BH-6 Tractor Backhoe

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Recommended Tractors: 18-35HP, Working Depth: 6 ft., Total. Weight: 995 lb., 9″ Bucket included!

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6′ Deep Reach Tractor Backhoe with independent (PTO driven) Hydraulics Pump

The VTI-BH6 is designed for trench digging (excavating) and lifting by utilizing a powerful hydraulic system capable of a bucket digging force of well over 3,000 lbs. 

This machine has its own powerful oil pump and is easy to operate and controlled by 2 joysticks from its independent control station! 

New features:

) Safety valves for all control circuits,

) Hydraulic hoses (pipes) with safety covers,

) New generation hydraulic cylinders for smooth performance,

) Bushings for arms and feet for easy service exchangeable,

) Bucket size 9″ included (other sizes are available).

The tractor’s PTO output drives the 2250psi hydraulic pump (from its own hydraulic tank with site glass), operating the backhoe (no need for tractor hydraulics). Because of the weight of the BH-6 (994 lbs.), you should use extra weights on lighter tractors (please consult with your tractor’s manufacturer). 

The BH-6 can stay mounted on your tractor when driving on public roads. It does not cover any of your tractor’s lights.

The hydraulic stabilizer provides the backhoe with compact transport dimensions (68”x51”x48”).

The maximum working height is 9 ft., the working radius is 8′ 6”, and the working depth is 6’.






Technical Specifications BH-6 BH-7 BH-8

Dimensions (H x W x D)

(mounted on tractor)

68x51x48 in. 71x51x48 in. 78x51x55 in.
Total Weight 994 lb. 1,080 lb. 1,325 lb.
3-point hitch CAT I/II CAT I/II CAT I/II
max. PTO shaft RPM 540 U/min 540 RPM 540 RPM
Drive System PTO Shaft Pump PTO Shaft Pump PTO Shaft Pump
Hydraulic Tank (with site glass) 17L/4.3Gal 17L/4.3Gal 17L/4.3Gal.
Max. Pump Performance 22 L/min at 2250psi 22L/min at 2250psi 22L/min at 2250psi
Tractor Engine Power recom’ 18-35 PS 25-50 PS 40-75 PS
Bucket size 2 Rippers 2 Rippers 2 Rippers
Bucket width 9 in. 9 in. 9 in.
(35″ Bucket available)
Max. working depth 6 ft. 7 ft. 8 ft.
Max. working radius 102 in. 116 in. 126 in.
Max. height 108 in. 122 in. 138 in.
Max. off-loading height 63 in. 70 in. 75 in.
Max. lifted weight 880 lb. 880 lb. 880 lb.
Max. bucket digging force 3,300 lb. 3,300 lb. 3,300 lb.
 Backhoe Turning Angle  180 Degrees 180 Degrees 180 Degrees
Bucket Rotation 172 Degrees 172 Degrees 172 Degrees
Hydraulic stabilizer width
Up position 47 in. 47 in. 47 in.
Down position 85 in. 85 in. 85 in.
Transport height 63 in. 71 in. 79 in.
Transport depth 48 in. 52 in. 56 in.
Transport width 47 in. 47 in. 47 in.
Painting Powder coated Powder coated Powder coated
Metal crate (L x W x H) 79 x 36 x 43 in. 79 x 36 x 43 in. 79 x 36 x 43 in.





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Dimensions 200 x 90 x 110 cm