservation, recommend Victory as one of the best online suppliers I have dealt with to date. Now, if I can just convince Uwe to develop a good quality post-hole-digger and stump grinder at a fantastic price.

    GB / Alabama

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